Cash in on the AJ Offer & Get Emoji Pancake Molds!

  • You’ll need to purchase 2 qualifying products to be eligible for the offer
  • After the purchase take a picture of that receipt! (You’ll need it later)
  • The offer runs through August 12th, 2019 (it’s currently open)
  • However, qualifying purchases must be made by August 1st, 2019
  • You cannot receive your offer at a PO Box (provide a regular street address)

Special offers come in all shapes and sizes, but one that comes in the shape of an EMOJI is a rare site indeed.  Believe it or not, that is exactly what you’ll get with the new AJ Offer.  In order to cash in on this deal, you’ll first need to go out and buy 1 bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup (must be at least 24 ounces) and 1 box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix (must be at east 32 ounces).  Once you’ve made the purchases, you can visit and upload your receipt that shows the purchases.
Aunt Jemima has an offer for you!

Important Details on Redeeming the AJ Offer

  • Your receipt must show the store name and address along with the purchase date
  • Additionally, the receipt must be FULLY visible and clear, flat, and focused (sheeeesh!)
  • If your receipt is massive you can use up to 5 photos to capture it all
  • Your photo must be in JPEG, JPG, or PNG format and can’t be bigger than 8 MB
  • Tip:  Try keeping it simple and buy the qualifying products separately

After you fill out the form and upload your receipt, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your offer submission.  Next, your offer bundle will be shipped to the address you provided within 4 to 6 weeks.  By the way, the offer comes with a 4 pack of emoji pancake molds and an Aunt Jemimna branded spatula (should make your mornings a little brighter!).

Gladys’ Final Thoughts

  • This is a decent offer that doesn’t require an exorbitant amount of purchases
  • The offer period is nice and long (it runs for 3 whole months!)
  • It’d be nice if it were truly a FREE offer (with no purchase required)

By the way, in case you were wondering the retail value of the offer bundle comes to $10.50.  Therefore, you stand to come out on top as you can usually pick up both qualifying products for well below this price.  So if you like pancakes, syrup, emojis, and spatulas the AJ Offer is definitely for you!

Here you go!

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Online Filing for the Volaris Call Recording Settlement

  • Filing difficultly?  Easy.  The settlement offers an online claim form
  • Settlement amount?  Moderate.  The fund is just over $3 million
  • What about the I can claim? Modest.  About $22 per call received
  • How do I know if I’m eligible? Stay tuned, we’ll get into the details
  • When can I file?  Now through the July 27th, 2019 deadline
Did you call a Volaris toll-free number?


A new class action settlement is now “taking flight” (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!).  The settlement alleges that the Defendant, Volaris Airlines, recorded the calls of people WITHOUT receiving permission.  In order to be eligible, you must have called a Volaris toll-free number between June 21st, 2016 through June 23rd, 2017.  Additionally, the settlement requires that you were in California when making the call.  Finally, you also must have spoken with a representative and had your called recorded.   If you believe you’re eligible go to to start a claim.

More on the Volaris Call Recording Settlement

  • You should receive approximately $22.66 for each qualified call you placed
  • The total amount you get per call may be more or less (the $22.66 is the best estimate)
  • In addition to the claim deadline, July 27th is also the last day for exclusion requests
  • The settlement should be approved on September 19th (if all goes well at the hearing!)
  • If the settlement is approved your payment could show up as early as January 2020
  • Administrator Mailing Address:  Po Box 44 Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044
  • Administrator Email Address:

In order to file online, you must either submit your Claimant ID or telephone number.  Your Claimant ID can be found in your email or postcard notice (we hope you know what your phone number is).  Please note the online claim form is available in both English and Spanish.

Harold’s Final Thoughts

  • Overall this is a decent sized settlement with an easy online filing process
  • It would be nice if we had more than just an “estimate” of the payments
  • This should be a fairly popular settlement with a good amount of Class Members

In the event you have questions about the settlement, try peeking at the FAQs found at the online filing page or within your notice.  Additionally, you may want to try calling the administrator for help at 877-418-8086.


Need another bargain? – Check out the Elnett Sweepstakes

Win $200 for a Makeover in the Elnett Sweepstakes

  • You can enter this sweepstakes once per month until December 31st
  • There’s a hair/makeup makeover grabs in each month of the sweeps!
  • A total of 7 prizes are available (so please try to win one of them!)
  • The sweepstakes opened on June 1st, 2019 (hot off the press!)
  • Winners will be drawn randomly after each month of the sweeps

Let’s get ready to win!  A new sweepstakes is sweeping the nation by storm and NOW is the time to enter.  In order to do so, just fill out the entry form and agree to the Official Rules of the sweepstakes by checking the box (it’s underneath the entry form at  Once you’ve completed this step you’ll receive 1 entry to the end of the month drawing (you can’t win if you don’t put your name in the hat!).
Time for a makeover?
Bonnie’s Highlights and Lowlights (we’re not talking about my hair!)
  • It’s nice being able to enter again each month (if you don’t succeed try, try again)
  • Unfortunately, this is a low dollar sweepstakes compared to some we’ll discuss
  • When it comes to lasting power it gets a solid A (many are less than month)
  • Overall this sweepstakes gets a 5 out of 10 on “Bonnie’s Bargain Meter”

While the winners won’t be chosen for quite some time, you can find out who they are once they have been.  In order to do so, just send a written request to 100 Marcus Drive, Dept.:
MB, Melville, NY 11747.  However, the names of the winners won’t be available until February 2020, so need need to rush it.

A Few Final Notes on the Elnett Sweepstakes
  • If you win don’t bother entering again as you can only score one makeover
  • The “makeover” comes in the form of a $200 gift card to the Glam App
  • You can write to the sponsor at 10 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001
  • *Please note the sponsor is none other than L’Oreal Paris

Overall, this sweepstakes is worth getting into if you’re a fan of makeovers (I know I sure am!).  So if you are, you may want to think about dropping everything and entering the sweepstakes here:

As always, thanks for stopping by!