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2020 NFL MVP Predictions Round Robin

2020 NFL MVP Predictions


Seeing how we’ve started a series on 2020 NFL MVP candidates, we thought it’d be fun to pit them against each other in a no holds barred BATTLE ROYALE (step aside Fortnite).  So what we’re gonna do is take some of the top picks to win this year’s prestigious MVP award and rank them 1 through 8.  We’ll then match them up against each other according to seed.  You know the drill, 1 goes against 8, 2 against 7, so on and so forth.  Who will survive to be named our 2020 NFL MVP Predictions Round Robin winner??  The suspense is excruciating!  Let’s get down to it.


Seeding Structure


Number 1 Seed:  Patrick Maholmes

Patrick Mahomes Seed 1

The reigning Super Bowl MVP is currently being touted as the odds on favorite to take this year’s regular-season honors.  Does he have what it takes to win his second NFL MVP in 3 years?  Stay tuned.


Number 2 Seed:  Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson Seed 2

No surprises here.  The leagues reigning MVP is right behind Mahomes according to the oddsmakers.  Will he have a chip on his shoulder for not being named the favorite?  He is the defending champ after all.


Number 3 Seed:  Russell Wilson 

Russel Wilson Seed 3

Russel is neck and neck with Lamar Jackson and slightly behind Mahomes.  He’s a perennial contender for the title and had a monster 2019 season.  REAL THREAT.


Number 4 Seed:  Tom Brady

Tom Brady Seed 4

Even at an advanced age and on a new team, you can never sleep on Tom Brady.  The people who make the odds don’t think he’s a sleeper either.


Number 5 Seed:  Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson Seed 5

We’ve already covered Deshaun Watson in our 2020 NFL MVP series, and as you know we like his chances!  So do the books.  Does he have what it takes to take the big step forward this season?


Number 6 Seed:  Drew Brees

Drew Brees Seed 6

When it comes to an MVP chase you can never leave Drew Brees out of the equation.  Too many weapons and too much surrounding talent.


Number 7 Seed:  Dak Prescott

2020 NFL MVP Predictions: Prescott

Last year stats were certainly MVP worthy but his 8-8 record didn’t cut it.  Can he get the boys rolling and grab some hardware this year?


Number 8 Seed:  Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray Seed 8

He turned some heads with his 2019 performance.  So much so in fact that he picked up NFL Offensive Rookie of the year honors.  Is an NFL MVP the next step in his progression?



2020 NFL MVP Predictions Round Robin:  Round 1



Mahomes (1) vs. Murray (8)

Mahomes vs. Murray

Murray comes out swinging with a fast start to the season.  Meanwhile, Mahomes shows a slight Superbowl hangover and stumbles against some TOUGH early competition against the Texans, Chargers, Ravens, and Patriots.   However, when the dust settles, Mahomes takes an Advil and reminds the league who the reigning champs are.  Maybe next year Kyler.  Mahomes advances to round 2!


Jackson (2) vs. Prescott (7)

Jackson vs. Prescott

Dak and his new head coach Mike McCarthy give Cowboy fans some hope for a better future.  But it’s not enough.  Lamar Jackon shows that last year’s performance was for real and is just too much for the worthy challenger.  Lamar survives to fight another round.


Wilson (3) vs. Brees (6)

Wilson vs. Brees

A matchup of 2 Super Bowl Champions.  Juicy.  But only one can advance.  And at the end of the day, only one of these quarterbacks has Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara on his side.  Brew Brees scores the upsets and advance to the second round.


Brady (4) vs. Watson (5)

Watson vs. Brady

This one isn’t even close.  Tom Brady finally shows his age and appears a bit lost without Belichick.  Meanwhile, Watson takes the next step and shows he can get it done.  Even without DeAndre Hopkins.  Watson rolls EASILY.



2020 NFL MVP Predictions Round Robin:  Round 2



Mahomes (1) vs. Brees (6)

2020 NFL MVP Predictions Quarterfinals Brees vs. Mahomes

A tough matchup for the number 1 seed Mahomes to encounter in the second round.  To say the least.  These elite quarterbacks do what they do best and showcase their juggernaut offenses all season long.  However, the loss of Damien Williams proves to be the difference, and the number 1 seed and reigning Super Bowl MVP goes down in a shocker!  Brees advances to the finals.


Jackson (2) vs. Watson (3)

2020 NFL MVP Predictions Quarterfinals Jackson vs. Watson

Two of the league’s most exciting young quarterbacks go head to head in this one.  Both keep the highlight reels filled in a season to remember.   But in a battle of excitement, there’s only one Lamar Jackson.  Sorry Deshaun, you never stood a chance!



2020 NFL MVP Predictions Round Robin Championship



Jackson (2) vs. Brees (6)

2020 NFL MVP Predictions Jackson vs. Brees

The finals live up to its billing in a matchup of the old guard vs. the exciting upstart.  It’s also a matchup up of the league’s reigning MVP against a first-ballot Hall of Famer and Superbowl Champion.  The stage couldn’t have been set any better.  Brees keeps this one close with a performance to remember, but the electrifying young quarterback is JUST TOO MUCH for the old man.  Lamar pulls away in the end and secures back to back MVP trophies!  AND a Superbowl.  Bet you didn’t think you’d get a bonus prediction did ya?


Congrats Lamar, you the real MVP.

2020 NFL MVP Predictions Winner Lamar Jackson



2020 NFL MVP Predictions Honorable Mentions: Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Baker Mayfield

2020 NFL MVP SleeperCam Newton


Eventually, all participants you’ve read about in this fun little Round Robin will be covered in our ongoing 2020 NFL MVP Candidates Series so stay tuned!

More importantly, who do YOU think will take home MVP honors this season?  Is there anyone we left out?  Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for playing!