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2021 Bowman Baseball Release Date, Presale Info, Review

2021 Bowman Baseball Presale on eBay

2021 bowman baseball release date



It won’t be long until the warm breeze of spring is upon us and with it, one of the first big baseball set releases of the year: 2021 Bowman Baseball. Yes, nothing says spring time more than the sound of fresh baseball card packs being ripped open (carefully) as you eagerly await your next big case hit. The questions are when will that come, and what cards do you have a chance at finding? Let’s take a few minutes to shine a little light on the subject!



2021 Bowman Baseball Release Date


At the moment the 2021 Bowman Baseball release date is scheduled for April 14th, 2021. As with anything in life, there’s always a possibility that changes and we’ll keep you posted if so. However, if it DOES change, let’s hope it gets moved forward! We’ve seen enough delays recently to last us a while.



2021 Bowman Baseball Rookies/Prospects


As with any other year, we expect to see some big-time rookie and prospect editions from this Bowman Baseball set. The Bowman Chrome rookie autographs will feature only players who have already been called up. Meanwhile, the prospects are the most exciting players who were recently drafted and expected to make a big impact on the game. For instance, here are a few prospects that’ll be in the 2021 Bowman Baseball set that we’re looking forward to most!


Spencer Torkelson

2021 bowman baseball torkelson

The number 1 pick in the draft that was so good in college that he instantly became a top 5 prospect immediately after being picked by the Tigers. How’s that for instant gratification? Anyways, Torkelson will be in the MLB before you know it so become familiar!


Heston Kjerstad


Another big bopper we expect to have a relatively short stint in the minors. Like Torkelson, he’s a former college stud who’s already at an age (21) where many prospects make their MLB debuts. If Heston mows down minor league pitching as he did to the college arms, a year-long stint on the farm is about all we’d expect.


Zac Veen

Zac Veen rookie card
Card from 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft

Unlike Kjerstad and Torkelson, Veen doesn’t have the benefit of years of college baseball experience. Therefore, don’t expect to see him in the MLB anytime soon. What he does have in common with the other two? Power. And lot’s of it. While we don’t expect him to debut in the short term, he certainly has the talent to force an early call-up.


Aaron Sabato

2021 bowman baseball sabato

Just like Torkelson and Kjerstad, Sabato mashed college pitching during his brief stay at North Carolina (.343 average and 18 home runs in only 230 at-bats). However, unlike those guys, Sabato has yet to appear on the front of a Bowman card! The 2021 Bowman Baseball release is changing all that. And just to let everyone know it, Bowman includes the “1st Bowman” logo at the top right corner of the card (see above). We’d expect some pretty decent value in this one.



2021 Bowman Baseball Presale?

2021 bowman baseball presale

Yep! If you want to wait until the 2021 Bowman Baseball release date to lock in your box, a presale purchase is the way to make it happen. The question is what to buy? Here are some estimated price ranges:


Jumbo 8 Box Case: Between $3,700 and $4,000 (Presale on eBay)

Hobby 12 Box Case: Between $2,900 and $3,200 (Presale on eBay)

Jumbo Box: Between $450 and $500 (Presale on eBay)

Hobby Box: Between $250 and $300 (Presale on eBay)


As you can see the 2021 Bowman Baseball presale prices vary depending on how much want and whether you want to buy a Jumbo Box or Hobby Box. Here’s what you can expect to find within each option!


Jumbo Box vs. Hobby Box

You’ll get each of the following in both boxes:

A total of 150 prospect cards

Autographs of BOTH rookies and prospects1

991 Bowman Buyback Autograph


The big difference here is the Chrome autographed cards. With the jumbo box, you’ll get three while you’ll only receive 1 within each hobby box. As you know, those autographs make a big difference and the price of each option reflects that. While you’re gonna miss out on two autographs if you pass on the jumbo box, please keep in mind that the hobby box does include 1 atomic parallel in each.



Tired of waiting on the 2021 Bowman Baseball release date? Here are some boxes that are out NOW and ready for purchase!


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