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2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC (Value, Review, Release Dates)

2021 Morgan Silver Dollar eBay Listings2021 morgan silver dollar cc




Over the past few months, coin collectors from across the country have been moving at a frantic pace to secure their very own 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC (Carson City). While the coins flew out of the US Mint like an order of McDonald’s Hot Cakes on a Saturday morning, all is not lost for those who missed out on the action. Sure it will certainly cost far more than the $85 that the Morgans were originally going for. However, many collectors would look at the increased prices as money well invested. So let’s take a look at where those prices are now!



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2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC Value & Pricing


2021 Morgan Dollar CC Pre-Order (Check eBay Listings)

2021 morgan silver dollar cc

As you may have guessed, there are plenty of collectors who are willing to depart with their 2021 Morgan Dollar CC as soon as it arrives. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too many problems finding one for sale on eBay or other e-commerce sites even though the coins haven’t even shipped yet. At the moment they seem to be selling for somewhere around 500% over their original sale price. The question is, what will they be selling for a few years down the road?


2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC MS-70 (Check eBay Listings)

Only a small amount of the coins produced each year are flawless enough to get the elusive PERFECT Mint State 70 designation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that collectors are willing to pay a bit extra for the famous MS-70 grade. While they’re certainly harder to find than you’re average coins, some are already selling GUARANTEED MS-70 grade 2021 Morgan Dollar CC. One advantage of going this route is that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of sending the coin in for grading yourself. Additionally, you’ll be the proud new owner of something so rare that it will be desired by collectors for decades to come.


2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC Collection (Check eBay Listings)

2021 morgan silver dollar cc set

The Carson City edition wasn’t the only Morgan Dollar made for the special 100th Anniversary. In addition to the CC privy mark, you can find a New Orleans privy mark struck in Philadelphia and coins struck in both Denver and San Fransico. And let’s not forget that stunning Peace Dollar! So if just a portion of the set won’t cut it, try taking the WHOLE enchilada by ordering the complete set. Sure, it’ll cost you a few more dollars but it whatever more you spend could be WELL worth it down the road.




How much longer is the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar CC for sale?

The easier answer is FOREVER. There will never be a shortage of collectors who are willing to part with their Morgan Dollar if the price is right. However, the days that 2021 Morgan Dollar with the CC privy mark will be for PRE-SALE are coming to end, which leads us to our next FAQ!


When will Carson City privy marked Morgan Dollars be shipped?

The US Mint says that they’ll begin shipping the coins in October 2021. So keep your fingers crossed that yours isn’t delayed! Of course, if you bought yours from somebody who is reselling the unshipped dollar you’ll likely have to wait a bit longer. Especially if the coin was a guaranteed MS-70 grade. Either way, the time for the coins t0 meet their owners is fast approaching, and frankly, it can’t get here soon enough!



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2021 Morgan Dollar News Update

The Nevada State Museum was officially presented with its very own 2021 Commemorative Morgan Dollar in honor of the Carson City Mint. The coin was presented by Representative Amodei, a man who worked to get the CC privy marked placed on the Morgan Dollar for its 100th Anniversary.