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2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Values Guide


2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Values

2021 panini prizm football card values insert


Finally! the latest collection is now on the shelves. And with that, we’ve seen a wide array of 2021 Panini Prizm Football card values. How high or how low those values are greatly depends on the type of card according to the set configuration.

Speaking of configuration, Panini Prizm Football has maintained the tradition of offering the game’s top players and exciting rookies with an abundance of Prizms, inserts, and autographs with a base set of somewhere around 300 cards. All of which hold a vastly different set of maximum and minimum values. So let’s take a closer look and get a better idea of how much your cards could be worth!



Our Top 2 Picks: Panini Prizm Football Cards To Increase In Value


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2021 panini prizm football card valuestop jamarr chase rookie cards



2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Values



Rare Prizm & Autographed Card Values


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These are truly the cream of the crop when it comes to big time values. And that may be an understatement. For instance, the Tom Brady Gold Prizm shown here recently sold for more than $10,000. When you consider this isn’t even a rookie card the magnitude of the value rare prizm varieties can bring to the table quickly sinks in.

In addition to the Gold Prizm which has a print run of just ten, there are plenty of other hard to come by cards such as the White Sparkle, Green Camo, and Stained Glass prizms. All of which will make you one lucky collector if you happen to tear one out of a pack.


Base Set Panini Prizm Football Card Values


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2021 panini prizm football card values

When we say base think basic. These are the ordinary everyday cards you’ll find most often when opening a box. While they don’t hold nearly as much value as the rare prizms we just talked about that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. For example, a base card of Trevor Lawrence that comes back from PSA with a 10 Gem Mint grade should be worthy somewhere around $300. Not bad for a run of the mill card.

Just because high graded cards bring in the most value it doesn’t mean raw cards are worthless. Far from it actually. Many of the hottest football rookies from 2021 can be worth well over $50 even if the card is fresh out of the pack. Meanwhile, many of the non-rookie base cards are worth well under a buck.


Insert Values


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As far as the inserts go you’ll find a WIDE range of values here. Take the Mac Jones Color Blast insert for example. These are one of the most sought after prizms out there and also are quite rare. Hence the SSP (super short print) label. Value-wise, many of the top Color Blast inserts are capable of approaching the $10,000 mark or higher. On the other hand, you’ll come across plenty of lesser inserts that hold values of less than $5. Quite the contrast.



2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Preview 


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2021 panini prizm football card values auto

As you can see by the Lawrence rookie card above, Prizm is living up to it’s tradition brining both style and sophistication. As far the as the autograph format goes, you’ll see some from the Rookie Patch series like shown here in addition to autographed Prizms and base cards. Be on the lookout for the 1/1 Black Finite Prizm!!

Obviously, autographs are rare so you may be more concerned with what all the OTHER cards will look like. We’re pleased to share that this year’s set has a bold and sleek look that doesn’t distract from the main focus. THE PLAYER. So expect bold colors that compliment that of the player’s team with less crazy designs as in years past.


New Insert in 2021 Panini Prizm Football

While it may seem something more up the alley of our YuGiOh readers, MANGA has now officially entered the realm of football cards. Not that we’re griping. Frankly, it should’ve happened sooner. What’s not to like about the purely explosive animation style the world renown Japanese animation stile brings to the table. Take the Brady card preview above, for example. Tom is featured as the larger than life character that he truly is with 7 Super Bowl rings on his fingers. In fact, they almost seem to be jumping off the card and straight into you’re living room. Or office. Or wherever you happen to be viewing from your computer or cell phone. Anyways, if he get’s that 8th ring hopefully we’ll see another one added.


Confirmed: 2021 Panini Prizm Football has brought back the coveted Color Blast SSP!

SSP 2021 panini prizm football worth money

YES! One of the most iconic super short print cards around, the Color Blast is back and as amazing as ever. And when we say super short print, we mean it! For instance, if you’re hoping to come across one of these by ripping into hobby boxes you’ll have your work cut out for you. How much so? Let’s just say that a Color Blast SSP only shows up in one out of every 10 CASES. Therefore, you may want to consider buying one directly instead of chasing that pie in the sky fantasy.


Is 2021 Paninin Prizm Football as as good as the 2020 collection?

That depends on what you’re looking for. However, if high value cards matter then the 2021 collection will have a LONG way to go to catch Prizm Football 2020. To explain why, let’s just take a look at the most important feature of every collection. The rookies. In 2020 we saw two of the most promising young QBs in NFL history make their debuts. The results? One of them won Rookie of the Year while the other went on to play in the Super Bowl in year his second season. Quite the difference between the underwhelming performance of many of the so called elite rookie QBs in the 2021 class. However, that gap may quickly narrow if the other big names of the 2021 rookie class can start playing like Mac Jones, Jamarr Chase, and Micah Parsons in 2022.



2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football Hobby Box


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Prizm Draft and that sweet Trevor Lawrence Color Blast insert shown above are finally here. Now all you have to decide is whether to buy a few packs, a whole hobby box, an individual card, or a box break! At any rate, this collection gets the party started and boy are we ready. In addition to the insert shown here, expect a wide array of Prizms and autographs along with a base set that features all of the big names from the 2021 NFL Draft.


What to Expect in a Hobby Box:

Each box includes 8 packs of cards with 5 cards per pack. Not enough action for ya? Consider draining your bankroll on an entire case to receive a mind-blowing 16 boxes. Either way, in each box you should receive at least 5 autographs and 5 Silver Prizms. Oh, and by the way, you’ll also get at least one of the Color Blast inserts. Here’s to your case hit being the Trevor Lawrence card we talked about earlier (that thing is going to be worth some BIG TIME money).


2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Football Most Valuable Cards


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2021 panini prizm football card values draft

This card is an absolute gem that should be on the radar of all serious collectors. And by serious, we mean serious about making a good-sized investment. Sure it’ll cost you quite a bit but just imagine the profit potential if Lawrence makes good on the rookie of the year predictions. There are only 49 in existence and it comes with Lawrence’s autograph and a PULSATING orange background. Easy to see why this commands the big bucks.



Speaking of 2021 Panini Football……

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Panini Football Card Value Buys


2021 Score Football

2021 panini prizm football score

While not as anticipated as the two sets we’ve listed prior, Score is a name that goes way back when it comes to football cards. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of the most valuable football cards of the 1980s and you’ll see Score making a huge impact. Anyways, this year’s set is now available and serves as a modest way to get the football card season started. It is the first licensed NFL release of the year after all. So if you’re not willing to part with the kind of cash it’ll take to buy a hobby box of Panini Prizm Football Draft, consider picking up a box of Score instead.


What to expect in a Hobby Box:

In each box, you receive 10 packs with a whopping 40 cards per pack. Additionally, you can expect to find 4 autographed cards, 90 rookies, 10 parallels, and a sweet Tom Brady Tribute card in each box. Oh, and don’t forget about those inserts like Breakthrough, Hot Rookies, NFL Draft, All-Hands Team, and Fantasy Stars and Celebrations.


2021 Panini Gold Standard


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2021 Panini Gold Standard Football has finally hit the shelves and as you can see by the card above, the rookies are featured in their NFL uniforms! There are plenty of great options in this set including cards that come with both game material and autographs.


What to expect in a Hobby Box:

This is a high end collection with pretty much all killer and no filler. Therefore, you’re going to have to pay a steep price for a hobby box that only includes 7 cards. However, it may be worth it as you’ll get a whopping 5 autographed or memorabilia cards in each box!


2021 Panini Certified


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The 2021 Panini Certified Football collection is now available for purchase and just like the Gold Standard collection it features rookies in their brand new uniforms. One of the main highlights of this set is the classic Freshman Fabric line that includes game worn material from the game’s top newcomers.


What to expect in a Hobby Box:

In total you’ll receive 50 cards spread out between 10 packs. Expect to find 1 Freshman Fabrics, 1 additional autograph (besides the Freshman Fabrics), 2 memorabilia cards, 10 inserts, and 2 rookies or rookie parallels.


Stay Tuned for More 2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Values

That’s what we know so far. We’ll be sure to update this with some of the best cards from the 2021 Panini Prizm Football collection as they hit the open market. Additionally, we’ll go ahead and post some of the biggest pulls from the box breaks after those red hot boxes begin hitting the shelves.





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