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2021 Topps Heritage Release Date & Set Preview


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2021 topps heritage


If you yearn for the days when the cost of the average home was $27,000, there were only 2 divisions in each MLB league, the disco craze was just getting started, and the Moody Blues were playing on the airwaves, then the 2021 Topps Heritage set is definitely for you! And even if you don’t like these things, this soon-to-be-released collection from Topps has some really sweet baseball cards in it. So there’s that. Either way, the flood of baseball nostalgia is going to be INSANE as the set will mimic the designed Topps used for its baseball cards that year. Let’s take a look!



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2021 Topps Heritage Hobby Box Break Down


If you’re as excited about the release as we are, you’re likely wondering what will be inside the Hobby Box you’ve been waiting to get your hands on. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect:


Packs in a Hobby Box: 24

Cards Per Pack: 9

Boxes Per Case: 12 

Cards Per Case: 2,592


As far as the big hits go, you can expect to find at least 1 autograph or memorabilia card in your fresh 2021 Topps Heritage Hobby Box. When it comes to the autographs, most will be from the  “Real One Autograph Cards”. In addition to the ink, the set will also include some memorabilia as part of the Club House Collection. These will come with 1, 2, 3, or even a whopping 4 patches on each memorabilia card. How on earth can you cram that much material onto just one card?? At any rate, the Clubhouse collection will also include on-card autographs as part of its Autographed Relics run.



Will there be a Ronald Acuna Jr. card in the 2021 Topps Heritage set that can stand up to his Bat Down card?



2021 Topps Heritage Release Date and Top Cards 


So when can you expect to find the Hobby Boxes at your local card shop? Or the big box stores if you’re more of a Retail Box kinda guy. As of right now, the 2021 Topps Heritage release date is scheduled for March 17th, 2021. We’re hoping it stays that way as the wait has been excruciating!

As far as the cards go, there will be 500 total in the set, and most valuable will be found in these formats:


2021 Topps Heritage Chrome Cards


As you’d expect there’s gonna be a decent helping of chrome in the collection. As far as the parallels go, the most common will be the general Refractor with 572 total. From there you have your Black Refractor with a print run of 72, Gold Refractor with a print run of just 5, and the lone Superfractor 1/1. Safe to say you’ll be sitting pretty if you pull a Gold or Super!


Real One Autographs

2021 topps heritage ink

When it comes to autographs go, you’ll see these show up across the base set of cards. And of course, there will be different variations of these such as the Red Ink autos. Additionally, the set will include both Dual and Triple autos that will only be made available in Hobby Boxes (another reason to give that baseball card shop your business!).


Clubhouse Collections


These will feature a horizontal layout as shown in the card above, and as we mentioned earlier, can include both autographs and memorabilia. Another feature of the set that is Hobby Box exclusive is the Dual Autograph Relics which, as the name indicates, will feature two autographs and patches.



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2021 Topps Heritage Top Cards

We’re incredibly excited about this set but have NO CLUE which cards will end up being the most sought after. Obviously, the super rare chrome and autographed cards are shown to hold some big value. But what exactly that value is or what cards will reign supreme, is anyone’s guess at this point. Therefore, we’ll keep this section open for updates and be sure to revisit this once all of you start pulling those MONSTER Hobby Box hits! Hopefully, we can add a couple ourselves. Good luck and stay tuned!