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5 Best Crown Zenith Cards To Collect (Review & Guide)


Best Crown Zenith Cards Top Pick


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best crown zenith cards


With the latest Pokémon expansion now available many hobbyists are looking for the best Crown Zenith cards to collect in 2023. And rightfully so. The expansion features some of the most eye-popping designs we’ve seen out of a lineup in quite some time. Additionally, the expansion represents the end of an era. More specifically, the acclaimed Pokémon Sword and Shield era. Which makes it no surprise that collectors are coming out droves to get their hands on these new arrivals.

While many cards have made in impact, there are a few that deserve some special attention. Let’s find out which cards from the Crown Zenith expansion are making noise in 2023.



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Top 5 Most Valuable Crown Zenith Cards 2023


Palkia Vstar


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best crown zenith cards to collect 2023

One of the last cards your opponent wants to see come out of your hand. When making your move the Palkia allows you to attach 3 enery cards in ANY WAY YOU WANT. Just be aware that you can’t use more than 1 Vstar power in a game.

In addition to the game play aspect, Palkia can also provide something much better. Cold hard cash. The ultra rare Black Label has already sold for more than $2,000 while others like the cared shown above are capable of bringing in a couple hundred. Without a doubt one of the most valuable Crown Zenith cards out there.


Arceus Vstar


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In addition to it’s Trinity Nova ability Arceus has a Vstar power that allows players to search for any 2 cards in their deck and add them to their hand. BOOM. A worthy adversary that can help you out of a bind time and time again.

When it comes to collecting, the Arceus Vstar is a card is certainly one that can give you a nice return. Especially in the right condition. For instance, the card above should bring in well over $500 as a PSA grade 10. A shoe-in for our Best Crown Zenith Cards To Collect 2023 list.


Dialga Vstar


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A card with a blistering Metal Blast ability that does 40 more damage for each compatible energy attached. Additionally it’s Vstar power allows players to go ahead and take another turn. NICE.

In the same way as the other cards on this list, Dialga has created quite a stir in 2023 with the Gold card selling for more than $800. If you’re looking to get your hands on a valuable Crown Zenith card look no further.


Pikachu Secret Rare


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If you thought Pikachu would miss the cut as one of the best Crown Zenith cards, think again. The loveable little fellow is back and already creating waves in 2023 with the card above selling for more than $500. Safe to say the iconic Pikachu will always be a highly coveted collector’s item. Not to mention a fan favorite.


Giratina Vstar


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top 5 crown zenith cards to collect

To many cards in the Lost Zone? No problem! Simply use Giratina’s Star Requiem Vstar power to knock out your opponents current Pokémon. In other words tell that fool “nite nite”.  Just like the other cards on the list, Giratina is capable of lining your pockets with plenty of extra dough if you stumble upon the right one. Hands down one of the most valuable cards in the expansion.


Best Crown Zenith Cards To Collect: Top Trainers 


Irida Full Art


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One of our favorite trainers of all time, Irida allows you to add an item card from your deck under certain conditions. The Full Art version above has proven to be a very valuable Crown Zenith trainer card so far in 2023.


Elesa’s Sparkle Full Art


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best crown zenith cards eledea

As much as we love the trainer’s Fusion Strike, we love how much cash the card can net if you’re lucky enough to pull it out of a pack. For example, the rare Full Art version has sold for nearly $300 in 2023.