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Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Card Buyer’s Guide & Review

Find your Alexis Lafreniere rookie card bargain on eBay!

alexis lafreniere rookie card


For many collectors, waiting for the Alexis Lafreniere rookie card options to hit the shelves in 2021 has been one of the most exciting parts of the upcoming season. At first all we had to choose from were some interesting “pre-rookie” cards. Oh, and the  2020-2021 Upper Deck Series 1 card. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

At any rate, now that there have been some more releases we’d figure it be a good time to revisit our review on Lafreniere’s first releases. And we’ve got a BIG edition to add so we;re just as excited as you are! Even though Lafreniere’s been a bit of a bust so far (although some would say it’s ridiculous to say that).



Questions of the day: Will Alexis Lafreniere make as quick of an impact as David Pastrnak



Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Card & CHL Options


2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 (Buy it on eBay!)

2020-21 upper deck series 1 lafreniere

The Young Guns card from this set is already creating tidal waves throughout the industry. And we can understand why. There hasn’t been a rookie this exciting in years and Upper Deck Young Guns is one of the gatekeepers of the rookie hockey card market. There’s plenty of options so look for one in your price range and get busy! If Alexis lives up to the billing you’re gonna be in great shape come All-Star break.


2017-2018 Upper Deck CHL Star Rookies (Buy on eBay)

2017 CHL Alexis Lafreniere rookie card

An Alexis Lafreniere rookie card that celebrates his CHL debut. And who could have guessed what a successful CHL career the teenage phenom would have had? While some may have expected a reasonable amount of success, not many could have guessed back to back Player of the Year Awards were in store. The card comes with or without an autograph and, not surprisingly, those with Alexis’ signature are worth quite a bit more. For instance, the card shown above sold for more than $1,300 while non-autos can be picked up for less than $200 if ungraded.


2019-20 Upper Deck CHL SP (Buy this Alexis Lafreniere rookie card on eBay)

authentic prospects

This set contains both a regular and “New Style” card of Alexis. Both are available with autographs if you’re looking for some added value. As far as value goes these aren’t quite as expensive as the two we’ve listed so far – a great jump in point.


2019-20 Upper Deck CHL (Buy this card on eBay)

2019 UD CHL Alexis Lafreniere rookie card


Not to be confused with the card above, this one is from the regular Upper Deck CHL set (rather than the SP). The Alexis Lafreniere rookie cards in this box come in a variety of parallels such as the “exclusives” and “high gloss” options. Another great intermediate investment if you’re not looking to spend big.


2018-19 Upper Deck CHL (Buy on eBay)

2018 upper deck chl

There’s a ton of great options from this set. Look for the Diamond Relics insert, autographed version, or one of the many parallels for maximum value.


New Release: 2020-21 Upper Deck Artifacts (Buy on eBay)

ud art

If you’re looking for a BIG investment, consider this new release from Upper Deck. For instance, there are many limited run rare parallels that go for well over $2,000. These are the cards that’ll have an autograph and most likely a patch. However, plenty of options at lessers values if you’re looking to get by on less.



Random thought of the day: How will Alexis Lafreniere’s rookie season compare to the players on the front of the most valuable hockey cards from the 80s?



Alexis Lafreniere Rookie Card Investment Strategies


Short (1 year or less)

Here’s what we said before the season:

“Trading short should be a profitable endeavor based on hype alone. If you buy now you’ll likely have a chance to sell at a decent gain on the run-up to next season. And if Alexis lives up to the hype and has a monster rookie year? Forget just a decent gain, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing your returns in terms of multiples.”

If you sold the hype before the season began you likely faired pretty well on your Alexis Lafreniere rookie card investment. However, you can forget about him living up to the lofty expectations and a multiples type return. At least for this season. At this point, we can’t recommend a buy. See how prices are in the offseason and take a chance if they’re right.


Medium (1 to 5 years)

Here’s what we said before the season:

“There’s more risk involved in this strategy because you’ll be eliminating the hype factor. By this time next year the buzz will be gone and we’ll be left with a 2nd-year player who either A) underperformed B) met expectations or C) exceeded expectations. Obviously, you’re hoping that answer is either B or C if you’re planning on a medium-term strategy. If it does happen to be A you might have a tough road ahead.”

Well, so far it’s turned out to be the worst of those 3 options. And to put it frankly, we don’t see it happening this year. From what we’ve seen so far there’s no need to think this far ahead right now. If you really in on this market wait until the offseason and buy as low as possible. Hopefully, he’ll come around with more experience in the league.


Long (5 years plus)

Here’s what we said before the season:

“Way too much to prove for such a young player to consider an investment of this length. Don’t risk tying up even a small portion of your bankroll when there are so many other options to consider in a red hot sports card market!”

We were certainly spot on.


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