Alperen Sengun Rookie Card First Look & Buyer’s Guide

Alperen Sengun Rookie Card Top Pick

Alperen Sengun rookie card


He’s already making noise in the pre-season and is one of early favorites to win the NBA MVP award. Both good reasons to pay close attention to the Alperen Sengun rookie card market. In only 18 minutes of play in opener, Sengun tallied 11 points to go with 6 rebounds in what was otherwise a forgettable night for the rockets. How’s that for a fast start?

While he plays for a team that was down right abysmal last season, Segun certainly offers hope to anyone wanting to see Houston get back to their winning ways. If his first pre-season performance is of any indication of things to come, there is a lot to be excited about if you’re a Rockets fan. Or a Alperen Sengun rookie card owner, for that matter. Speaking of those, let’s see what’s out there so far!



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Alfred Sengun Rookie Card Early Releases


2021-22 Panini Chronicles (Check Price)

Alperen Sengun rookie card

We love the versatility of what Chronicles has to offer here. The collection brings a mix of cards from across all the coming Panini brands in 2022 that will make any basketball card fan salivate in anticipation. One of our favorites from the set is the Panini Select In Flight insert. It’s also one of the most valuable, with the /99 version already topping $300 on eBay. Of course, with a collection like Chronicles there is always a variety of cheaper options to choose from as well so you won’t have to look far for a more casual investment.


2021-22 Panini Instant (Check Price)

If you’re looking for the first of the first Alperen Sengun rookie cards, look no further. Panini Instant is known for capturing the excitement of the draft and pretty much releases cards of the most high profile players INSTANTLY. While there aren’t as many “high end” cards in this set, there are plenty of great options for anyone who has a hankering for a smaller buying opportunity.


2021-22 Onyx (Check Price)

Alperen Sengun Rookie Card onyx

There aren’t a whole lot of options in the Onyx Authenticated collection, but as you can see the brand offers a cool retro look that is sure to please the eye of any old school collector. And as you can see from the card above, autographs are available. If you’re in the mood for a cool looking card with some ink that also won’t cost an arm and a leg, this may be you’re best bet so far.



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Alperen Sengun Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

If Sengun continues to produce in the pre-season there should be some quick profits to be made from selling high before the season begins. However, even more are on the table if you risk holding into the season and that pre-season success translates into the regular season. Either way, there is some risk involved anytime you’re dealing with an unproven rookie. One we’re willing to take.



Medium (1 to 3 years)

If Sengun is the catalyst who puts the Rockets back in the playoffs, you’ll be glad you didn’t take the profits early. However, you’ll need to consider whether or not Houston can rebuild in just a few years. If not, you’ll be banking on Sengun’s individual success, which isn’t a bad option either.



Long (3 years plus)