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Benny Montegomery Rookie Card Early Release Guide

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benny montgomery rookie card chrome


Anytime you’re an 8th overall pick in the MLB Draft there’s sure to be plenty of interest in your first baseball card releases. And anytime there is plenty of interest in a baseball card we need to find out more. Therefore, it’s time to take a gander and what Benny Montgomery rookie card options are on the market so far. While there certainly aren’t many to chose from so far, there are a few well worth keeping a close eye on. Or better yet, adding to your high-risk/high-reward prospect collection!



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Benny Montgomery Rookie Card First Look


2021 Bowman Chrome Draft (View eBay Listings)

We’ll start with arguably the most coveted collection of the year. Especially as far as top prospects are concerned. Benny Montgomery rookie cards on the market and offers a wide array of options. Whether you’re after a rare refractor auto like the card shown here or a dazzling insert, it’s all here. In terms of value, 2021 Chrome Draft is the best bet if you’re looking to dump a hefty sum into you’re investment. For instance, some cards featuring Benny have already sold for north of $5,000. Meanwhile, those who want something more casual should consider the base card or one of the more common refractors.


2021 Bowman’s Best (View eBay Listings)

benny montgomery rookie card bb

Bowman’s Best is a great collection offers some unique styles at more affordable prices that Chrome Draft. In the Blue Refractor shown here, Benny is shows off the big leg kick as he’s about to let a MASSIVE cut fly across the strike zone. As we noted earlier, this is a much more affordable collection from Bowman and this card perfectly illustrates that. A blue refractor with an autograph for a hundred bucks or so sounds good to us any day. Also be on the lookout for the Future Vibrance inserts.


2020 Leaf (View eBay Listings)

If you want the FIRSTY Benny Montgomery rookie card look no further. While it’s hard to call this a rookie card, or even a prospect card for that matter, we’ve decided to include it on the list as it is the very first featuring this up and coming youngster. Leaf All-American is known for giving fans a first look at emerging high-school talent from across the country. Hence the Stars & Stripes and high school uniform. At any rate, this collection won’t set you back much so casual collectors are well advised to check out what Leaf has to offer here. And while the cards don’t hold as much value as Bowman, style-wise they are neck and neck.



3 Benny Montgomery Rookie Card Alternatives

Josh Jung Rookie Card

Riley Greene Rookie Card

Marcelo Mayer Rookie Card



Benny Montgomery Rookie Card Outlook

If Benny get’s the job done in 2022 and rises up those prospect rankings you should be rewarded nicely for taking a chance on him early. The more he builds his resume the more solid his rookie card values will become. If you’re in the green when his MLB debut comes along you’ll need to consider taking profits or going long and hoping for Benny to come through at the highest level. Not an easy thing to accomplish but those players who do have some VERY valuable rookie cards.

On the flip side, a poor 2022 in the minors could hurt collector’s in a big way. Much of the Benny Montgomery rookie card market is built on hype alone. Something that’s easy to understand considering he has less than 50 pro at bats to his name. A failed draft pick equals a failed investment. Especially if you bought when the hype was at its peak.