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Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022 (Review & Guide)


Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022 Top Pick


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2022


Over the course of the next year, you’ll be faced with many tough decisions on what to do with some of your favorite cards. Opting to sell a particular card you’ve become attached to? Hopefully, those profit margins ease the pain! Turning down good short-term profits in hopes for a bigger score down the road? Here’s to your judgment being sound! As you know there are many not-so-easy decisions one must make in this hobby. But the one we’re focused on today is this: What are the best baseball card boxes to buy in 2022?

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Year in and year out there are dozens of different boxes for collectors to consider. As you can imagine, trying to narrow your purchase down to just one or two isn’t always easy. Hey, it’d be nice to just buy them ALL but we know baseball card boxes don’t come cheap! Decisions, decisions. While it won’t be easy, we’ll attempt to bring a little clarity to the situation. So for what it’s worth, here’s our Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2022 list!


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Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2022: Top 5


2022 Topps Chrome


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2022 topps chrome

If you’re goal is to get your hands on some true rookie cards rather than prospects, Topps Chrome should get a go to collection. For instance, the the first Topps Chrome Julio Rodriguez RC cards can be found in this collection. When you consider that some of his autographed refractors like the one above have already sold for more than $2,500 the box become incredibly hard to resist. In addition to Rodriguez there are plenty of other high values to chase such as Bobby Witt Jr. true rookie cards and rare autographs of your favorite veterans.

By the way, each box comes with at least 2 autographs and also contains chrome throwback inserts of the famous 1987 Topps design. Enough said?


2022 Topps Gypsy Queen


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We continue our Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022 list with Topps Gypsy Queen. Just take one look at the Jeter auto above and try to resist the appeal of this classic collection. The set thrives on nostalgia and when it comes to sports there isn’t one that appreciates nostalgia more than baseball. While the set certainly has a throwback appeal, it also shows its teeth in terms of modern collecting. For instance, boxes each at least contain 3 stylish chrome cards and 2 autographs. And with 24 packs in each hobby box you’ll get plenty of chances to come across many other valuable hits.


2021 Bowman Draft


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When it comes to sheer excitement it’s hard to beat Bowman Draft. The boxes are loaded with the top prospects from the most recent draft and includes 1st Bowman cards from potential stars such as Henry Davis, Marcelo Mayer, and Jordan Lawler. Not too mention 3 prospect autographs per box. And as far as baseball hobby boxes go is there anything more fun than chasing prospects? Anyways, if you’re looking for that big box hit this should be your FIRST stop. Making it the crown jewel of our Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022 list.


2021 Bowman Chrome


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2022 bowman

The latest arrival from Bowman Chrome is a no-brainer for our Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022 list. It’s the brands most revered collection and comes loaded with autographs, rare short prints, and plenty of prospect cards. You’ll get a minimum of two autographs per box and a shot at scoring one of the countless parallels such as the Gold, Orange, and Atomic refractors. All of which could end up being some very valuable baseball cards.


2021 Bowman Baseball


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2021 bowman baseball sabato

There’s never a shortage of collectors looking to pick up a box of Bowman Baseball. And why wouldn’t there be? It’s only one of the most anticipated boxes of the year and includes all of your favorite stars such as Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuna Jr. In addition to the mainstays, you’ll also find 3 Bowman Chrome autograph cards per box along with a variety of up and coming rookies and prospects.



Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2022: Honorable Mentions


2021 Topps Chrome 


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While this may not be the latest arrival from Topps Chrome, it’s one heck of a collection nonetheless. The box includes the best players from the earlier Topps Series 1 and Series 2 releases and crams them all into one chromed-out box of cards. In each box, you’ll find 2 autographs and a whopping 8 refractors. That’ll get the blood pumping. Oh, and by the way, did we mention the highly anticipated 1986 insert will be included?


2021 Topps Heritage


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Similar to Gypsy Queen, Heritage continues Topps’ tradition of making a fan-favorite “throwback” set. As far as the perks go you can expect to find 1 autograph OR memorabilia card in each box. We wish it was one of each but you can’t win ’em all. Plenty of great cards from a set that has carved out its own little niche in the market.


2021 Donruss Baseball


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We couldn’t let our Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2021 list end with only Topps and Bowman making the cut. There’s ALWAYS room for Donruss if you ask us! Especially the 2021 Donruss collection with its 1987 retro-style cards. Remember the classic 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds rookie card? Who could forget! The nostalgia is gonna be off the charts in this collection.

In addition to the retro cards, you’ll find some cool inserts such as “The Rookies” and “Unleashed”. And don’t forget each hobby box will include 2 autographs, 1 patch, and a jaw-dropping 29 parallels. Pure excitement.



These may be the best baseball card boxes to buy in 2022….

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Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2022 Investment Strategy


Here we normally offer our take on the risk associated with going short, medium, or long on an investment strategy with a certain card or player. However, when it comes to boxes, it’s a bit different. For starters, you never know what you’re going to get in the box. Secondly, you can’t predict how many “hot prospects” will emerge as elite MLB talent in the following years.

When it comes to buying hobby boxes, just have fun! Sure, you might end up in the red, but you can be certain it’ll be exciting to rip open those fresh packs. Just be sure to open them CAREFULLY. In addition to the pageantry of opening pack after pack, the surprise factor can’t be overlooked. Think back to your best pull and try to recall the thrill. Hard to find a better reason to take a chance on one of these boxes than that!

However, if you do decide to break some of the best baseball card boxes of 2022 be prepared to STAY THE COURSE. You could get several “duds” in a row, creating a hole that almost seems impossible to dig yourself out of. But right when you’re about to cut your losses you pull that ultra-rare refractor autograph out of the next box suddenly you’ve made all your money back AND THEN SOME. Just be careful and set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend chasing. Trust us, it can be a VERY slippery slope!



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