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Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2023 (Topps, Bowman, Panini)


Best Baseball Card Box To Buy 2023


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2023


Right when it seems like the dreaded offseason will never end, BOOM. America’s favorite pastime is back for another season of action. And with that comes a few key rules changes that should make the game more appealing. At least for the casual fans among us. Either way, excitement is in the air!

Speaking of excitement, there’s nothing more electrifying in the world of baseball card collecting that tearing into a fresh box of cards. Which leads us to our Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2023 edition. With new sets rolling out there is no shortage of options to choose from. Therefore, we’ve broken the list up to highlight the best boxes offered by Topps, Bowman, and Panini. Yes, Panini deserves some regardless of it’s “officially licensed” status. Anyways, enough stalling. Let’s get the party started.


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Top 3 Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2023


2023 Topps Series 1: Best Baseball Card Box For Casual Collectors


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2023 topps

Nothing screams new baseball season like the tried and true Topps Series 1 collection. Anyone in the market for an Adley Rutschman rookie card? How about a Vinnie Pasquantino? Good news, you’ll find plenty of options for these two standout rookie sensations. While Julio isn’t a considered rookie for this set, there are plenty of great cards featuring the young phenom as well.

Pricewise this is traditionally a set that casual collectors love and 2023 is no different with boxes going for around $90. So if you see anyone asking for $100 or more for the standard hobby box don’t pay it. You can find better. Either way, Topps Series 1 is the top value play on our Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2023 list so look for something in that $90 price range and buy with confidence.


2022 Bowman Draft: Best Overall Baseball Card Box To Buy 2023


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top 3 baseball card boxes to buy 2023

If you’re looking for a chance at some really valuable baseball cards look no further than the 2022 Bowman Draft collection. The set is chalked full of the games top prospects and equipped with a wide array of rare refractors cards and autographs. And let’s no forget about the guaranteed Chrome cards that come in each pack. The price tag is a but higher but with prospects like Jackson Holiday and Termarr it could be well worth it.


2022 Bowman’s Best


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Always one of the best baseball boxes money can buy, Bowman’s best offers an exciting mix of both prospects and current MLB players. So if you’re not overall big on prospects you’ll want to buy this one over the Bowman Draft hobby box.

As far as prices go you can expect to pay between $300 and $350 for a box. With 4 autographs guaranteed in each you’ll have a decent enough shot at making that back and then some.


Best Baseball Card Boxes To Buy 2023 Honorable Mentions


2022 Bowman Inception


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best baseball card boxes to buy 2023 bowman

If you’re all about the bang and less about the buck, this set’s for you. While the “box” is really just a baseball card pack, it comes loaded with 2 autographs 1 foil refractor. So if you’re craving that big score this is about as good of a chance as you’ll get. But it’ll cost you. With a selling price of $150 and only 7 cards in each pack you’ll pay almost $25 per card. Big risk but it could come with a BIG payoff if one or both of those autographs end up being a low numbered refractor.


2022 Panini Prizm Baseball Draft Picks (Best Budget Baseball Card Box to Buy 2023)


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Like Bowman Draft, this is a collection that focuses on the game’s top prospects. And unlike Bowman Draft you can pick up a box of Panini Draft for a fairly cheap price. With a average sale price of somewhere around $50 a box you can buy two and still not pay as much as you would for the Bowman box. Of course, the overall value of the cards in the set can’t match Bowman Draft so just temper the expectations a bit.