Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy 2021: Top 3 Collections

Find the Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy in 2021 on eBay!

best baseball card packs to buy 2021


If you’re looking for the best baseball card packs to buy in 2021, you’re not alone. Not in the least bit. We are two months into the baseball season and there is no doubt that pack-ripping fever is sweeping the country. Yes, baseball card enthusiasts everywhere are looking for that special pack card that just may hold the gem they’ve been looking for. And when it comes to quality options, there are quite a few collections that could fit that description. But that’s not exactly what we’re looking for. No, we’re looking for the BEST OF THE BEST. Here are our thoughts on the matter!



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Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy 2021: Brand History 


Bowman Chrome

When it comes to getting the jump on the game’s top prospects, the first place you need to look is Bowman Chrome. In addition to being known for its collection of rising stars, Bowman Chrome has plenty of ongoing appeal due to its prestigious history. It has been around for nearly 25 years now and came to the table in its debut season with some awesome rookie cards from players such as Lance Berkman, Adrian Beltre, and Roy Halladay. Then things REALLY went nuts in 2001 when autographs came into the picture. That year the card that really put Bowman Chrome on the map is the 2001 autographed rookie card of Albert Pujols. Today, the card is worth well over $20,000 in the right condition.


Topps Chrome

Another card that has to be on our Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy 2021 list is Topps Chrome. The storied history of Topps Chrome is unquestionable. Therefore we’re expecting the same great quality which has become standard for the brand. Released around the same time as the first Bowman Chrome collection, this baseball card debuted in 1996. A year that just so happens to hold what will end up being one of the most sought-after cards of the year: a Derek Jeter rookie card. Another rookie to look for in the first Topps Chrome set the natural hitter Todd Helton. Oh, and another rookie card you may have heard of from the debut Topps Chrome year? How about this LEGENDARY Kobe Bryant rookie card!


Bowman Inception

Last but not least, we’re eagerly waiting in joyful anticipation for 2021 Bowman Inception. Eight years ago, this card was conjured up with the idea of showcasing the top prospects in baseball in a more refined and sylish manner. However, a switch to putting the Inception line under the Topps brand led to the card deviating from its original objective as it began featuring mostly post-debut rookies. However, the iconic Bowman Inception brand is set to relaunch in the fall of 2021 and the spotlight will be turned back on the prospects. Like it should be!



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Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy 2021: Top 3


2021 Bowman Chrome (Buy on eBay)

chrome best baseball card packs to buy 2021

As previously mentioned, the 2021 Bowman Chrome is loaded with all the big name future stars of the game. There is an extenive base line of cards and plenty of parrelagraph options as we mentioned earlier. However, what we did not mention earlier is all the sweet inserts such as  “40-Man Futures”, “Dawn of Glory”, and “Ascensions”. As the names suggests, these cards feature players that are poised to make their debuts in the big leagues sooner rather than later.

As far as buying options go we highly recommend the 2021 Bowman Baseball Mega Box. You’ll get two 5-card Chrome packs and an additional four 10-card Bowman Baseball packs all for somehwere around $50. On top of that, it’s the only buying option we have at tyhe moment since Bowman Chrome isn’t due out until later this summer!


Expected Release Date: September 2021


2021 Topps Chrome

Just like Bowman, 2021 Topps Chrome will have many interesting inserts that feature future MLB star players. Hence the name “Future Stars”.  Additonally, the collection has a debuting insert theme entitled “Beisbol”.  This insert focuses on the great Latin American players in the game and featuring liviely, almost jovial colors throughout. This can be seen in the Ronald Acuna Jr card featrured above. In additon to the vibrant colors of Venezuela, there is also an outline of the country prominently displayed at bottom right hand side of the card. Again, this is a collection that features rookies so were excited to see which players will emerge as the breakout-stars of this set.


Expected Release Date: August 2021



2021 Bowman Inception (The best baseball card pack to buy in 2021?)

best baseball card packs to buy 2021

The newly relaunched Bowman Inception brand will feature some of the best prospects in baseball with cards that are made to seem like these guys are ready to conquer the baseball universe with just one swing. The cards are absoletly dripping with prestige as you can see by the premium foil stock. Additonally, in a true artistic fashion many of the colors in each card match with the jerseys worn by the players. Safe to say the powerful imagery in each card will be hard to ignore.


Expected Release Date: November 2021