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Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022 (New Releases & Pricing)



Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022: Bowman Draft 1st Edition


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Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022


When it comes to sports card collecting, baseball is the undisputed king. And now that a new season is officially upon us, it’s well past time we roll out our Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022 list. True, some collector’s would rather take a more conservative approach and buy their cards on the aftermarket rather than risk getting skunked on a pack. However, it’s hard to think of anything more excited than ripping into a fresh pack with hopes of coming across a gem. At least in the world of sports cards that is. So if you find yourself slowly nodding in agreement, here are some packs to target in 2022.



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Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022


2022 Bowman Baseball


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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last decade you know darn well that Bowman is one of the biggest names in the game. Therefore, their mainline collection of cards is always going to be one of the most sought after. At least until they lose their rights to license cards to Fanatics. However, until that day comes you’ll be able to count on Bowman to deliver the goods.

Now when it comes to the new set, be on the lookout for a wide array of inserts, autos, and sweet refractors. You’ll also have a few options when it comes to which pack you’d like to buy. Hone in on the cello fat pack and the tried and true blaster.


2022 Topps Heritage 


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heritage best baseball card packs to buy 2022

Another collection worthy of our Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022 list is Topps Heritage. If you’re looking for a card that is full of glitz, has crazy colors, and provides an ultra smooth feel, this is NOT the pack for you. However, if you’re a hobbyist that appreciates the classic tried and true vintage look this is a set you’ll need to be on top of year in year out.

As you can see by the O’Neil Cruz card above there’s nothing too crazy or “in your face” about Heritage. Just an earnest, hardworking card that harkens back to a simpler era of the hobby. And we for one LOVE it. But just because the cards have a simple design doesn’t mean they can’t hang with the more modernly styled sets in terms of value. For instance, a rare Wander Franco from this collection has already sold for north of $7,000!

As far as the pack structure goes, you’ll receive 9 cards in each with 24 packs in a hobby box. Be on the lookout for 1 autograph or 1 relic card on average per box. Pricewise these are much more affordable than sets like Draft or Chrome so casual collectors may want to start here.


2022 Topps Inception 


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We go from an affordable pack to one that’s…not so much. Topps Inception has become a staple for collector’s who are looking for that truly high end baseball card. As always, the 2022 set has a limited base checklist and is jammed packed with autographs, material cards, and rare parallels that can often become some of the most valuable cards of the year.

Style-wise Inception offers close up player photos that phase out everything else on the diamond. Instead, Topps replaces the background with a vibrant design that is laid out on a card that just screams “grade A quality” when you touch it.

There are 7 cards in each pack with 1 autograph and 2 base card parallels on average in each. By the way, you won’t have to worry about deciding between a hobby box or just a single pack as each hobby box includes only 1 pack!


2022 Bowman 1st Edition 


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best bowman baseball card packs to buy in 2022

If you love chasing prospects (and frankly who doesn’t?), this is a collection that simply cannot be ignored. 2022 Bowman 1st Edition is jammed packed with the game’s top prospects and offers a wide variety of stunning refractors of varying scarcity.

Each pack contains 10 cards with hobby boxes including 24 packs per box. The easiest refractor you’ll have a chance at is the Sky Blue which shows up an average of once every two packs. Additionally, some of the rarer refractors include the /50 Gold, the /10 Black, and the ever elusive 1/1 Rainbow.

However, we should note that the set does not include autographs which can certainly be a let down for some. That’s the bad news. The good news? While you won’t have a chance at pulling an autograph, prices are a bit cheaper than the flag ship prospect collection Bowman Draft.


2022 Topps Gypsy Queen


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Long live the queen! Topps Gypsy Queen is back and coming in hot with an amazing array of cards that have quickly become a fan favorite. Just take one look at the nostalgic style and you’ll instantly know why. In addition to the retro vibe, the set also includes rare parallels and valuable autographs. And let’s not forget about the stunning array of rookie cards.

As far as pack configuring goes, you’ll find 6 cards in each. Additionally, there is 24 packs per box and 8 boxes per case. Which one you end up buying just depends on how many packs you want to rip. Not to mention how much money you’re able to spend!



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Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022: Other Notable Releases


2022 Topps Series 1 


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best baseball card packs to buy 2022: topps series 1

Always one of the first collections of the year, Topps Series 1 is a mainstay in the baseball card hobby. It features a huge set list of cards with the base set clocking in at 330. In addition to the base cards you’ll come across some cool inserts, rare refractors, and some throw backs. The latter of the 3 is our favorite of the year so far as it features one of our most beloved collections of all time – 1987 Topps (hard to beat those wood grain borders!).

There’s 14 cards in a pack and 24 packs in a hobby box. Like Topps Heritage this set is also one to target for casual investors.


2022 Topps Opening Day 


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Now if you are TRULY looking to get by on the cheap, look no further. Topps Opening Day is one of the most affordable sets out there with packs and hobby boxes selling for a fraction of the price as some of the others on our Best Baseball Card Packs To Buy 2022 list. While there are only 7 cards per pack, there are a whopping 36 packs per hobby box with each box selling for around $50. If you long for the times when you could pay around a buck a pack, Opening Day is sure to remind you of the good ole’ days. Looks for relics, autographs, and some eye-popping inserts.


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