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Best Baseball Cards Protectors 2021 (Review & Pricing)

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best baseball card protectors


With the condition of baseball cards being one of the biggest contributors to value, all collectors need to be on the lookout for the best baseball card protectors possible. After all, you’ll have just about a ZERO percent chance of keeping your card in mint condition if you don’t have one. Pretty much any card you purchase already comes in a protector. In fact, it is virtually impossible to find a mint condition card without a protector on it because that’s what keeps it in mint condition in the first place!

But what about those cards you get from a random box break and or pack tear? That’s where card protectors come into play. The minute you get that box or pack hit best believe you’ll want a protector at your disposal. ASAP. That’s why we’ve tracked down some of the best based on values and customer reviews.

We’ll cover two of the most common styles you’ll see along with a unique style that deviates a bit from the norm. Either way, all three options will help keep your card as pristine as possible. To varying degrees of course. From the thickness of the different protectors to whether they are perfectly clear or not, there are a few pros and cons to mull over. Since we want nothing but the best option for your collection, let’s go over the best baseball card protectors of 2021.



Safe to say you’ll want to place a baseball card protector on one of these cards…

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Best Baseball Card Protectors 2021: Our Top 4 Choices


Best Baseball Card Protector Toploader: Ultra Pro “3X”4 Super Thick (Buy on eBay)

As the name implies, this option is the thickest option of all the baseball card protectors on this list. It costs roughly $15-$20 for a box of 20 but the customer reviews approach a perfect 5 out of 5 on eBay go to show that they’re worth every penny.

Now as far as the thickness goes, it may seem to harm the clarity of the card just SLIGHTLY. However, this is only a minute detail and it is not something that you should be worried about in the long run. CONDITION is everything and this is one of our personal favorites when it comes to keeping cards in good shape. However, if the clarity is something that you’re worried about, one of these three other options below may suit you better.


Customer Review from eBay:  “Great quality, check the thickness of your cards before ordering them. The 180 pt. cards fit my thick medallion cards well and the 130/120 pt. cards fit my thinner cards well too that are still thick. These top loaders do not have a strange cheap plastic smell to them. They are better than BCW. “


Best Baseball Card Protector Snap Shut: BCW Mini Snap (Buy on eBay)

We’ve all felt the pain of realizing you just damaged an edge or corner when trying to squeeze your card into a top loader. With this card protector, you don’t need to worry about that. Not as much anyway. In addition to an easy loading process, the BCW Mini Snap features a sleek design that is just enough to fit around the edges of the card. Although you still have to be careful when putting the card in the protector, we find the process MUCH easier than a top loader.

As far as prices go, this can be purchased for around the same amount as the first one at around a dollar a protector. Especially if you decide to buy them in bulk. While this may not be as thick as the first option, it’s perfect if you are looking for a smaller card protector that is closer to the actual size of the card itself.


 Customer Review from eBay:  “Great for your personal collection, protects cards like the magnetic case but is more affordable and fits in all boxes because it’s approximately the same size as card, makes for a great display as well, I love them!”


Best Baseball Card Protector Soft Sleeves: Beckett Shield Standard (Buy on eBay)

While this is the flimsiest and offers the least amount of protection, these are the cheapest route and make for a good temporary home for your card until you get your hands on something more substantial. That or a permanent home for less valuable cards that you’re not overly concerned about. It’s incredibly convenient and easy to load as it can bend way easier than your card and makes for great protection against any sort of debris. In fact, some recommend placing your card into a soft sleeve before placing it into the higher form of protection. And as far as soft sleeves go, these are one of the best in the business!


Customer Review from eBay:  “These are a bit thinner than most sleeves I have purchased in the past which helps the cards slide into the sleeve easier and less chance of damaging a card while sleeving it. I will buy these again!”


Best Baseball Card Protectors for PSA Submissions: Card Saver (Buy on eBay)

best baseball card protectors psa

Finally, we move on to Card Saver I, a protector that falls somewhere in between the last 3 options when it comes to rigidity. Despite the softer material, it holds its own with the thicker top loaders in terms of overall protection. In fact, PSA recommends that any cards shipped in for grading show up in a Card Saver design. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best baseball card protectors money can buy.

These tend to be a bit more affordable than the thicker protectors, especially if you buy in bulk. Just like all of the others on the list, Card Saver I has great reviews on eBay that approach 5 stars.


Customer Review from eBay:  “The preferred method of PSA grading encapsulation.Not as much protection as a top loader but also less chance of dinging a corner as they are quite easy to open with a wider mouth to accept cards.”



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