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Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022 (Prospects & New Releases)

Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022

best baseball cards to collect 2022

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With a new year setting in it’s a perfect time to roll out our Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022 list. Last year we covered some of the biggest veterans and rookies alike. Many of the players did not disappoint. Especially Adley Rutschman, Zac Veen, and Spencer Torkelson who we’ll talk about more later. But now that we’re gearing up for a new season, who are some fresh faces we can expect to see in 2022? There was certainly not shortage of talent in the 2021 MLB draft so singling out the best new players to collect may be a difficult task. Nonetheless, we’ll take our best shot! So without further ado, let’s take a look!



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Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022: New Prospects


Marcelo Mayer Prospect Cards 

best baseball cards to collect 2022 marcelo

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Out of all the prospects taken in the 2021 MLB Draft, Mayer is the one we’re highest on. The 18 year old shortstop was taken 4th overall by the Boston Red Sox and has already risen to number 9 on the MLB Top 100 Prospects list. With scouts calling him both the best bat AND glove in the draft it’s no wonder why. On top of the skills, Mayer also plays in a massive market so rest assured there will be plenty of hype driving his card values.

At the moment there aren’t many cards available as most of the big name collections won’t arrive until later in 2022. However, Both Leaf and Panini have rolled out some new releases that make for a great early investment. The card above is a /25 autographed Panini Stars and Stripes SSP and is one of Marcelo’s more valuable releases to date. Meanwhile, you can find autographed cards with a higher print run from both Panini and Leaf for less than $30.


Henry Davis Prospect Cards 

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Another player from the the 2021 MLB Draft we’ve got our eye on is Henry Davis. He was the number one pick after all. Davis was prized by the Pirates for both his bat and behind the plate prowess and like Mayer has already risen the prospect charts to number 22 on the Top 100. Speaking of 22, that’s also Davis’ age so hopefully he’ll need less time in the minors than many of the players in the same draft class who didn’t play college ball.

The card shown above goes way back to the 2017 Leaf Perfect Game collection and is the earliest Henry Davis card you’ll find. The rarer versions can be worth upwards of $100 while the base cards are just a few bucks. Either way, a small price to pay for a guy that could be a top 5 prospect at this time next year.


Jordan Lawlar Prospect Cards 

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The third and final player from the 2021 draft featured on our Best Baseball Cards to Collect 2021 list is Jordan Lawlar. Lawlar, like Mayer is only 18 so he’s sure to spend a few years developing in the minors. However, once he develops the sky’s the limit. The kid has a 6’2″ frame and has the ability to hit for power and provide speed on the bases. As you know, power and speed are something both scouts AND collector’s LOVE.

The card above is Lawlar’s first ever Leaf card which you can pick up for a few bucks. He’s also got some autographed cards from Leaf that are more valuable but nothing too crazy.



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Best Baseball Cards To Collect 2022: Talent on the Cusp


Adley Rutschman Prospect Cards 

best cards to collect 2022 adley

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The 2021 MLB rookie class was certainty nothing to write home about. That could change this year. Especially once Rutschman makes his inevitable big league debut in 2022. He’s been called a generation talent and has shown no trouble at any of his stops in the minors. With his ability to hit for power and average, expect Rutschman to emerge as one of the games best, if not THE best offensive catchers after just first first season in the bigs.

The 2019 Bowman Chrome  Draft collection is the one to target if you want a REALLY high end Rutschman card as several are valued at well over $5,000. If you’re a more casual collector try the base card from the same collection or one of his 2020 cards. Either way, there is PLENTY of room for the market to grow.


Zac Veen Prospect Cards 

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One of the best minor league debut seasons last year came from the 19 year old the Rockies drafted number 9 overall in the 2020 draft. Veen soon after rewarded the Rockies by winning the team’s Minor League Player of the Year award in 2021. He did so by smashing 15 home runs, stealing 36 bags, and hitting .301 across 399 at bats. How’s that for a professional debut? Yet despite the pedigree and explosive first season, Veen remains a bit unheralded and still sits outside of the top 25 prospect ranks. If that doesn’t scream buy now what does? Plenty of room to rise.

As far as his prospect cards go, there are plenty to choose from. The 2020 Bowman Chrome Draft is the most valuable of the group but you can also find lesser valued cards from Bowman 2021, Leaf, and Panini.


Spencer Torkelson Prospect Cards 

Panini Contenders Spencer Torkelson rookie card

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Last on our Best Baseball Cards To collect 2022 list is Spencer Torkelson. Like Rutschman, Torkelson was also a number 1 draft pick. However, despite the hype that surrounds the gem of the Tigers farm system, we believe there is PLENTY of room for this market to boom. Before Torkelson was the 1st overall pick he was a standout college player. Therefore, at age 21 it’s likely “Tork” will be his MLB Debut in 2022. Once he does we’d expect the big man to deliver. Just as he did in his first season in the minors.

Bowman Chrome 2020 and 2021 are great collections to take a look at for serious-minded investors. More casual hobbyists could consider base cards from these sets or even autographed cards from Panini or Leaf.


Bobby Witt Jr. Prospect Card 

bowman chrome bobby witt jr. rookie card

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In case you missed, Bobby Witt Jr. had a MONSTER spring training. Now that the regular season is upon us Royals fans are hoping to see that continue once the games count. That goes for anyone who owns a Bobby Witt Jr. rookie card as well. A five tool player who many view as the game’s top prospect, Witt Jr. has what it takes to make an INSTANT impact on the league. So don’t be surprised to see this guy run away with AL Rookie of the Year honors.

As far as his cards go, the 2020 Bowman Chrome shown above is his cream of the crop rookie prospect card having already sold in the 5 digits. If he produces in 2022 the way he did all throughout the minors you can expect those numbers to only go up. In addition to the prospect cards, be on the lookout for his true rookie cards set to arrive this year. Another no-brainer for our Best Baseball Cards to Collect 2022 list.