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Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023 Hot List



Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023 Top Pick


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best basketball card packs to buy 2023

Each year brings a variety of new basketball cards from the industry’s top brands and 2023 is no different. While the previous year’s releases are going to be the most popular during the earlier months of 2023, the year will eventually give way to some brand new sets. Ones that will gradually take over as the hottest cards to collect! Therefore we’ll start our Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023 edition with collections that are currently available and update the list as the new comers begin to arrive. Anyways, here are the Top 5 packs to lookout for at the beginning of the 2023!



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Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023: Now Available




2022-23 Panini Hoops


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best basketball card packs to buy 2023 new arrival

One of the first basketball card sets to hit the shelves each year, Panini Hoops is known for giving collector’s their first taste of the new crop of rookies in their NBA uniforms. These tend to be more valuable than the “draft” or “collegiate” cards and contain the year’s first true rookie cards.

The pack to target is the plentiful Cello pack that contains a whopping 30 cards. Additionally the Cellos contain exclusive the teal and orange explosion parallels!


2022-23 Donruss Basketball


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best basketball packs from donruss 2023


One of the latest basketball packs to arrive in 2023 is none other than Donruss. One of the most anticipated packs of the year is the 30 card pack which will include an exciting array of both veterans and new rookies. Pricewise it’s a step up from NBA Hoops but with the potential for higher value cards it could be well worth the extra cost.


2022-23 Panini Chronicles Draft


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best basketball card packs to buy 2023 chronicles

Without a doubt the best packs to buy if you’re looking for the 2022-2023 NBA rookie class is Panini Chronicles Draft. At least for the time being until the flagship collections arrive. The set features the rookies in their college uniforms and remains one of the most popular early releases. In addition to the new rookies, Chronicles also provides collectors with a sample of the year’s upcoming collections. A perfect start to our Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023 edition.


Card To Target: Paolo Banchero Rookie Card



Overall Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023: 2021-22 Panini Prizm


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best jalen green rookie cards

When you have the potential to get a Jalen Green rookie card worth thousands of dollars like the one shown above it’s easy to see why Prizm leads the way. The set includes all of the previous year’s top rookies along with the tried and trued veterans. And let’s not forget about the array of rare prizm varieties and autographed cards.

As far as the pack structure goes look for 4 card single packs, 15 card cello packs, and 20 hanger packs.


2022 Panini Immaculate Collegiate


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best basketball card packs to buy 2023 immaculate

Immaculate Collegiate a set that blurs the line between a pack and a box. The “boxes” include just 1 pack so really they’re one in the same. Either way, you’ll pay a pretty penny if you want to get your hands on one. However, with a whopping 5 autographs per pack taking a gamble may be worth it and then some! That said it’s BY FAR the most expensive option in our Best Basketball Card Packs to buy 2023 edition.


2021-22 Panini Select


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You simply can’t go wrong with the every popular Panini Select Basketball 15 card hanger pack. It includes not only an average of 4 prizms or inserts per pack but also gives collectors a shot at scoring one of the exclusive Shimmer Parallels.

Like Panini Prizm, Select is know for it’s ability to produce high value cards. While even the base set brings in some valuable RCs, the big dollars come from the rare prizms and autographs. Safe to say if you score one the money you spent on the pack will be WELL worth it. Easily one of the best basketball card packs to buy in 2022.


2021-22 Donruss Optic


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best basketball card packs to buy 2023 optic

In addition to Select and Prizm, Optic rounds out like what we like to call the “Big 3” of Panini’s basketball collections. And football as well for that matter. It always surprises us when we don’t hear Optic mentioned in the same sentence as the former two sets as it makes for a true competitor in every way. Style, big values, incredible parallels, it’s all there.

As far as pack structures go, you’ll see the 15 card hanger and 5 card blaster packs widely available on the online aftermarket. They’re both great choices so really it just depends on how much you want to spend.


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Best Basketball Card Packs To Buy 2023: Coming Soon



2022-23 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

While these won’t feature the new rookies in their NBA uniforms, the packs are incredibly popular as they carry the Panini Prizm name. Sure they’re not the mainline collection but anything that’s Prizm is sure to go flying off the shelves. And sure to have some SICK cards.


2021-22 Mosaic Basketball

A collection that is notably late to the party as it’s 2021-22 collection is arriving AFTER some of the first 2022-23 collections. However, Mosaic has established itself as a force within both the football and basketball card markets and will offer collectors a shot at a some valuable Jalen Green rookie cards.



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