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Best Blaze Jordan Rookie Cards (Review & Hot List)

Best Blaze Jordan Rookie Card eBay Listings

blaze jordan rookie card



If you’re hoping to get your hands on a few of the best Blaze Jordan rookie cards before he REALLY blows up, we like where your head’s at. For starters, his name is BLAZE JORDAN for cryin’ out loud. If that doesn’t scream “latest baseball sensation” what does? Secondly, the kid can flat out hit. So far anyway. It won’t be the longest of all seasons, but his first go as a pro is turning out to be one worth talking about. Right off the bat, Blaze Jordan is showing that kind of power and contact fans were hoping to see. So if you’re excited as we are about the prospects of a DOMINATE follow-up season from this electrifying 18-year-old, do yourself a favor and target at least one of the following cards!



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Blaze Jordan Rookie Cards Hot List


2021 Bowman Chrome (Check eBay Listings)

blaze jordan rookie card

Bowman Chrome wouldn’t miss out on a set featuring Blaze in his first year of play, would they? Of course, the answer is NO. Quite a few of his rarer autographed cards have already sold for more than $10,000 and we only expect that price to climb. If you’re not into the idea of laying out that kind of dough, seek out one of his more common refractors, a base auto, or even a few base cards. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


2021 Pro Set (Check eBay Listings)

Pro Set is back. In a big way. Not only did they get the jump on some of the most exciting 2021 NFL rookies, but the recently relaunched brand also had the wherewithal to get Blaze for its debut year. Talk about a successful reboot! At any rate, The one to target here is the /99 autographed card. It should be available for less than $100. Compare that to the price of Trevor Lawrence’s Pro Set card and you’ll see the kind of potential it has!


2020 Leaf Trinity (Check eBay Listings)

The oldest of the cards on this list features Jordan in his high school days. Even then, you can tell he means BUSINESS. Leaf Trinity has plenty of great Blaze Jordan rookie cards to choose from between $10 and $200. So if you’re looking for a casual investment, look no further! Just be sure to save a few for you collecting bros!



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Blaze Jordan Rookie Cards: Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

We love the idea of picking up a Blaze Jordan rookie card or two in the offseason when prices should cool off a bit. You should be able to sell for a nice profit at some point leading up to the season if you play it right. However, even BIGGER gains could be in store if you hold into the 2022 season and he produces like many expect he will.


Medium (1 to 3 years)

We love a short-term play here but we may even like a medium-term play more. Blaze has already been promoted to A ball and we’re expecting at least one more promotion next season. While next season is a stretch for Blaze in a Red Sox uniform, somewhere in this time frame should be where he makes his MLB debut. If things go well? Those short-term profits could look like table scraps compared to the windfall you’ll be in for!


Long (3 years plus)

Typically, we’d laugh about the notion of holding onto the card of an unproven 18-year-old for the long haul. However, Blaze Jordan makes us at least toy with the idea. We don’t recommne3d buying with the mindset of holding for years down the road. However, as long as he’s producing at the plate we wouldn’t blame anyone for not selling in the short or medium-term and holding out for the WHOLE ENCHILADA.