Best Football Card Boxes to Buy 2021 (Pricing, Review, Guide)

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At this very moment, there are people from all over the globe looking for the best football cards boxes to buy in 2021. However, it wasn’t always that way. It is a time-honored tradition to collect cards from any sport and baseball cards have been the king of the hobby so far. However, America’s so-called “new pastime” seems to be catching up. In other words, the football card hobby is getting really BIG. Yes, the market today is a far cry from how it was in 1894 when the first set of football cards came out featuring only college players from Ivy League schools. From such modest beginnings, the hobby grew and began featuring players from the National Football League thanks to an entity called the National Chicle Company. Later on, football cards would even become featured in cereal boxes by cereal makers such as Kellogg’s and Post.

Today, we can see how much the industry has changed as football cards have moved from having to share living space with cereal to having boxes of their very own. But what exactly are the best football card boxes to buy in 2021? That’s not an easy question but so far this year 3 football card boxes stand out above the rest: Mosaic Draft Pick Boxes, 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks, and 2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks. As you can tell each has the “Draft Picks” designation behind it which means these all include the best players to come out of the 2021 NFL Draft. And as we all know, rookies and prospects are the lifeblood of the hobby. Let’s take a closer look!



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Best Football Card Boxes to Buy 2021 NFL Editions



2021 Mosaic Football 

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Right when you thought the wait was too excruciating to bear, BAM! Mosaic hits you with it’s 2021 football collection. And what a beauty it is! The cards are firm and slick with a variety of rare prizms and autographs in each box. Easily a true rival to the likes of Panini Select and Panini Prizm. On top of these qualities you’ll get a satisfying price point of less than $800 at the moment. With rookies like Mac Jones and Ja’Marr Chase in the mix that $800 could seem like chump change compared to what these boxes will cost you a few years down the road. A no brainer for anyone who loves a top quality collection and doesn’t mind paying a little extra for it (just not as much extra as Select and Prizm)


2021 Panini Gold Standard 

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Whether you can too call this a football card pack or a football card box, it’s all the same really. That’s because a hobby box of Gold Standard only comes with one pack. Once you see the price you’ll pay for that line pack you may have some hesitation about taking a chance on one. However, the 7 cards that come in a pack really bring the heat. For instance, in each pack/box you’ll find a whopping 5 autographed cards. Considering how much some of these can be worth, the price per card ratio seems like a risk worth taking. By the way, the rookie cards show the newcomers in their NFL jerseys!


2021 Panini Certified 

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As far as what’s been released so far this is our favorite on the Best football Card Boxes To Buy 2021 list. Each comes comes with 10 packs each with 5 cards. Within those 50 cards you can expect to find one autograph Freshman Fabric card and an additional autographed card. Additionally, look for 2 memorabilia cards and 2 rookie or rookie parallels on average. While the cards on average may not be as valuable as the box above, you get a ton more. And just like Gold Standard, the rooks are featured in their new NFL gear.


2021 Panini Absolute 

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There are plenty of reasons to buy a pack of 2021 Panini Absolute. However, the BEST reason to buy one is the hope of pulling a KABOOOOOOOM! SSP. Arguably the best insert in the game, Kaboom brings style, flare, and most importantly plenty of dollar signs. Thousands of them in many cases. And every so often, TENS of thousands. To say these are sought after cards is an understatement.

Of course any card that holds that much value is usually incredibly rare. So if you strike out on getting that elusive Kaboom, keep your eyes peeled for one of Absolute’s stylish prizms which can also hold quite a bit of value. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of chances at one of the leagues top rookies and will even find an autographed card here and there.

As far as the packs go they include 5 cards each and sell for less than $5 usually. Hungry for more? Take a dive into a value pack that includes a whopping 20 cards for somewhere around $20. Hey, a buck a card isn’t bad for a chance at one of those crazy valuable SSPs we just talked about.


Best Football Card Boxes 2021: Draft Pick Collections


2021 Mosaic Draft Picks 

best football card boxes to buy 2021 mosaic

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Mosaic is a collection offered by Panini that is so special it has to have a name of its own. However, every once in a while Panini likes to remind everyone who is responsible for making this dynamic new edition of cards. For instance, take a glance at the hobby box above and you’ll notice the famous Panini logo displayed prominently at the top of the box in red and yellow. Just underneath that you’ll see the bigger Mosaic logo taking center stage displayed in a very distinctive black and white logo that is becoming well recognized within the hobby.

Since rolling out a couple of years ago, Mosaic is becoming a must-buy for anyone who is serious about collecting. The 2021 Mosaic Football Draft Picks set is the brand’s first venture into pre-Pro Debut collegiate cards and they have indeed risen to the occasion. The cards are crisp, firm, glossy, and most importantly quite valuable. All great reasons that this needs to be at the top of your list the next time you’re looking to break open a box of cards.

As far as the hobby boxes go, there are 2 fifteen-card packs featured in the box. That translates to 30 chances at scoring a high octane 1st round draft pick card such as Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson! Additionally, each box includes 2 autographed cards, 2 Silver Prizms, and 2 Mosaic Prizms.



Pro Tip: When you’re going through a freshly opened pack and see a Silver Prizm card coming be sure to unveil the card slowly to build the suspense!



2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks 

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It is no accident that the top dog of football brands would feature the top dog of the 2021 NFL Draft on its hobby boxes. Prizm is the flagship collection of the sport’s biggest trading card brand and the Draft Picks edition plays the same role when it comes to prospect cards. Therefore, when you invest in Panini Prizm you can rest assured knowing you have a card that is coveted by enthusiasts throughout the hobby.

As far as the specifics of the hobby box goes, each includes 5 packs with each pack containing 8 cards. While a Prizm hobby box costs a bit more than Mosaic, some are glad to pay the extra dollars as each box has a whopping 5 autographed cards. On top of that, you will also be delighted to find 5 Silver Prizms per box and 10 parallels overall. For many, this is the only hobby box to look for when you’re hungry for some action. Any way you slice it, it certainly is a no-brainer for our Best Football Card Boxes To Buy 2021 list.


2021 Panini Contenders Draft Picks 

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At first glance, this box may kind of remind you of a lunch box. It would certainly be a cool one to roll up to class with for the first day of the 2021 school year if you’re asking us! At any rate, Panini Contenders is right up there with Prizm as one of the best brands in the football card hobby. As always the design features the “College Ticket” layout and there is also a new addition call the “Ticket Stub” parallel this year.

As far as bang for the buck, you’ll get the most cards from this hobby box than the other two on our Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2021 list as each contains a whopping 108 cards. Out of those 108 cards expect to find 6 autographs and 6 parallels. Additionally, there are plenty of inserts included so keep your eyes open for some unique new looks.



Best Football Card Boxes To Buy 2021: Coming Soon

As we explained earlier, these are the “Draft Picks” or college editions of 3 of the biggest names in the hobby. While these serve as great openers, Panini likes to save the big releases for later in the year. Therefore, you can expect to see the regular Panini Prizm, Mosaic, and Panini Contenders collections in the upcoming months. Once they’re released we’ll be sure to provide an update on each hobby box as they will certainly shoot right to the top of our list.



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Cards To Target From the Best Football Card Boxes to Buy in 2021


2021 Mosaic Draft Zach Wilson Scripts 

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It’s hard not to like the new Scripts insert from Mosaic and the Zach Wilson autographed version shown above illustrates why. A close-up image of Wilson rolling out of the pocket is surrounded by a shiny background that really helps the image stand out. There are plenty of different parallels to choose from so if you find one in your price range consider scooping one up before the season begins!


2021 Panini Prizm Draft Trevor Lawrence On Campus 

best football card boxes to buy on campus

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Another great insert to target in 2021. And this one is just dripping with style. Just take one glance at the card above and try to disagree! Anyways, the cards are quite valuable as well as cool and can make for a great investment over the next few seasons.


2021 Panini Contenders Draft Trey Lance Blue Shimmer 

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You can’t help but be excited by what this guy could accomplish over the next couple of years and right now this /27 parallel with an autograph is still available for right around $300. That number should change drastically if Trey Lance lives up to what many think is a “can’t miss” type of talent. And when we say change drastically we mean go through the roof in value. Just an FYI.


2021 Panini Certified Mac Jones Freshman Fabric 

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Mac Jones has a real shot at Rookie of the Year in 2021 and he takes home the trophy a pop in his rookie card prices seem likely. And let’s not forget what should happen to the market if he goes on a nice playoff run! The Freshman Fabric autographed cards from this collection are highly sought after collector items and make for great moderate ranged investments.



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