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Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022 (Hot Deals & New Releases)


Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022: Panini Prizm 


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With oh so many options available, choosing the best football card pack can be quite the ordeal. That’s where our Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022 list comes into play. On the list we’ll focus on the best packs that are being released in 2022 rather than just the ones with “2022” in their title. Meaning you’ll see some 2021 collections as well. A necessary inclusion considering the LONG delay of some of the 2021 sets. Seems live we’ve been waiting on Panini Prizm Football for eons!

At any rate, regardless of the year of the collection, there are PLENTY of great packs to target. When it comes to new players, you’ll be treated to both the 2021 and 2022 rookie class. And since most of the 2022 collections are pending release we’ll be sure to update the list as more of the best packs begin to arrive.



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Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022


2021 Mosaic Football Card Pack 


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As we said earlier, the Panini Prizm delay has been down right excruciating. On the bright side, the 2021 Mosaic collection is now available and makes for the perfect pack of cards to help hold you over until Prizm finally arrives. Just like Prizm, Mosaic brings an exciting array of rare parallels and dazzling inserts to the table. Another similarity you’ll notice between Mosaic and Prizm is the quality of the cards. Shiny, sturdy, and crisp, Mosaic is sure to satisfy in this area.

When it comes to pack structure, the Cello Pack comes with 15 cards with 3 guaranteed Camo Pink Prizms. With that many chances at scoring a rare Ja’Marr Chase, Mac Jones, or Trevor Lawrence parallel we’ll pay the $30 price tag any day!


2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Pack


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The long wait is FINALLY over. The much anticipated (and much delayed) flagship collection from Panini is now on the shelves and collector’s everywhere are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on a few. And why wouldn’t they? Prizm only offers the upmost quality and some of the most sought after cards year in an year out. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of autographs, rookies, and mind-blowing inserts. The wait was excruciating but it was WELL worth it.

There are a few pack formats to choose from but we personally like the Cello. You’ll have 12 chances at a big dollar card as compared to the regular 4 card pack. If you’re gonna do it might as well do it right!


2021 Panini Select Football Card Pack


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If there’s one thing a card collector can rely on it’s a high quality set from Panini Select each year. Like clockwork. Not only are the cards of the utmost quality, they also have quite a bit of aesthetic appeal. Making them one of the most sought after football card packs in 2022.

As far as pricing goes, expect something similar to Panini Prizm. While the packs come with a hefty price tag, the sheer amount of incredibly value cards can far outweigh what you’ll spend if you manage to get a nice hit.


2021 Panini Contenders Football Card Pack 


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contenders best football card packs to buy 2022

If you’re looking for more of a value play, look no further than a pack of 2021 Panini Contenders. The Cello Pack shown here comes with a whopping 22 cards and should be available for somewhere around $10. Not bad for a collection that is one of the most popular football cards year in and year out. When busting through the pack be sure to keep a lookout for those elusive Emerald Prizms!

As far as card style goes, Contenders is know for it’s “Ticket” format. The cards look like tickets to a football game and come in a wide variety of formats such as the Rookie Ticket and Playoff Ticket. A fun and unique layout that is sure to please collectors of all ages. A fitting edition to the Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022 list.



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best football card packs to buy 2022



Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022: Value Buys



2021 Panini Playbook Football Card Pack 


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Not as well known as Mosaic and Contenders, Panini Playbook is a card that deserves way more attention. The set has just about everything you want from a Panini Brand including a Rookie Signatures line that delivers autographs from the best players in the 2021 draft. And don’t forget the Hail Mary Signatures edition that includes ink from some of the all time greats.

Pricewise, the Hanger packs offers incredible value with 30 cards included for a price of somewhere around $15. A value that seems even more lucrative when you consider you’ll pull at least 1 Sparkle Prizm from each one you buy!


2021 Panini Rookies & Stars Football Card Pack 


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best football card packs to buy 2022 rookies

While pretty much all brands offer the best rookies and veterans in the game, Panini’s Rookie & Stars collection comes right out and says it in its name! And guess what? Those rookies and stars are available in just about every format that card collectors salivate over. Autographs? Check. Rare parallels? Check. Inserts? Check. Memorabilia?? You guessed it. CHECK. With so many ways to make a big score this is a no brainer for our Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022 list. Typically sold in the hobby or hanger box format, sometimes you’ll be able to find induvial packs on sale online. And of course a local hobby shop should be able to set you up with a single pack as well if they’re in stock.


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Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022 Coming Soon


2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

A highly coveted collection that will feature the biggest names from the 2022 NFL Draft class. Not to be confused with the regular Prizm line, Draft Picks features the players in their college uniforms. Be on the lookout for the packs to arrive sometime this spring.


2022 Panini Contenders Draft Picks

One of these days this is going to hit the shelves. Once the delay is over, there is going to be a mad rush to the hobby shops and online retailers. Simply put it’s one of the most popular collection from Panini when it comes to pre-NFL cards of the 2022 rookie class. Meaning it’ll contain many of the most sought after cards going into 2023. Don’t hesitate to grab a couple of packs once it’s out because they go QUICK.