Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2021 (Values, Prices, Top Cards)

Best Football Card Packs To Buy on eBay

best football card packs to buy 2021

When it comes to collecting football cards, it’d be an understatement to say you have plenty of options to choose from. So in order to figure out what the best football packs to buy in 2021 are, you have to figure out what you’re looking for as collectors. Searching for a low-cost set where you can load up on multiple packs on the cheap? Or maybe the price you pay for a pack isn’t that big of a deal as long as you have a chance to feel the rush of hitting those high-end cards that can be worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. Or you could be somewhere in between. That’s why we’ll go ahead and take a minute to review our top pick from the low, medium, and high price ranges. Let’s get started!



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Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2021


2020 Panini Prizm Football (Buy a pack on eBay!)

2020 Panini Prizm Football

When it comes to the high-end sets, nobody does it better than Panini Prizm. This amazing collection consistently delivers a massive base set that covers all of the game’s best veterans and rookies alike. On top of that, you’ll get a chance to pull some of those rare Prizms or autographed cards. Find the right player on one of those cards and you could suddenly be holding something in your hand that can cover a down payment on your new home!

As far as pricing goes, what you’ll need to pay per pack depends on what kind you get. However, to get a good idea of what we’re looking at, a hobby box with 12 packs per box and 12 cards per pack typically runs somewhere around $1,500.


2020 Mosaic Football (Buy a pack on eBay!)

2020 Mosaic

While not as popular or as valuable as Prizm, Mosaic has entrenched itself as a solid moderately valued (and priced) collection of cards. Just like Prizm, Mosaic has an extensive base set with many different parallels and autographed cards. In addition to those, Mosaic also has a variety of unique inserts to help break up the monotony of seeing the same style of card pack in and pack out.

When it comes to how much you’ll need to pull out of the wallet, you can count on a box being somewhere around $900. The Mosaic collection has a slightly different pack structure than Prizm as there are 15 cards in each pack but only 10 packs in a box.


2020 Donruss Football (Buy a pack on eBay!)


Now we arrive at a set that casual collectors should enjoy. Not to be confused with the much fancier (and much more expensive Donruss Optic set), the regular Donruss Football set makes up for the lack of insanely valuable cards with sheer affordability. Unlike the last two boxes that’ll run you close to $1,000 or even higher, Donruss is priced as less than $400 for a hobby box. On top of the affordable price, you also get MORE CARDS! That’s right there are 18 cards per pack (those that come out of hobby boxes) which is quite a bit more than both Mosaic or Panini Prizm.


2020 Panini Select (Buy a pack on eBay!)

Panini Select is quietly making a run at Prizm for the top spot in the brand’s football lineup. Just like Prizm, it’s absolutely loaded with high-end cards so you’ll have plenty to look out for while ripping open your packs. Keep an eye out for that /5 Joe Burrow above!

Pricing is a bit different as you’re getting way fewer cards per box with only 12 packs per box and 5 cards per pack. However, the appeal here is what you can expect to find in each box. In general, it appears you’re chances of a “big hit” are greater with Select than Prizm even though there are fewer cards. Something reflected in the higher price as this one costs somewhere around $1,900 per hobby box.


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Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2021: Top Cards

2020 Panini Prizm Color Blast Justin Herbert (Buy on eBay)

best football card packs to buy 2021

A super-sick card that’s full of color (as the name indicates) and features putting his pocket presence to good use. It’s an SSP, so there aren’t many made but it’s not crazy rare like a /10 Gold Prizm. So maybe, just maybe you’ll pull one of these bad boys out of your pack! Good luck!


2020 Mosaic NFL Debut Genesis Joe Burrow (Buy on eBay)

best football packs to buy 2021 burrow

The NFL Debut cards from the 2020 Mosaic collection have become quite popular. Especially with the quarterback class, we had entered the league last year. And if not for an untimely injury, would everybody be talking about Burrow instead of Hebert going into 2021? These aren’t so rare that they’re completely out of reach and will certainly have no problem appreciating in value of Burrow bounces back from the injury.


2020 Donruss Football Tua Gold Press Proof (Buy on eBay)


As you rip open those affordably priced packs of 2020 Donruss Football, be on the look for the Gold Press Proof parallels. Especially the one with Tua on it. There are only 50 of these so if you happen to come across one you’ll have a card on your hands that’s well worth what you paid for the pack of cards.


2020 Panini Select Tom Brady Gold (Buy on eBay)

best football card packs to buy 2021 brady

If 2020 was Brady’s last Super Bowl, you’ll want a card to commemorate that age-defying feat. And what better way than a Gold parallel Tom Brady card from 2020 Panini Select? There are a few different options that come in gold and all of them will make for sound investments going forward. The one shown above is the “Club Level” variety which holds a value of somewhere around $2,000. Additionally, look for the GOLD SSP, Hot Stars insert, and the gold base card.