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Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022 (New Releases)

Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022

best panini football cards to buy 2022

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With a new year comes a whole new array of football cards to consider. But what are the best Panini football cards to buy in 2022? While many of the 2021 collections have yet to be released, there still has been some hard hitting sets to hit the shelves. Whether you’re looking for a high end addition to your collection or just a few casual pick ups, rest assured there are plenty of options out there waiting to be explored. And with a new set of explosive rookies, those options are looking mighty tasty. So without further ado, let’s take a gander at what’s out there!



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Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022: Top 3


2020 Panini XRC 

select best panini football cards to buy 2022

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Wait a sec. Didn’t we save new releases for 2022? Don’t let the year of this collection fool you. The XRC or “redemption” cards from 2020 Select are just now being delivered. Needless to say they are making quite the impact. How so? Some have sold for well over $5,000 since the roll out. With all of the top rookie options, there is a whole lot to like here. Especially when you consider you’ll be getting a rookie card from the one of the best brands Panini has to offer. So if you can afford to make a splash, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. Wear a wet suit if you have to, just get the darn job done!


2021 Panini Certified 

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Second on our Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022 list is Panini Certified. We love this set for anyone who doesn’t want to pay big time prices for a hobby box. That said, this collection is certainly no slouch. Certified was among the first sets released by Panini that features the new rookies in their actual NFL jerseys. Therefore, you can still expect some very valuable cards from this mid-range collection. Whether you want an autographed card, something with memorabilia, or a “Freshmen Fabric” that can include both, Certified has it covered. And for a fraction of the price of what you’ll pay for Prizm or Select, you can stock up on a few more cards to hedge your investment. What’s not to like?


2021 Mosaic

mosaic best panini football cards to buy 2022

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One of the newest released (and certainly one of the best we’ve seen so far), is Mosaic. While, the brand is a new kid on the block so to speak, it certainly makes our Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022 list. Considered a step below both Prizm and Select, the brand comes hard with both quality and quantity. The cards are just as firm and sleek as the formerly mentioned flagship brands, but is available for far less. On top of that, there is a wide array of cards to choose from. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rookie or a veteran, there are plenty of inserts, parallels, and autographs to wet your beak. Enough said?



Best Panini Football Cards To Collect: Top “Limited” Collection 


2021 Panini Impeccable 

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When it comes high values, “impeccable” is a word that certainly describes this collection. That goes for prices too. There have been plenty of cards that have sold well into 4 digits. And as far as prices go, you’ll pay nearly $2,000 for a hobby box with just ONE PACK. With that price tag you must be thinking that pack is bursting with cards. Nope. Only 8 cards per pack. However, as we said this is a “limited” collection. Meaning there isn’t much filler, pretty much ONLY killer. It’s full of rare cards in a variety of formats many of which are available with ink. Whether you’re into collecting rookies or veterans like the Rodgers auto above, you’ll have no problem finding something to sink some big time dollars into. A no-brainer for our Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022 list.



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Best Panini Inserts Football Card To Buy 2022


Panini Absolute KABOOM!

best panini football cards to buy 2022 inserts

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When it comes to inserts, Panini knows how to bring the boom. The KA-boom that is. This in your face of an SSP looks as electrifying as it sounds with an assortment of wild colors from across the spectrum. Not too mention the classic cartoonish style that makes the player seem larger than life. As if they already aren’t! Anyway, not only are these quite stylish, they’re quite valuable as well. Many of the highest dollar cards from the 2021 football lineup feature the impact KABOOM! at the top. As the name suggest, they’re like Jimmie Walker, pure DYNOMITE!



Best Panini Football Cards To Buy 2022: Coming Soon


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2021 Panini Prizm – March 2022 Release Date

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