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When it comes to the 2019 MLB Draft, the first name people probably think of is Adley Rutschman. Or they use to anyways. Now Bobby Witt Jr. has stolen the show and has solidified himself as one of the game’s most exciting young players. While the first taste of big league ball can cause many rookies to buckle, Witt Jr. has shown he’s got what it takes to be relevant for a LONG time to come. Which is great news for the Royals considering what they paid to have him on the team.

Bobby Witt Jr. was ranked as the second-best player in the draft and was selected by the Royals 1 pick after the Orioles committed to Rutschman. Soon after, Witt Jr. shattered the Royal’s franchise signing bonus record by hauling in a jaw-dropping $7,789,900.

High expectations to live up to. Yet, Witt Jr. has shown he’s more than capable of handling the pressure. In addition to being a popular player among MLB fans, Witt Jr.’s rookie cards have become incredibly sought after among collectors. Which leads up to our Top Bobbie Witt Jr. rookie cards list. We’ll start with some of the most valuable and work our way to some true value plays. Let’s take a look!




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Top Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Cards: Most Valuable



2020 Bowman Chrome


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Let’s be clear, this is THE Bobby Witt Jr. rookie card to own. Whether you’re looking for a modest investment or craving a BIG move, the 2020 Bowman Chrome set has you covered. For instance, the base card with an autograph will only set you back a couple of hundred bucks. If you want more skin in the game seeks out a BGS or PSA graded version of one of the rarer refractors such as the Gold shown above. And if you’re looking to go “all in” find a rare refractor with an autograph. Just be prepared to have a few thousand to spend!



Top Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Cards: Moderate Values



2022 Topps Series 2


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top bobby witt jr. rookie cards topps


Topps Series 2 brought it’s A game when it comes to it’s 2022 collection. As you can see, the brand brought back it’s iconic 1987 look. Something that was sure to please fans of the classic 1980s baseball card era.

Anyways, the card above has become extremely popular. Witt Jr. is shown taking a few warm up swings with a look of blind confidence only a rookie could muster. In addition to the card above, there are plenty of other moderate investment options within the set. Pick one you like and unload!



2020 Bowman Sterling


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bowman sterling

If you’re looking for a Bobby Witt Jr. rookie card with the brand power of Bowman without the prices that are associated with the Chrome collection, Sterling has you covered. The card features Witt Jr. leaving the batter’s box after lacing a single to opposite field. While we may be making some assumptions about what happened before the picture was taken, we’re certainly not assuming anything about how far your dollar goes here. Plenty of autograph and refractor options for well under $200.



Top Bobby Witt Jr. Cards: Budget Buys


2020 Donruss Optic


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top bobby witt jr. rookie cards donruss

A card that shows off Witt’s batting stance that features the classic Donruss “Rated Prospect” logo in the top left corner. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for an autographed combined with a rare parallel, look no further. For example, you can purchase the Black Optic shown here for a fraction of the price of what you’d pay for the cards above.


2020 Bowman Chrome Draft


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top bobby witt jr. rookie cards draft


Not to be confused with he card that started off our Top Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Cards list, Bowman Draft provides a much cheaper option for folks who want a 2020 Bowman Chrome without paying the big prices for a 1st Edition. For instance, the card featured here is a PSA 10 and a Sapphire refractor. Recent sales price? Well under $300. Compare that to a similar card from the Bowman 1st Edition set and you’ll see quite the different story.

In addition to the values, the photo also vastly differs from the 1st Edition set. Here we see Witt Jr. tattooing a ball deep into the bleachers as he prepares his home run trot. At least that’s how we see it. At any rate, a true gem within the 2020 Bowman category.



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Best Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Card Values


As you can see by the variety of options above, Bobby Witt Jr. rookie card values vastly differ depending on the set, the year, and whether or not they have an autograph or refractor tag. At the edn of the day, there’s something all collector’s can get in on. Either way, rest assured you’ll own a card that should have staying power for a long time to come!




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