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7 Best Cade Cunningham Rookie Cards To Collect


Best Cade Cunningham Rookie Card


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best cade cunningham rookie cards



If you’re on the hunt the best Cade Cunningham rookie cards, you’re in the right place. In this post we’ll covered all of the best options on the market so far. Whether you’re a collector who’s looking to spend some BIG dollars or a casual hobbyist who wants some low risk plays, it’s all here.

We’ll go ahead and start with the top 3 Cade Cunningham rookie cards and work our way to some of the more niche collections. Either way, chances are you’ll find something that suits your tastes. And your bankroll. Let’s get started!



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Top 3 Cade Cunningham Rookie Cards To Buy Right Now



2021-22 Panini Crown Royale KABOOM!


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When it comes to the best Cade Cunningham rookie cards it’s hard to ignore the highly coveted KABOOM insert. The high-flying graphics and in-your-face style just screams BUY NOW. However, this is NOT a card for casual investors due to it’s high price tag. That said, it’s the perfect card for serious collectors who want to add a blue chip to the collection.



2021-22 Panini Prizm


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best cade cunningham rookie cards panini


As always, Prizm is in the mix with an exciting array of options. Here we feature the Blue Prizm, a rare card that shows Cade casually dribbling down court. Additionally, the set contains plenty of moderately priced cards that would be perfect for anyone looking to add something more affordable.



2020-21 Donruss Optic


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Like Panini Prizm, Donruss Optic offers a wide variety of the best Cade Cunningham rookie cards on the market. It’s a high quality set with card available from all price ranges. And who can reisst the classic Rated Rookie logo?



Best Cade Cunningham Rookie Card: Draft Editions



2021-22 Panini Immaculate 


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Panini Immaculate is now on the shelves and it offers plenty of high end Cade Cunningham rookie cards. The card shown here is an autographed 10/10 and is one of the most valuable we’ve seen so far going for more than $500. If you’re REALLY looking to break the bank, check out the /10 card featuring him with Rookie of the Year favorite Evan Mobley. Meanwhile, card with a higher print run should be much easier to afford if you’re a casual collector. Either way, Immaculate is one of the finest collection released for the 2021-22 season. And even after some of the flagship collections arrive that won’t change.



2021-22 Panini Chronicles Contenders


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cade cunningham rookie card chronicles

Hands down the best collection so far for a Cade Cunningham rookie card. Regardless of which Panini Brand is your favorite, you should find it in this mishmash of a set. The card above is one of our early favorites and serves as a sneak peak at the much anticipated Panini Contenders collection. What something with a little more flare? Don’t be afraid to pick up the high-flying “In flight” insert from the fan favorite Panini Select set. Either way you go, it’s hard to lose when it comes to Panini Chronicles.



2021-22 Panini Chronicles Prizm


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cade cunningham rookie card

As far as the Chronicles collection goes, there no card that you’d like to see when opening a fresh pack than a Panini Select. Select is one of Panini’s top brands and you’ll know why once you feel the firmness of the card when compared to many of the other brands previewed in a pack of Chronicles. As far as the best Cade Cunningham rookie card options go, the top draft pick is featured smack dab in the middle getting ready to break some ankles. The card above is the Blue Prizm version with a print run of just 99. There are more valuable cards in the collection but this one should be attainable enough seeing as there are 99 of them out there. Value-wise, expect to pay somewhere around $500 if you come across a PSA grade 10.



2021-22 Panini Prizm Draft


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This year’s much await Panini Prizm Draft collection is finally on the shelves and it comes as no surprise that the tradition of excellence has been sustained. The set features both rookies and veterans alike wearing the uniforms that made them college legends. As with previous releases from Prizm, the 2021-22 collection features an eye-catching prismatic design. Additionally, the player is showcased front and center as many of the background on the court action is omitted from the card.

As far as value goes, there are plenty of great options to sink your teeth into from a wide variety of price ranges. Some of the most pricey are the Prizms with the red autographed version above going for around $300. Meanwhile, the base collection and more common Prizms make for great low to medium range purchases.




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Cade Cunningham Rookie Card Early Releases



2019 Hot Shot Prospects 


An incredibly simplistic card that captures Cade from his high school days. No autograph, no serial number, no patch. Just a standard card made the way they used to be making the focus completely on the player. At the moment you should be able to pick one up for well under $100.



2021-22 Panini Instant 

cade cunningham rookie card

Panini Instant is known for being the first collection from Panini Basketball we see each year so keep your eyes peeled for some great Cade Cunningham rookie cards in this one. Whether it be the RSP First Look card shown above, one of the Draft Night variants, or the elegant “Incoming Class” insert, there is PLENTY to like here. Especially, if you’re not into paying the big price tags that the later collections are sure to command.



2021-22 Panini Prizm Digital 

cade cunningham digital rookie card

We’re aren’t that thrilled about the digital card craze. However, when it comes to rookies that don’t have many physical cards out yet? We can make an exception. The card shown here is a digital copy of the ever-popular (and incredibly valuable) Panini Color Blast insert. So if you’re not willing to pay thousands of dollars for the paper format, go ahead and get this sweet digital version for less than $50.



Best Cade Cunningham Rookie Card: Investment Strategy



Short (1 year or less)

There is no doubt the talent is there with Cunningham. However, it may be a bit lacking when it comes to the Pistons as a whole. Therefore, don’t expect a big season for Detriot’s NBA team to lift the value of your Cade Cunningham rookie card. But know what will? Another BIG season from Cade. Cunningham is has shown he’s capable of living up to the draft hype and things should only get better this year.


Medium (1 to 3 years)

With a team that has such a rich basketball tradition, it’s hard to imagine Detroit being down for long. If the Pistons get back to their winning ways over the next few years you can bet your bottom dollar Cade will be a huge part of that. And there’s nothing like both individual AND team success to boost a card’s value. But is 3 years too soon to expect great things out of Detroit? Possibly. But even if so, Cunningham’s talent should keep your investment in good shape while you way for the team to catch up.


Long (3 years plus)

We wouldn’t recommend worrying about a long-term approach here. Not yet at least. Watch closely and if Cade continues to build on his rookie success then start thinking long term. Take it on a season-by-season basis until you’re comfortable.



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