Christian McCaffrey Rookie Card Hot List (Long Term Value)

Mccaffrey rookie national treasures


If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a Christian McCaffrey rookie card, you had to be encouraged by the way he has started the season. Christian McCaffrey is back to doing what he does best – doing everything it takes to make things happen on the football field.  Does the guy ever take a down off??  Not often apparently.  While Week 1 wasn’t the most earth-shattering of all his performances, McCaffrey once again showed he’ll be the only show in Carolina’s backfield by getting 23 carries.  And it’s not like those carries weren’t productive.  McCaffrey fell just short of a 100-yard rushing game with 96 on the ground to go along with 2 rushing touchdowns.  And of course, he had a few catches for an additional 38 yards receiving.

So now that we’ve been reassured that we can expect more of the same brilliance out of McCaffrey, now may be a good time to load up one some of his rookie cards.  Or you could just continue to sit there in that 25-year-old Tim Biakabutuka jersey and refuse to admit a NEW era of Panther football is upon us.  Sounds like an easy decision to us.  Here’s some to McCaffrey rookie cards that’ll get you back up to speed!


Random side note:  Brady’s replacement in New England seems to have adjusted well to life without Christian McCaffrey.  Might be time to pick up a Cam Newton rookie card!


Our Favorite Christian McCaffrey Rookie Card Options


2017 Panini Contenders (Buy this Christian McCaffrey rookie card on eBay)

Christian McCaffrey rookie card contenders

From the Rookie of the Year Red Prizm, to the Optics, to the Rookie Ticket shown above, there’s plenty of cards in this set to get excited about.  So find one you like at a price you like even better and scoop and score like you’re Eddie Jackson!


2016 Panini Select (Another Christian McCaffrey rookie card you can find on eBay)

Panini Select

The Gold version is the most valuable as supply is extremely limited (just like the Contenders Optics Gold only 10 were made).  Can’t find the Gold?  Don’t worry, the less expensive Silver is still a good investment and seems to make it’s way on and off the market often enough.


2017 National Treasures (Buy on eBay)

Mccaffrey rookie national treasures

National Treasures has really made it’s market on the NFL trading card market.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see this set on our Christian McCaffrey rookie card list.  Go for one of the autograph versions if you’re looking to go big.  Wanna mix it up a bit?  Look for the cards featuring Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette (alongside McCaffrey, of course).


2017 Panini Prizm (Scoop it up on eBay!)


One of the most common Christain McCaffrey rookie cards you’re gonna see.  But don’t let that fool you, these still can fetch a high price tag.  For instance, many of the parallels will command around $1,000 for a 10 grade. No matter which one you decide on, you’ve got yourself a card that should have no problem selling when it’s time to unload.


2017 Leaf Metal Drafts (Get bargain on eBay)

Christian McCaffrey rookie card Leaf

These cards may not be the most valuable BUT they sure are nice to look at.  And if you’re not looking to spend big, that can be a good thing.  A great idea if your collector’s case needs a little shimmer.


Now that we think of it, Christian McCaffrey seems like a dark horse for this year’s MVP.  Let’s add him to the BargainBunch 2020 NFL MVP Candidates series!


Preferred Investment Strategy: Medium to Long 


Unlike up and coming rookies or second-year players, McCaffrey has established himself as one of the best (if not THE best) running backs in the league.  While the stability is nice, his performance is way more priced in than that of the Clyde Edwards-Helaire rookie card market, for example.  A big season won’t cause as significant of jump in prices, simply because its EXPECTED from McCaffrey.

However, for collectors who are looking for a STABLE medium to long term investment, a McCaffrey card is a much sought after commodity.  If you’re looking to go medium term, hold onto it for a few years and hope a Super Bowl or MVP is in the near future. If your long, hunker down and hope he shatters some records on his way to what seems to be a Hall of Fame career.

While we love a medium or long term play on the Christian McCaffrey rookie card market, profits seem inevitable with all 3 investing options.  And if you ARE going thinking short term, it’s comforting to know a down season or injury won’t hurt you as much as it would with a less proven player.  Buy with confidence!


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