Clyde Edwards-Helaire Rookie Card Investment Options

2020 Clyde Edwards-Helaire rookie card Panini Elements


No Damien Williams?  No problem.  At least that’s what Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are hoping.  The reason for the optimism?  A versatile rookie running back out of LSU named Clyde Edwards-Helaire.  According to Chiefs Head coach Andy Reid, Edwards-Helaire has been working like crazy in practice.  Always a great sign.  Additionally, some are even going as far as suggesting the rookie running back could end up being the top scorer in fantasy football this year.  Yes, things are looking pretty good for Clyde.  And if they continue to go well, things will be looking good for Clyde Edwards-Helaire rookie card owners.  Let’s find out more!


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The Case for Clyde-Edwards Helaire Rookie Card Market Optimism


Receiving Ability

You probably won’t fit in a Patrick Mahomes led offense if you can’t help out with a ball caught out of the backfield every now and then.  Clyde has shown he’s capable of doing so much more often than that.  In the 2019 season that propelled him to his current stats, Edwards-Helaire proved he was more than capable of taking some heat off Heismann QB Joe Burrow by catching 55 passes for 453 yards.  If Clyde can replicate that ability in the NFL there’s going to be VERY good days ahead.

Andy Reid

Andy Reid seems to have a way with running backs.  Just remember what he was able to get out of these guys:  Brian Westbrook, LeSean McCoy, Damien Williams, Kareem Hunt, Duce Staley, Jamaal Charles.  And with the versatility Clyde Edwards-Helaire brings to the table, we can only expect running back whisperer Andy Reid to work his magic yet again.

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs Offense

By no means will Clyde be expected to carry the load.  Mahomes has already proven he can do that with or without help out of the backfield.  However, a truly great running back will go a long way to making that already potent offense even more lethal.  Sure they’ll be some growing pains, but it’s hard to imagine Edwards-Helaire not being one of the game’s top running backs with Mahomes running the show.


Clyde-Edwards Helaire Rookie Card Hot List


2020 Panini Prizm (Buy on eBay)

2020 Panini Prizm

This seems to be the one attracting the “big money” so far.  A great looking card that seems to show that versatility we spoke about earlier (it appears he’s catching one out of the backfield).  At any rate, it’s a valuable card and comes in a variety of different styles.  Go get one!


2020 Panini Contenders with Joe Burrow (Buy on eBay)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire rookie card Panini Contenders

Two of the most exciting NFL rookies of 2020 on one card?  Yes PLEASE!  There may be a little more risk with this one since one of the two players could flop.  But with twice the risk comes twice the reward!


2020 Donruss Optic (Buy this Clyde Edwards-Helaire rookie card on eBay)

Donruss Optics

An awesome card that shows what Clyde looks like when he’s got some room to run.  Looking to spend big?  Find one with Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s autograph!


2020 Panini Gold Standard (Buy on eBay)

Panini gold standard

Ahh, finally a card that show’s what Clyde will look like in his Chiefs unform.  The card is draped in golden tones and shows Clyde using his great vision to find a hole against the practice squad.


2020 Panini Elements “Gold Steel” (Buy on eBay)

2020 Panini Elements

Gonna go ahead and stick with the “gold” theme to round out the list.  This card takes that theme to a whole new level by listing the periodic symbol for gold smack dab in the middle of the card!  Let’s not forget that photo of Clyde in his brand-spanking-new Chiefs uniform.




Don’t forget about Clyde’s LSU teammate!

Here are some Joe Burrow rookie cards to think about.





Buyer’s Rating:  Rosy Outlook


As long as he’s the go-to back, it’s hard to envision Clyde not making a significant impact this year.  As we’ve discussed, Edwards-Helaire has a high octane offense that seems tailor-made for his skill set, a head coach that has a way with running backs, and an MVP quarterback who’s going to keep that chains moving.  What’s not to like?

Sure there could still be a late training camp collapse that prevents Clyde from being the number 1 guy in the KC backfield.  He could also blow out a knee and miss the rest of the season.  But neither seems likely.  Certainly not likely enough to warrant missing out on a strong short to mid-term investment opportunity!