Welcome to Harold’s Humdingers: A Quick Introduction

  • We’ll be discussing only the most common settlement types
  • I’ll provide a brief intro to each type (a beginners guide)
  • I’ll include examples of some current settlements

First things first:  my name is Harold and class action lawsuit settlements are my world (a large corner of it anyways).  Therefore, at Harold’s Humdingers you’ll get nothing less than easy-to-digest information on the latest settlement news (most importantly how to claim your money!).  That said, I thought it’d be a great idea to go over some of the common types of class action lawsuits (the ones you’ll be seeing the most of).  So without further ado, let’s get this party started!

TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlements

  • The “TCPA” part stands for a law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • The suits often involve calls placed using prerecorded voices or dialing systems
  • Many include lots of Class Members (thousands or sometimes even millions)
  • These are often settled for BIG TIME dollars (many will be north of $5,000,000)

To get a better idea of what TCPA settlements are all about you’ll want to take a look at the “AWL Lawsuit” settlement.  While still pending, the recent settlement proposal should resolve claims that the Defendants placed calls using an automatic dialing system to sell insurance.  By the way, this one settlement for a massive $6.5 MILLION.

FACTA Class Action Lawsuits

  • The “FACTA” stands for a law called the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
  • These lawsuits often involve retailers and customer credit card information
  • Many cases include receipts that show more than the last 5 credit card digits
  • Like TCPA settlements, FACTA settlements can involve huge plaintiff classes
  • An example of a FACTA settlement is the “FACTA Compliance Settlement

In addition to TCPA and FACTA settlements, I’ll also be covering many Antitrust Litigation settlements.  These include some of the largest settlements on the planet (often shockingly large).  For example, the “Auto Part Class Settlement” weighed in at an inconceivable $1.04 BILLION.  The suit involved a group of Defendants who allegedly conspired to keep the price of certain products artificially high (this is the case with many Antitrust Litigations).

In conclusion, there’s one thing all of these settlement types have in common:  they can all put extra money in your pocket!  Therefore, I encourage you to drop by Harold’s Humdingers often because you ever know when settlement dollars will be out there waiting to be claimed!


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