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Deni Avdija Rookie Card (Early Market Options & Values)

Find your Deni Avdija rookie card bargain on eBay!

Deni Avdija rookie card


With a lot of folks asking if he’s the next Luka Doncic, it comes as no surprise there’s quite a bit of interest in the Deni Avdija rookie card market. With the kind of up and down season Deni’s had, it’s clear he’ll have to wait another year before he makes the transformation into the next Doncic. However, does that mean that idea is no longer warranted? Unlike teammate and former first-round pick Rui Hachimura, Avdija didn’t have the normal amount of time to prepare for his first season. On top of that, he’s only 19 and playing alongside some of the league’s top verterans who expect, well A LOT. Therefore it’s reasonable to expect some growing pains along the way.

But as the name indicates, growing pains are often just minor inconveniences on the way to much greener pastures. He’s been called the greatest talent in Israeli Basketball history and is finally starting to show why the Wizards drafted him with their first pick in the draft. Point is, there is PLENTY of upside here. And if you’re one of the many who think that upside will be fulfilled you’ll probably want to take a look at the following Deni Avdija rookie cards!



Questions of the day: Who will have the better rookie season Killian Hayes or Deni Avdija?



Top 5 Deni Avdija Rookie Card So Far


2020-21 Panini Prizm (Buy on eBay)

deni avdija rookie card panini prizm

Yes, the pride of Panini Basketball is finally here and it features some great Deni Avdija rookie card options. As far as value goes, look to for some of the most valuable of all Avdija’s first-year cards to come from this set. In due time. Prizm has only been out for about a week so it’ll be a while before some of his ultra-rare autographed cards begin to circulate. However, until then you can still find some great lower-end options like the Green Prizm shown above that you can scoop up ungraded for less than $100.

2020 National Treasures Collegiate (Buy it on eBay)

national treasures deni Avdija rookie card

The RPA Booklet from this set has already sold for over $5,000 recently on eBay. WOW. Of course, that was one that had a print run of only 5 so more common cards won’t be worth quite that much. At any rate, this set has no problem turning the heads of plenty of collectors. For instance, the card shown above is a normal “non-booklet” RPA with a print run of just 15 that can bring in close to $1,000.


2020 Panini Immaculate Collegiate (Buy this Deni Avdija rookie card on eBay)

Deni Avdija rookie card

A set where you can snag a patch and an autograph for an affordable price. There are plenty of great Deni Avdija rookie card options in here that include BOTH of these features in that moderate $250-$500 price range.


2020-21 Panini Prizm Draft Picks (Buy on eBay)

panini prizm

When it comes to variety and BIG values, Panini Prizm Draft Picks is the set to turn to for the early jump on the league’s best rookies. There are all kinds of Deni Avdija options to choose from that sit around that $1,000 price point. Looking to invest more? Prices go even higher than. Much higher. Just take a look at the 1/1 Nebula Prizm that sold for $5,000 in December 2020. Is that enough skin in the game for you?


2020-21 Panini Contenders Draft Picks (Buy on eBay)


Just like the Prizm set we just discussed, the Contenders Draft is at the forefront of BIG VALUE early season rookie cards. There’s all kind of “Ticket” options available, many of which have no trouble surpassing $1,000 in value. Additionally, you’ll see the occasional Campus ID or “Printing Press” card pop out of a pack. With so many great options, deciding on which one to go with can be the hardest part.


2020 Upper Deck (Buy this card on eBay)

deni avdija rookie card Upper Deck

The Goodwin Champions card shown above is one of the most popular and valuable from the set. A simple card with a focused Deni about to swish a free throw. As far as value goes, some versions of the card can break the $500 barrier. Not too shabby. Great set for moderate investors.


Deni Avdija Rookie Card From Donruss (Buy on eBay)


The classic Donruss Basketball “Rated Rookie” card is now in circulation and it features Avdija squaring up to drain a 3 (or at least that’s what we assume). There are plenty of great Optic options here such as the autographed Red shown above. In addition to the base card, there are some pretty cool inserts like the Great X-Pectations and the Jersey Kings cards.




Random thought: If Avdija does turn out to be the next Doncic, how much will that Panini Prizm Nebula we talked about earlier be worth two years from now??



Deni Avdija Rookie Card Investment Strategies


Short (1 year or less)

Starting to show his potential and he’s getting plenty of minutes to prove what he can do in the NBA. But how will he finish? It’s hard to say at this point due to volatile rookie seasons o far. However, now that he seems to have found his game, we’d expect him to close out the season strong. As noted earlier, he didn’t have much time to prepare for the season so don’t be too alarmed by the growing pains. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the end of the season go MUCH smoother than the beginning. And if he comes out firing on all cylinders next year? You’ll be glad you bought a Deni Avdija rookie card when he was down in the struggle. 7/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

Let’s see how he finishes the season first. If he goes backwards and gives away all the progress he’s made over recent weeks it may be best to sell at the end of the year (and cut your losses if you have to). However, we have a feeling by the end of the year you’ll be faced with a nicer decision. Sell on the promise of a great season’s end or hold into 2022 hoping even better things are to come. N/A


Long (5 years plus)




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