Drew Brees Rookie Card Round Up – Guide & Review

Drew Brees rookie card 2001 Upper Deck


Let’s continue our 2020 NFL MVP Candidate Series with a review of the Drew Brees rookie card market!


There’s no doubt that when it’s all said and done, Brees will go down as one of the best to ever play the game.  In fact, with his NFL records for most passing yards and passing TDs EVER, many will argue he isn’t one of the greatest, but the greatest to ever play.  In addition to the yards and TDs, Brees also holds the record for best completion percentage for both a career AND season along with various others.  So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s yet again a front runner for NFL MVP.  And if he finally wins one?  You’ll be glad you bought one of his rookie cards!

But you know what ELSE is missing??  Multiple Super Bowl championships.  Even though he’s got Tom Brady beat on individual achievements, most will argue that Brady, not Brees, is the greatest of all time.  The difference-maker?  About 5 Super Bowl rings.  Fair or not, that’s just the way it goes.  And you can see evidence of that when comparing the Tom Brady rookie card market against the Drew Brees rookie card market.  Tom’s cards are much more valuable.  But know what can close the gap?  Drew going out and getting a second Super Bowl victory.  With all those returning weapons, we think he’s got a pretty good shot at it.  So let’s take a look at some good Drew Brees rookie cards to stash away in case one of these two outcomes happen!



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Drew Brees Rookie Card Options to Consider



2001 Playoff Contenders (Buy on eBay)

Drew Brees rookie card Contender

When it comes to Brees’ rookie cards, there are two heavy hitters.  And this is one is the heavier of the two (we’ll get to the other one next!).  It’s a great looking card that really comes to life with those old Charger uniform colors.  You can get it with or without an autograph.


2001 Topps Chrome (Buy this Drew Brees rookie card eBay)

2001 Topps Chrome

And here’s the other of the two heavy hitters.  Unlike the card we just mentioned, the 2001 Topps Chrome isn’t available with an autograph (at least not fresh out the pack).  However, it makes up for it with the refractor versions.  Either way, this card is incredibly sought after.


2001 Bowman Chrome (Buy on eBay)

2001 Bowman Chrome

While not as valuable as the Topps Chrome, this one still commands quite a bit of attention.  Variations (or in this case upgrades) include the Xfractor and refractor styles.  No matter which way you go, you’ll have a card worth owning (and worth selling when the time is right!).


2001 Upper Deck (Buy this Drew Brees rookie card on eBay)

Drew Brees rookie card 2001 Upper Deck

Not nearly as valuable as the cards we’ve seen so far, but a great card in its own right.  This one comes in a variety of styles but we prefer the one with Drew Brees smiling on a horizontal layout.  Look for an autograph if you want to boost up the value!


2001 Topps Heritage (Buy on eBay)

2001 Topps Heritage

Now here is a great looking Drew Brees rookie card that won’t set you back an arm and a leg.  Even if you buy the lucrative refractor version of the card.  If you’re looking for a low to medium range option that’s oozing with style, this is the card for you.



Didn’t see a Drew Brees rookie card you liked?  Here are a few honorable mentions!


  • Topps Finest 2001 (#127)
  • Pacific w/autograph 2001 (#453)
  • Private Stock 2001 (#160)
  • Fleer Genuine Memorabilia 2001 (#140)
  • Leaf Certified Materials 2001 (#134)





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Overall Buyer Rating:  Short Term Potential with Long Term Stability


Brees and the gang are currently ranked fourth overall in odds to win it all this year at 12-1.  And many think he’s got a good chance win at winning that long evasive 2nd championship.  As we stated earlier, count us in as one of the many!  And if he does win it all?  Safe to say there is gonna be a nice pop in the Drew Brees rookie card market.

But even if he doesn’t win Super Bowl 55, given his refusal to age like normal people, there’s always a chance comes way with the league MVP.  Either one will give the value of your card a nice little bounce.  And if he never gets that NFL MVP or 2nd Super Bowl ring?  Take a look at these career numbers if you need reassurance that a long term investment is reasonable.