Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Hot List – Top 5 & Reviews

Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card 2019 Topps Chrome


Fernando Tatis Jr. is ON FIRE.  And guess what?  So is the Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card market.  Go figure.  Unlike his father, Fernando Tatis Jr. has yet to hit 2 grand slams in one inning.  But he’s doing just about everything else.  So far in the strange season that is 2020, Tatis has already smacked 12 home runs in only 112 at-bats, which is good for the league lead.  Know what else he leads the league in?  Only RBI, runs, and stolen bases.  What on earth is going on here??  We’re not sure.  What we are sure about, however, is that there’s no shortage of folks looking to pick up a Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card.  Let’s see what’s out there!


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Rating the Top 5 Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Options


2016 Bowman Chrome (Buy this card on eBay)

Tatis 2016 Bowman Chrome

For someone who’s capable of leading the majors in virtually every offensive category, Tatis sure looks nonchalant.  Maybe that’s the secret to his success.  Cool on the outside but ready to unleash chaos under that smooth exterior.  At any rate, this is his flagship rookie card and you’re gonna have to buck up if you want one.


2019 Topps Chrome (buy this Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card on eBay)

Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card 2019 Topps Chrome

Whether it’s the original or one of the various off-shoots, a Topps Chrome Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card is a vital collector’s piece.  As far as value goes, it appears the Update version is the one that’s commanding the attention of the whales.


2019 Bowman Chrome (Buy this card on eBay)

2019 Bowman Chrome

Another true rookie card, this one from Bowman.  The cards featuring Tatis in an opposite-field follow-through is available with an autograph and comes in a variety of refractor styles.  It doesn’t command the value or the attention of the prospect card from 2016 but it’s a fine item nonetheless.


2019 Topps Heritage (Buy this card on eBay)

Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card 2019 Topps Heritage

Always fun to see an electrifying young talent like Tatis on a throwback card.  Gotta love the contrast!  Fernando is looking straight into the camera with a smile that just screams “y’all have no idea what’s coming”.   Look for the one in red ink!


2017 Bowman’s Best (Buy this card on eBay)

2017 Bowman's Best

We’ll round out the top 5 with another prospect card.  Of course, it’s from Bowman!  This one comes from the Bowman’s Best set.  The card features a triumphant Tatis Jr. as he appears to circle the bases in a homerun trot.  Hopefully, the one featured on this card wasn’t as controversial as the homerun he smacked on a 3-0 count against the Rangers the other day!




Here’s a guy who Tatis Jr. will be battling for a long time to come!

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Overall Bargain Rating:  Red Hot with Room to Grow


Let’s be clear, Tatis has never been overmatched at the plate.  He sailed through the minor leagues with the greatest of ease and answered any remaining questions when he took the league by storm in his rookie season.  Perhaps some were expecting the 21-year-old phenom to come back down to earth a little bit this season.  Nope.  Tatis is not only continuing his onslaught but getting BETTER.  The question is how long will he continue to make a mockery of MLB pitchers?  Most likely for a long, LONG time.  Just imagine when he hits his prime in about 7 years.

Yes, the Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card market has exploded.  BUT, that doesn’t mean you should shy away.  Did people stop buying Tesla went it first broke $500?  Nope.  And just like Tesla, the best of Tatis is yet to come.  So don’t let the price tags rattle you.  You’ll pay a high price but the profits should be even higher.