Gardner Minshew Rookie Card Hot List & Investing Guide



Anyone come down with a case of Minshew MANIA yet?  If you’re finding yourself nodding your head in a resounding YES, you’re probably on the hunt for a Garnder Minshew rookie card right now.  Fortunately, we’re about to give you 5 amazing options to fill that void.  WARNING:  These cards ARE NOT a cure for Minshew Mania.  In fact, they’ll probably only exacerbate your symptoms.  But who said Minshew Mania is something anyone would want to be cured of anyways??  If there is a cure, we certainly don’t want any part of it!  Now let’s get down to business.


Random thought of the day:  Minshew’s parents sure must love the hobby of growing their own fruit and vegetables.


Not so random thought of the day:  There’s probably a Gardner Minshew rookie card waiting for you on eBay!


The Maniacal Gardner Minshew Rookie Card Primo Pack


2019 Panini Select (Buy this Gardner Minshew rookie card on eBay)


Disclosure alert: we own several of these and are looking for more.  Just a great all-around set that’s become popular in recent years.  The cards aren’t too shabby when it comes to looks and they’re incredibly affordable.  For instance, even some of the rarer versions can be bought in MINT condition for well under $500.  Yes, please.


2019 National Treasures (Buy it on eBay)


Hard to make a modern-day football rookie card list without mentioning this behemoth of a set. It’ll cost you a pretty penny though. There’s been not one but two of the “only 15 made” versions that have sold for over $2k on eBay in recent months (even the ungraded versions of these and will cost you around $1,000).


2019 Panini Prizm (Find it on eBay!)


Make room Kyler Murray, there’s another rookie QB in this set that’s starting to make some waves.  It’s gonna take a monster season to catch Murray in terms of card value but there’s no doubt Minshew has the talent to pull it off.  And if the Minshew in this set start going for what the Murray’s do?  Hello Proftisville.


2019 Donruss Optic (Buy this card on eBay)


A card that features Minshew’s ability to make a cross-body throw on the run (not an easy feat!).  There are numerous options to choose from so it really just depends on how much you want to spend.  Looking to max out value?  Search for an autograph from one of the less common colors.  Looking to play it safe?  Grab a couple of the base cards on the cheap.


2019 Panini Flawless (Buy on eBay)


Wrapping it up with another great set from Panini.  Just like the Donruss Optic, there’s a crazy amount of Garnder Mimhsew rookie card options in this set.  Plus they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  For example, a Gold patch Front of the Line card recently sold for just under $600 on eBay.  And that was with an autograph.  If you don’t want to buck up for National Treasures consider the Panini Flawless.




Safe to say Justin Herbert rookie cards are EXPLODING after his first start (just as we said).  Here are 5 we love!




Review of Gardner Minshew Rookie Card Investment Strategies



Short Term

We LOVE Minshew as a short term play.  He’s come out the gate hot and there’s plenty to be excited about.  He already knocked off an up and coming Colts team (and made their defense look silly in the process) and almost mounted a massive 4th quarter comeback against the Titans.  He’s got some MUCH easier games approaching and should be able to rack up some wins and TD passes.  Both of which should help out the value of your Gardner Minshew rookie card in the near term.


While short is our preferred play here, there’s nothing wrong with thinking a year or two down the road with this guy.  From his college dominance to his early NFL success, Minshew has proven he was what it takes to handle anything that’s been thrown at him.  We wouldn’t be surprised to see a deep playoff run within the next few years.  Which, of course, should do wonders for your investment.


This is by far our least favorite option as we typically only think long on guys like Drew Brees who are sure-fire Hall of Famers.  And of course, we won’t shy away from going long on a Ken Griffey Jr. and Kobe Bryant rookie card as they’re already in the Hall.  Just way too early to even think about holding long term.

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