Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2022: Prospect Debut Guide

Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2022 Top Pick

adley rutschman rookie card


Now that the 2021 season is over and the cold of winter is setting in, it’s a good time to take a look at the most exciting young MLB talent with our Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2022 list. The 2021 MLB draft certainly wasn’t short of talent so the task isn’t easy when attempting to decide which players will make the biggest impacts in the years to come. The same goes for prospects that’ll make their MLB debuts in 2022. And that’s who we’ll focus on today. Not first edition prospect cards, but TRUE rookies who are likely to debut in 2022. As in players who should be towards the top of the 2022 MLB rookie of the Year ballots. Let’s take a look!



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Hottest MLB Rookie Cards: 1st Year Prospects



Bobby Witt Jr. (Check Price)

bowman chrome bobby witt jr. rookie card

Everyone knew he was talented, but few could have guessed what a MAMMOTH of a season Witt Jr. would put up in 2021. A season so big in fact, it seems a 2022 MLB debut is all but inevitable. Witt Jr. has that rare power speed combo (30/30 in 2021) that makes fans, scouts, and collectors foam at the mouth in anticipation. While there could be some growing pains, we’re certainly not betting against Witt Jr. having a productive rookie season. And once he get’s settled in? Sky’s the limit.


Spencer Torkelson (Check Price)

best bowman draft 2020 cards

In his first (and likely only) full season in the minors, Tork blasted 30 home runs with a .267/.383/.552 triple slash. Impressive numbers indeed. And with plenty of college ball experience under his belt it won’t be long before he starting for the Tigers. At age 22 Torkelson should be ready to handle MLB pitchers from the get go and has enough power to smack 25 plus home runs right off the bat.


Adley Rutschman (Check Price)

adley rutschman rookie card

Of all the prospects set to debut in 2022, Adley Rutschman is the one we’re most excited about. Us and just about every talking head in the business! Prior to making his minor league debut, Baltimore’s phenom catcher was hyped as the most talented prospect since Bryce Harper. While his debut season was so-so, Rutschman answered every question in 2020 with a monster season at the dish. At this point it seems all but certain 2022 will be his rookie season. With his experience and excellent performance in 2021, we don’t see any signs of slowing down.


Julio Rodriguez (Check Price)

julio rodriguez rookie card

Baseball’s number two prospect hit a whopping .347 in 2021 and flashed his power ability as well with 13 long balls over 291 at bats. And let’s not forget about the 21 stolen bases. Like Wiit Jr., Rodriguez is a five tool guy and should be called up next season. With his ability to put the bat on the ball and intriguing raw power, this is a guy that should be making a name for himself from season one.



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Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2022 Sleeper Pick


Brennen Davis (Check Price)

The Cubs 2nd round pick from the 2018 draft finally gained traction in 2021. So much so that Brennen Davis has made an epic rise up the MLB prospect rankings and now sits at the 14th best rated minor-leaguer in the land. While Davis’ track record isn’t as bankable as the other players found on our Hottest Baseball Rookie Cards 2022 list, he has the potential to be a massive sleeper. Don’t be afraid to take a flyer here if the guys above become too overbought going into the season.


Hottest MLB Rookie Cards 2022 ETA

Since none of the emerging prospects on this list have played in the MLB there aren’t any true rookie cards of them available at the moment. However, the 2022 collections will arrive throughout the year and should include many of these players as long as they are called up early enough in the season. In the meantime, picking up a few of the prospect cards shown above might be a good idea until the rookie cards arrive. While not true rookie cards, the 1st Bowman Chrome Draft cards tend to be the most sought after in the long run. As the first true rookie cards begin to roll out, rest assured we’ll keep you updated.