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Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21 (Top 3, Values, Review)

Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21 on eBay

hottest basketball rookie cards 2020-21


If you’re wondering what first-year NBA players are drawing the most attention this season a good place to start is our “Hottest Basketball Rookie Card 2020-21” list. Here will take a look at which cards are drawing the most attention (and the most dollars) and try to track down the best available out there so far. It’s important to take note of that “so far” part of that last sentence as some of the biggest sets of the year (such as 2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball) have yet to be released. Therefore, we’ll keep this list updated as new collections arrive. That way we’ll always have an accurate idea of the truly HOTTEST OF HOT basketball rookie cards of 2020-21.

As far as who the top player of the 2020-21 NBA rookie class is, the conservation starts and stops with LaMelo Ball. And while the competition is fairly narrow for the next two spots, we’ve seen the most interest in Tyrese Haliburton and Anthony Edwards. So as of right now, our list will consist of cards from these three players. Just like the specific cards, the players can certainly be updated as well. So if anyone here starts slacking, a replacement may be in store. Now let’s take a look at those cards!



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Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21


Top LaMelo Ball Rookie Cards


2020 Panini Prizm Draft (Buy on eBay)

prizm draft lamelo

To say that this is one of the hottest basketball rookie cards of 2020-21 would be an understatement. Just like the regular Prizm set, the Prizm Draft collection is the pride and joy of Panini’s NBA prospect sets. So it goes without saying that the LaMelo Ball cards from this collection are incredibly popular. And valuable. For example, some Lamelo cards from this set have sold for well north of $5,000! Of course, there are options that are much more affordable. Look for a card without an autograph and/or Prizm variation if you’re not looking to dump thousands of dollars into your investment.


2020-21 Donruss (Buy on eBay)

lamelo donruss

When it comes to sets that feature LaMelo in a Charlotte uniform, Donruss is the hottest available at the moment. The boxes rolled out in early March so the individual cards are just now starting to hit the resale market. When it comes to value, even the base LaMelo “Rated Rookie” card shown above is selling for more than $100. A great starting point for a casual collector looking to get in early on the LaMelo Ball rookie card market. More valuable cards include some of the less common parallels and the retro “Jersey Kings” inserts.


Top Tyrese Haliburton Rookie Cards 


2020-21 Panini NBA Hoops (Buy on eBay)

hottest basketball rookie cards 2020-21 haliburton

Panini’s NBA Hoops collection is one of the earliest sets to come out with a true Tyrese Haliburton rookie card so it stands to reason that these are going to be some of the hottest basketball rookie cards available at the moment. As far as value goes, autographed cards like the “Rookie Ink” shown above are going to be the most expensive with some prices easily exceeding $1,000. Lower parallels and base cards, on the other hand, are available for a fraction of that price.


2020 Panini Immaculate Collegiate (Buy on eBay)

tyrese haliburtoon rookie card immaculate

As far as the prospect collections go, there are many great options. However, we love what Immaculate has to offer when it comes to Tyrese Haliburton cards. There’s a wide array of cards that include both material and an autograph at a variety of price points. Whether you’re looking to spend a couple of hundred bucks or even thousands, you’ll find something here. Well deserving of our Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21 list.


Top Anthony Edwards Rookie Cards


2020 Panini Flawless Collegiate (Buy on eBay)


An amazing collection of high-end cards that offers some incredibly rare Anthony Edwards rookie cards. Casual investors should look for numbered cards with print runs of 20 as many of these are available for around $100. More serious players can hone in on low print run (5 or lower) autographed cards – many great options over the $1,000 threshold.


2020-21 Donruss (Buy on eBay)

edwards hottest basketball rookie cards 2020-21

We’re going back to the recently released Donruss set as there are just too many amazing cards Anthony Edwards cards that have been pulled already. Whether it be a Red Lazer, Proof Blue, or Gold the parallels are incredibly eye-catching. And so are the values they sell for! There are also plenty of autographed cards that have already been sold with the base auto selling for more than $700. Looking for low-hanging fruit? Considering scooping up a couple of base cards or maybe a “Press Proof” parallel.



Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21 Runner Ups


Immanuel Quickley Rookie Card

Payton Pritchard Rookie Card

Obi Toppin Rookie Card



Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2020-21 Investment Scores


LaMelo Ball

For obvious reasons, this is our favorite investment of the group. Throughout his rookie year Ball has shown he belongs AND THEN SOME. And guess what? He’s only getting better. Short-term investors should feel comfortable banking on a strong finish to the season followed by a Rookie of the Year award. Meanwhile, mid to long-term investors have to be drooling and the kind of numbers Ball will be putting up as he matures over the course of the next few years. 9.5/10


Tyrese Haliburton

While not the eye-popping performance that Ball has put on display, Haliburton is certainly leaving his mark. One that’s all but one of the 11 teams that picked before the Kings in the 2020 draft wrong. At this point, Haliburton has enough games under his belt to expect the good things to keep coming. And getting better for that matter. He likely won’t produce profits like Ball but he should do a decent job at lining your pockets nonetheless. 8/10


Anthony Edwards

In case you didn’t know, Anthony Edwards is an electrifying talent. Don’t believe us? Just check out this DUNK OF THE YEAR he threw down over a hapless Yuta Watanabe. OUCH! He was the first pick in the 2020 NBA Draft for good reason. And as the season goes on, he’s reminded us why on a more consistent basis. Sure, LaMelo all eyes are a LaMelo right now, but that could be a good thing if you’re looking to pick up an Anthony Edwards rookie card. At some point soon, some of that attention should start shifting his way. 9/10



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