Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2022 (Top 3, Pricing, Guide)

Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards Top Pick

hottest basketball rookie cards 2022


With a new NBA season approaching it’s time we release our Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2022 list. While there are plenty of new players to be excited about, we’ll narrow the field down to three. But can these fresh faces top the likes of who we saw enter the league last season? It’s gonna be tough, that’s for sure. With elite talent like LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards shining bright in their first seasons, the following players will certainly have an uphill battle. Let’s see who they are!



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Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2022 Top 3


Evan Mobley (Check Price)

hottest basketball rookie cards 2022

When it comes to the new batch of rookies, none has looked better in the early going than Evan Mobley. The kid has shown elite athleticism despite his 7 foot frame and has been scoring plenty of points. In addition to the points, Mobley has been gobbling up boards like a mad man. Expect both the scoring and rebounds to continue. With plenty of playing time all but penciled in, Mobley should be a key to the Cavs offensive production in 2022.


Scottie Barnes (Check Price)

scottie barnes rookie card

Another rookie that has been a scoring and rebound machine early on is Scottie Barnes. The Raptor’s new power forward has shown that he’s more than capable of being a force right off the bat and looks like the catalyst the Raptors need on offense. Additionally, he’s getting it done on defense as well. So much so that he has even drawn complements from none other than Kevin Durant. An early favorite to win rookie of the year, Scottie Barnes is a no-brainer for our Hottest Rookie Cards 2022 list.


Cade Cunningham (Check Price)

cade cunningham rookie card chronicles

After a bit of a slow start, Cade Cunningham is starting to show folks why he was the first overall pick of the 2021-22 NBA Draft. As of late, Cunningham has been making plays all over the court and has started to reveal why some have made those lofty Luka Doncic comparisons. While comparing Cade to one of the league’s best players may be a bit premature, the talent is there. As long as he gets the playing time (which seems incredibly likely at this point) we’re expecting an outstanding rookie season.



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Hottest Basketball Rookie Cards 2022 Honorable Mentions


Jalen Green (Check Price)

It’s hard to leave Jalen Green out of our Top 3 but for now he’ll have to settle for an honorable mention. Green is doing everything the Rockets expect of him early on and one would think it’ll only get better as the season progresses. He along with the other 3 players we’ve listed so far are sitting neck and neck when it comes to odds to win the Rookie of the Year. Here’s to hoping that Jalen has a chip on his shoulder for being left out from the top of our Hottest Basketball rookie Cards 2022 list and goes on to have a rookie season for the ages.


Chris Duarte (Check Price)

chris duarte rookie card

The Pacer’s new “old man” rookie has been getting it done on the court so perhaps the experience is paying off. He’s scoring points, making plays, and hauling in a decent amount of rebounds and makes for a great dark horse rookie of the Year candidate. Who know, perhaps the wisdom that comes with being a 24 year old rookie will propel him to the top of the list as we get into the full swing of the season. He’s already made plenty of progress and could certainly end up surprising some folks.



We’ll continue to keep this list updated as the season progresses so be sure to check back often. Additionally, we’ll add some key cards and collections to target once more of the big brands begin to arrive. Good luck, and here’s to an awesome season!