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Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2021 (Pricing & Buyer’s Guide)

Hottest Football Rookie Cards eBay Listings

hottest football rookie cards 2021


If you’re looking for the hottest football rookie cards of 2021, now is the PERFECT time to begin that search. Interest has begun to subside since the days immediately following the draft and there’s no time better than right now to begin loading your portfolio with some of the league’s best new talent for a wild run-up to the 2021 NFL season. But what specific talent should you be looking for? We have a few ideas!

With the 2021 NFL Draft now in the books, the excitement around this year’s rookie class was on center stage. This potential-laden new class offers yet another superb array of talent at the all-important QB position, so you likely already know some of the names that’ll be on our Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2021 list. You guessed it, today we are taking a look at the top 3 picks of the draft: Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance, and Zach Wilson. Additionally, we’ll be featuring a 4th quarterback taken further down in the first round and some explosive skill positions as well. Enough of the build-up, let’s get the party started!



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Trevor Lawrence Rookie Cards (Check eBay Listings)

best football card boxes to buy on campus


Of course, Trevor Lawrence is at the top of the list since he was the number one overall draft pick after all. Just like the 2020 NBA 1st overall pick Anthony Edwards, we think the number one draft pick from the 2021 NFL draft will go on to be the most exciting rookie. He has all the making of an elite quarterback and knows how to win games. Although his claim to never having lost a regular-season game in his football career will, unfortunately, come to an end this season.

The demand for a first-round draft pick rookie card is typically towards the high end, let alone being the number one overall pick. Especially one with a few college playoffs titles under his belt. With the potential and hype surrounding Lawrence, his first-year cards are likely going to be the hottest amongst all rookie cards from this year’s draft class. For those reasons, consider grabbing up his rookie cards early and often before the approach of the upcoming NFL season and his first-year success makes the value of them increase drastically.


Trey Lance Rookie Cards (Check eBay Listings)


When it comes to collegiate brilliance, Trevor Lawrence isn’t the only QB with the initials TL that lit up the scoreboards. Trey Lance too earned his spot in the NFL by winning a Division 1 title in a dominant fashion by going 16-0 on his way to the 2019 FCS Championship. While he will have to “fight” for the starting spot behind Jimmy Garoppolo, we expect those talents to be on full display at some point in 2021. This is likely to be the cheapest that you will ever get the tickets, so hop on that Trey Lance rookie card train before it leaves the station!


Zach Wilson Rookie Cards (Check eBay Listings)

leaf rookie

You may have seen the meme of Zach Wilson saying he seems more like a Hollywood actor that would play the QB on tv than the actual Zach Wilson himself, but we can’t help but believe this man is going to shatter expectations this season. While there have been many times that the NFL has been hopeful that the New York Jets have finally found a QB to bring back the glory days of Broadway Joe, the hope may be real this time. Wilson reminds others of another Brett Favre and we all know how that ended up in the long run. Go give the Zach Wilson rookie card market a look if you haven’t already!


Justin Fields Rookie Cards (Check eBay Listings)


Although he didn’t even go in the top 10 overall, Justin Fields is second on most oddsmakers lists to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Safe to say that’s something that should be making any Bears fan excited. And any Justin Fields rookie card holder even more excited! If Fields comes away with those honors, any investment you make on one of his rookie cards today will be paying off many times over when you decide to cash in. He’s got the talent and should feel right at home playing in Big 10 country at Soldier Field. Now, if Illinois were more of a true rival to Fields’ alma mater Ohio State there may be an awkward getting to know each other phase with fans in Chi-Town. But who are we kidding?


Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2021: Non-QB


Ja’Marr Chase (Check eBay Listings)

While the hottest football rookie cards of 2021 will revolve around the QB position like any other year, we feel it necessary to include at least one non-QB on this list. And for us, that choice was EASY. Ja’Marr Chase is about as electrifying as it gets and will be reunited with Joe Burrow in Cincinnati – someone that threw him 20 TD passes and more than 1,700 yards in 2019 by the way. Oh, and they won the National Championship. While Chase opted out of 2020, that doesn’t worry us at all. He’s got plenty of time to prepare, has his friend throwing him the football, and should have legs that are plenty fresh. ALL ABOARD!


Najee Harris (Check eBay Listings)

Many card collectors, fantasy players, and NFL pundits alike believe a breakout rookie season is in store for Najee Harris. With an offensive scheme that always seems to generate cream of the crop running backs that belief is reasonable. However, many thought the same thing about Clyde-Edward Helaire last season and we all know how underwhelming his season turned out to be. Here’s to hoping the Pittsburgh backfield tradition holds up better than Andy Reid’s did in 2020.


Kyle Pitts (Check eBay Listings)

panini kyle pitts rookie card

This beast of a man is about to be unleashed on NFL defenses and it looks like he’s doing everything he can to make sure his rookie season is one to remember. You have to love the pass-first scheme he’ll be part of in Atlanta you can’t help but like his chances. If you’re going to take a chance investing in a position like tight end, this is the guy to roll the dice on.


Jaylen Waddle (Check eBay Listings)

jaylen waddle rookie card pro set

If you’re reading what’s coming out of Dolphins training camp you’re likely foaming at the mouth in anticipation of pick up a Jaylen Waddle rookie card. While preseason hype can be incredibly overrated, we’re willing to buy in for one main reason. Blazing speed. Waddle is rumored to run a pre-4.30 40-yard dash and has been burning defenders left and right in practice. If that ability can translate to the NFL gridiron it’s safe to say Tua may have a new favorite target. One that’s oh so desperately needed.


Devonta Smith (Check eBay Listings)

If you don’t like Waddle, perhaps you like the other Alabama receiver to come out of the 2021 draft. You know, the one that won the Heisman Trophy. While Devonta Smith suffered a small setback with a minor knee injury, he should be back in time to Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season. If Hurts lives up to the hype of preseason we could see quite a rookie year out of Smith.



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Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2021: Release Schedule & Investment Outlook


Release Schedule

As of right now, we’ve only got the collegiate or “draft picks” collections out there. The first of these included sets like 2021 Score, Leaf, Sage, Pro Set. While these are perfect sets to dip your toes in the water with, the big boys of the NFL prospect cards have now arrived as Panini Contenders Draft Picks, Panini Prizm Draft Picks, and Mosaic Draft Picks are all now available for purchase. These sets have already started to produce some of the hottest football rookie cards we’ve seen this year so hopefully, you have kept your powder dry as things are about to be taken up a notch. After that, you can look forward to the REALLY BIG sets arriving way later this year such as Mosaic, Panini Prizm, and Panini Select.


Investment Outlook

If you buy any of these cards early enough you should be able to do quite well in the short-term run-up to the 2021 NFL season as demand skyrockets. While a short sale before the season should give you some decent gains, you stand even more to gain if your player goes on to produce his rookie season. Sure, there’s a much higher risk if you decide to hold, but ask any Justin Herbert rookie cardholder last season – the profits can be IMMENSE. We like the idea of buying multiple cards spread across all of these players and selling some for smaller profits before the season starts. With the others, hold out for that big multiple times return. Good luck!