Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2022 (New Releases & Pricing)

Hottest NFL Rookie Cards 2022 Top Pick

Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2022


Now that another year is setting in, it’s time we begin to focus on what football cards are worth buying going forward. That’s where our Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2022 list comes into play! While some of the first year players have been a disappointment, there has certainly been some bright spots. And a few pleasant surprises. With the future being wide open for some of the following young players, optimism abounds. Not only for their potential on the football field, but for the potential for their rookie cards to skyrocket. Anyways, let’s not waste anymore time. Time to break out the list!



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Hottest Football Rookies Cards 2022: Quarterbacks


Mac Jones (Check Price)

As soon as Mac Jones was named the starter over veteran Cam Newton, there were plenty of folks thinking the young QB had Rookie of the Year written all over him. While he hasn’t put up numbers similar to his final season at Bama, Mac has the Patriots on the right side of the win column and seems to be getting better each week. Once things REALLY start clicking, watch out. We could see another price boom like we did last season with the Justin Herbert rookie card market. A no brainer to start the Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2022 list.


Trevor Lawrence (Check Price)

trevor hottest football rookie cards 2022

Going from the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year to a mere afterthought is never a good feeling. However, Lawrence has shown flashes that justify the pre-season hype. Regardless of how he finishes 2021, Trevor will certainly be viewed as a buy low breakout candidate in 2022. And if he can get some help on the offensive side of the football (and perhaps a new coach), we wouldn’t be surprised if Lawrence takes a MASSIVE step forward in 2022. Stay patient and embrace the buying opportunity!



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Hottest Football Rookies Cards 2022: Receivers


Ja’Marr Chase (Check Price)

The only real competition Jones has in his quest for ROY is Ja’Marr Chase. Frankly, he’s done everything the Bengals could have hoped for in his first season. At time, Chase has looked like not only the best rookie receiver in the league, but the best receiver PERIOD. If Burrow and Chase can keep that connection alive going forward expect very big things from this duo. They did it in college and could certainly return to glory once they both get settled into the NFL. Perhaps sooner than later. Whether you’re looking to go short term or hold on for a few years, we love what a Ja’Marr chase rookie card has to offer.


Devonta Smith (Check Price)

While, the Heisman Trophy winner hasn’t been out of this world, Smith has proven he’s more than capable. Just look at those two games where he went for more than 100 yards receiving. If Devonta can become a more consistent target (and perhaps get a little more consistent play out of his QB), the sky’s the limit. Smith has flown a bit under the radar as far as rookies go, but still finds himself in the top five when it comes to odds to win NFL ROY. Something that bodes well for what he can accomplish in year two.



Hottest Football Rookies Cards 2022: RB & TE


Najee Harris (Check Price)

Regardless of whether Harris knew a pro football game could end in a tie, he’s put together a decent rookie season. We’d sure like to see the YPC increase but he’s getting a real opportunity with plenty of games with more than 20 rushes. In addition to the runs, Najee has also been a threat out of the back field catching passes. As long as the Steelers don’t lose faith, expect Harris to shine in 2022. Some bigger holes from the offensive line would also help!


Kyle Pitts (Check Price)

panini kyle pitts rookie card

Finally, our Hottest Football Rookie Cards 2022 list end with a freakishly athletic tight end. There was plenty of hype surrounding Kyle Pitts going into the 2021 season and while his performance has been inconsistent at best, Pitts has shown flashes that make him look like the best pass catching tight end in the league. In back to back weeks Pitts hauled in close to 300 combined receiving yards and has had some decent games before and after. However, despite showing he’s capable of moving the chains, Pitts has had a problem finding pay dirt. It’ll be interesting to see if he can reach his full potential in the following years, but if he does he’ll be THE tight end when it comes to offensive production.