Ja Morant Rookie Card Hot List (Buying Guide & Values)

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The latest opportunity to buy a Ja Morant rookie card at a discounted price may have come and gone. Why? Because Ja Morant is expected back on the court in within days and is set to continue his manic 27 point per game scoring clip. Sure it’s only a three-game sample size but one could conclude the hot start is a harbinger of things to come.

Even with the brief ankle setback, Ja is poised to pick up where he left off on his Rookie of the Year performance last season. In other words, NOW is the time to shore up your portfolio with one of his first-year investment options before things even get more out of hand. And really, every portfolio should have at least one Ja Morant rookie card before this thing pops off for real. So let’s get started!



Question of the day: Who will have a better 2021, Ja Morant or  Zion Williamson?



Best Ja Morant Rookie Cards Options 2021


2019-20 National Treasures RPA Patch Auto (Buy on eBay)

ja morant rookie card

There are 75 of these in existence and they’re all worth plenty of $$$. So count yourself lucky if you’re an owner. And if you’re not? Dig up at least $6,000 and you might be able to score one that hasn’t been graded. Want one in mint condition that’s been graded by Beckett?? Call your banker because you’re gonna need some more purchasing power! Sure the price is high, but the returns could be even higher if Ja turns up the heat even further in his second season.


2019-20 Panini Prizm (Buy on eBay)

2019-2020 panini prizm

As we just mentioned in our 2020 Panini Prizm Football review, this set is an industry staple. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of great investment options no matter what you’re looking to spend. If you want to go all out, hone in on one of the rarer Prizms and get to work. Only want to throw a few bucks at it? Plenty of base set options are available. Either way, there’s plenty of room for growth here.


2019-2020 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket #118 (Buy on eBay)


A set that’s contending with National Treasures for the title of most expensive Ja Morant rookie card options. This card comes in a variety of parallels. For instance, there “Cracked Ice” version has a run of only 25 cards and sold for nearly $15,000 recently on eBay. If you’re looking for a mid-range investment check out the dazzling “Shimmer” parallels.


2019-2020 Mosaic (Find it on eBay!)

Mosaic Ja Morant rookie card

Mosaic is garnering plenty of attention for a variety of reasons. In our opinion, the actual physical quality of the cards seems to be above and beyond some of its competitors. Either way, the industry has fully embraced this new set that’s crashed the party over recent years. As far Ja Morant rookie card choices go, there’s plenty to consider. Both the NBA Debut and base card have plenty of parallels each more exciting than the next. Do yourself a favor and get some!


2019 Panini Noir (Buy this card on eBay)


Who can resist a Ja Morant and Zion Williamson mash-up? Add to the fact you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to own this one and you have a card that collectors everywhere can appreciate. Besides that, Panini Noir is one of the most attractive sets out there when it comes to appearances. Dark undertones that contrast the typical bling found on most modern cards is a can’t miss in our book!


Ja Morant Rookie Card Donruss Options


2019 Donruss Optic

ja morant rookie card donruss

These fall just outside our top five but since Donruss is one of our all-around favorites, we’ll throw in a bonus section. Both the Optic and regular base set are fan favorites so both should perform well when you’re ready to unload for profits. We personally like the “headband on” Optic version better. Other noteworthy cards from Donruss include the “My House” and Great X-Pectations inserts.


2019 Donruss Rated Rookie

rated rookie

Just when you thought the 1989 Donruss layout made famous by players like Ken Griffey Jr. and Gary Sheffield couldn’t get any cooler, Ja Morant enters the chat. While this card may be big on nostalgia, it isn’t big when it comes to the price tag. You should have no problem picking up a few of these for less than $100 combined. So if you’re looking to stock up (and still have room for other investments) you could do a lot worse than this tried and true 1989 Donruss throwback.


Honorable Mentions


Ja Morant Rookie Card NBA Hoops

ja morant rookie card nba hoops

While these certainly aren’t the most valuable options, they’re without a doubt our favorite to look at. Even more than Panini Noir. Sad but true. Just take a look at that “Ready For Takeoff” card above and you’ll see what we mean. So many options to choose from and many at prices the casual investor can get in on.


Ja Morant Rookie Card Chronicles

ja morant rookie card chronicles

Let’s get AIRBORNE! An all-around amazing card. The only complaint we have is that Ja appears to be going up for a passive layup instead of an in-your-face SLAM DUNK. Can’t win them all though. At any rate, looks aren’t the only thing that makes this card special. Let’s talk value.

There’s a decent amount of it for the right card. For instance, if you’re the proud owner of a 10 grade Silver Prizm autographed variety you’re holding at least $1,000 in your hand. Or in your wall case, shoebox, safety deposit box, or wherever you choose to keep your investment pieces. Just don’t say under your mattress. Okay, enough digression.

Overall the Chronicles set doesn’t hold a candle to Prizm but it offers some stunning cards at reasonable prices. Something that is certainly welcome the way the NBA card industry has been trending lately.



Random thought – How happy will you be about your Ja Morant rookie card investment if he turns out to be last year’s Luka Doncic??



Ja Morant Rookie Card Investment Strategies


Short (1 year or less)

As we’ve been eluding to this entire post, we LOVE this option. Just on hype alone, you should do well if you buy earlier enough. Like RIGHT NOW. We’ve seen how Ja started the season and needless to say he didn’t stumble out of the gate. Already one problematic scenario taken out of the equation. And it’s hard to imagine the 2019-2020 NBA rookie of the year not picking up right where he left off before the minor ankle tweak. Heck, some even have him pegged as a LOCK for his first All-Star appearance. Enough said. 9.5/10

Medium (1 to 5 years)

While we’re usually hesitant to tie up our bankroll in an “unproven” player, this isn’t the case with Ja. He exceeded all expectations last year and nearly led his young team to an unexpected playoff appearance. We think missing out on the party will only motivate Ja Morant to future success. The amount of which should be apparent within the next 5 years. Expect that near playoff miss to become a perennial title contender. 9.5/10

Long (5 years plus)

The only gripe we have with this strategy is all the chances for big profits you’re bound to pass up along the way if you decide to hold for the long term. However, based on the small sample, this strategy could end up rewarding you in a BIG way if you have the patience. If Ja and the Grizzlies end up grabbing a title in the medium term you’ll be forced to STRONGLY consider this option. 7.5/10



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