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Top 3 Jalen Green Rookie Cards on Planet Earth


Best Jalen Green Rookie Card

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best jalen green rookie cards



With a strong debut and even stronger second season, it’s no wonder that a fair amount of collectors are after the best Jalen Green rookie cards. But what are the best of the best? That’s what we’re about to find out! But before we do, let’s take a look at Green’s road to the NBA.


Jalen Green’s G-League Performance

Instead of doing a classic 1 and done in college, Green opted to play a season in the G-League. A league that many would consider tougher than college basketball. With that in mind, it’s safe to say Jalen Green rose to the competition. Green played 15 games in the 2020-21 season and averaged 32 mins and 17.9 points per game. Additionally, he came away with 4.1 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.5 steals on average per contest. And let’s not forget that crisp .461 FG percentage. Suddenly it becomes clear why Green was snatched up with pick number 2 of the opening round of the draft. So now that you know what this guy’s capable of, here are a few Jalen Green rookie cards to consider!



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Top 3 Jalen Green Rookie Cards



2021 Donruss Optic


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Sure, Prizm may be more popular but Optic is one of the few that can stand toe to toe with the reigning champ all day long. Especially when it comes to the rookies. For instance, the card above is from a line called “The Rookies” that holds mass appeal to collectors who truly value first year cards. Additionally, the famous Rated Rookie logo is like a polo shirt. It never goes out of style!



2021 Panini Prizm


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top 3 jalen green rookie cards

While there may be some collections that come close, most simply cannot compete with Panini Prizm in terms of overall quality. And popularity for that matter. Every year the set is looked upon as the industry gold standard and the 2021 Prizm collection is no different.

As far as the best Jalen Green rookie cards go you’ll want to seriously consider a prizm variety such as the Gold card above. Or even an autographed if you’re truly on the hype train. Meanwhile casual collectors can pick up a few standard base cards rather than going all out on a parallel or auto.



2021 Panini Select


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best jalen green rookie card select

Last but certainly not least we arrive at Panini Select. Just take one gander at the card shown here and you’ll know instantly that the set is a force to be reckoned with. We usually prefer Panini Prizm but for the 2021 collections the edge goes to Select. When it comes to style anyways. Find something in your price range and don’t blink just buy. Rest assured the set offers some of the best Jalen Green rookie cards in existence.



Best Jalen Green Rookie Cards: Budget Friendly Releases



2021 Panini Chronicles


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best jalen green rookie cards chronicles

First we have the Panini Chronicles Draft collection. The set offers the most variety in values with plenty of Jalen Green rookie cards from both the high and low ends of the price spectrum. In addition to value variety, the set also offers plenty of variety in general. Whether you’re a fan of Donruss (shown above), Mosaic, Contenders, Illusions, or Certified, pretty much every Panini brand you can think of is covered all in one spectacular array of cards.



2021-22 Panini Immaculate Collegiate


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If you want to drop a hundred or more on your Jalen Green rookie card look no further than Panini Immaculate. While this may not seem budget friendly just compare that to the regular Immaculate collection. The set comes loaded with rare cards that often include autographs and crisp patches. The card above features neither but has a print run of just 49 making for a good entry level investment for less than $100. Here we see Green making a move towards the net in his practice gear showing off those ball handling skills that made him such a lucrative prospect. Card for card this is the most high end collection released so far.



2020 Goodwin Champions


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top 3 jalen green rookie cards collegiate

In this throwback collection from Upper Deck, Green is featured in a circular portrait calmly dribbling the ball. The card above features an on-card autograph and is valued as high as $2,000 if it has been graded as a 10 by PSA. Not too shabby. If you were hoping for something more affordable hone in on the base card from this set as it is available for a fraction of the price.



2021-22 Panini Instant


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Cards from Panini’s first-to-market basketball collection are very affordable. So if you’re hoping to secure one of the best Jalen Green rookie cards on the budget this set might be a good idea. The set will feature a wide variety of cards with an assortment of price ranges so find something that’s in your wheelhouse and get it done!



2021 Generation Next


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best jalen green rookie cards draft

An affordable card that features Green in his G-League gear. On the top right-hand side, you can clearly see the famous RC logo. Additionally, you will also notice the Draft emblem showing that Green will be playing for the Houston Rockets once he starts going against the REAL professionals.



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Best Jalen Green Rookie Cards: Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

As we mentioned earlier, Green is already getting it done early in his NBA career. Something that bodes well for the future. However, there is plenty of rebuilding to do in Houston so the team success won’t come this year. Even so, plenty of individual accolades are within Green’s reach if he continues to take steps forward. He’s scoring plenty and has the opportunity to take the Rockets back to the playoff if Jalen Green gets the support he needs.



Medium (1 to 3 years)

With such low expectations from the Rockets, Jalen Green will have plenty of time to become adjusted to the league without having to worry about championship aspirations. So even if it takes a season or two to tap into his full potential, the 2nd overall pick should live up to the billing at some point in this time frame. Like many rookies who successfully build upon a strong rookie season, years two and three could be MASSIVE for Green. And anyone who owns a Jalen Green rookie card for that matter!



Long (3 years plus)




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