Jazz Chisholm Rookie Card Buyer’s Guide & Review

Find Your Jazz Chisholm Rookie Card Bargain on eBay

jazz chisholm rookie card


It’s safe to suggest that early investors may have been a bit disappointed with their Jazz Chisholm rookie card performance. If you’re one of them we hope you decided to hold instead of selling off after what you saw from his 56 at-bat cup of coffee in 2020 because things seem to be turning around nicely. While not necessarily known for his ability to swipe bags, he’s managed to steal 7 so far in the first month of the season. On top of that, his power is also making a huge impact in the early part of 2021 as well. With each game, this electrifying young player is capable of producing something that ends up on a social media highlight tape. And if for some bizarre reason his play doesn’t catch your attention, Jazz Chisholm’s in-your-face neon blue hair will instead.

To get further into the numbers (which you very well know we LOVE to do), Chisholm played in a total of 21 games last season but could only muster a batting average of .161. While there was a lot of hype around him, but he failed to live up to it on his first go-round. However, that seems to be changing. Quickly. In 2021, Jazz has nearly doubled last season’s batting average hitting around .290 through so far. On top of that, he’s also more than doubled his home run total and has more than QUADRUPLED his stolen base total from 2020. Safe to say that ole’ Jazz is progressing nicely.

However, one thing we’re a bit concerned about is the injuries. Right after he came back off the IL from a hamstring injury that cost him a few weeks, Jazz suddenly finds himself staring another trip to the IL in the face. This time on an ankle sprain that came from rounding the bases in a 2-0 loss to the Phillies in late May. Does this mean he’s going to be the next Giancarlo Stanton when it comes to injuries? No. Nonetheless, two consecutive IL stints for two separate injuries are worth noting and certainly worth keeping an eye on. Let’s just hope for a speedy recovery.

As for Jazz Chisholm rookie cards, there are plenty of great options available that are still on the cheap compared to what they’ll be at the end of the season if he manages to stay healthy and keep up the elite production. Here are the ones we like the most!



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2020 Bowman First Edition (Buy on eBay)

Jazz Chisholm 1st edition rookie card

As we have mentioned with other cards in the past, sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to do it. And if simplicity is what you’re looking for, the first card on our list is something you’ll want to consider. No clutter or messy angles just a clean and crisp photo on Jazz getting ready to zing the ball back towards first base. We’re not seeing any autographs out there so you’ll need to get Chisholm to sign it yourself if that’s something you’re looking for. Hey, it’s worth a shot if you live in the area!


2017 Bowman Chrome (Buy on eBay)

jazz chisholm rookie card

Next up we have Chisholm’s prospect card from the 2017 Bowman Chrome set. This is by far the most valuable Jazz Chisholm rookie card you’re going to find out there as some of the rare refractors can exceed $3,000. And unlike the last one, you can find this card with Chisholm’s autograph so you won’t have to worry about showing up to the game early and begging for his signature.


2021 Topps Inception (Buy on eBay)

topps inception

Topps Inception offers unique card art and a few different layouts so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, Inception includes cards with a piece of his game-worn jersey along with Chisholm’s autograph. These make for great moderate range investments as some of the most valuable out there are still hovering right around that $500 price.


2018 Bowman (Buy on eBay)

Since this card isn’t Chisholm’s first Bowman and also isn’t a true rookie card, it’s found floating around in the middle somewhere and often goes underlooked. However, you can certainly get incredible value here when compared to the other Bowman collections on this list. For instance, the /25 card shown above is valued it well less than $100. Try to get a Jazz Chisholm rookie card that’s that rare from the 2020 or 2017 collections at that price. Not happening! Strong value play.



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Jazz Chisholm Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short Term (Less than 1 year)

With his propensity to strike out we’re skeptical he’ll keep the batting average up. However, the power and speed seem to be very real. So even if Chisholm’s average slides down to say the .250 area, the home runs, stolen bases, and overall exciting play should make up for it. A 20/20 season is very possible and if that happens we’d expect to see a nice increase in the short-term value of these cards. Let’s just hope for an injury-free rest of the season! 7.5/10


Medium Term (1 to 3 years)

It helps to remind yourself that Jazz is just 23 years old and has plenty of room to grow as a player. If he develops more consistent contact ability and continues to display power and speed on the base paths you could see Chisholm emerge as one of the game’s top stars within the next few years. Sure there’s a decent amount of risk involved but the upside is huge. 7/10


Long Term (3 years plus)