JJ Bleday Rookie Card Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Find Your JJ Bleday Rookie Card Bargain on eBay

JJ Bleday rookie card


A JJ Bleday rookie card might be a sneaky good pick-up heading into the 2021 season. Just like Spencer Torkelson and Zac Veen, Bleday was a college MASHER posting a .347 average and 27 home runs in his final season at Vanderbilt. However, unlike those two, Bleday could make his appearance in the big leagues sometime this year. Always a welcome event for those who happen to be holding a rookie card of the player it happens to. And while there aren’t many to choose from, there are a few that have caught our eye. Let’s see what they are!



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JJ Bleday Rookie Card Early Releases


2019 Bowman Chrome Draft (Buy on eBay)

bowman jj bleday rookie card

A card from the set that recognizes some of the biggest players selected in the MLB Draft. Seeing as JJ was the 4th pick overall in 2019, we’d say he fits that description perfectly. At any rate, this is going to be the set that pops up most often when you search for a JJ Bleday rookie card. Plenty of options to choose from with some of the rarer autographs approaching $1,000. Of course, there are plenty of options without an autograph that will cost you far less. And if you’re really looking to scale it back, we highly recommend the 30th Aniversary edition. Plenty of rare cards that include JJs autograph for less than $100!


2020 Bowman Transcendent (Buy on eBay)

JJ Bleday rookie card

There are a few different variations here but overall this is a great set for casual investors. Even the highest-priced autos like the card shown above won’t break the bank. Meanwhile, the cards without JJ’s signature should only run you $20 or so.


2020 Donruss Optic (Buy on eBay)


Without the exclusive MLB license enjoyed by Topps, sets made by Panini will never hold high values like Bowman and Topps. However, what Donruss does offer is an affordable JJ Bleday rookie card perfect for investors who aren’t looking to go all in. Take the card above, for example. A rare Mojo Red Prizm with a print run of just 99 AND an autograph for less than $50. Yes, please!


2020 Topps Pro Debut (Buy on eBay)


Even with that license we just talked about, here’s a card from Topps that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, this is the most affordable card on our list. The card features JJ in his Hammerheads unform taking a solid cut (lining one foul bast the 1st basemen??). As far as value goes, $10 should be able to get the deal done!



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JJ Bleday Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

A lot will depend on whether or not JJ hits his way into a Marlins uniform this season. However, even if he doesn’t it’s hard to see this being a losing investment as long as you’re willing to hold into next season. 7/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

If JJ doesn’t make his debut in 2021, rest assured it’s coming in 2022. Anything beyond that and you’re betting he’ll be able to make the difficult adjustment to MLB pitching. Plenty of risk involved here but it could pay off nicely if you’re willing to see it through. 6.5/10


Long (3 years plus)



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