Josh Giddey Rookie Card Early Releases (Guide, Review, Pricing)

Josh Giddey Rookie Card Top Pick: Panini Chronicles

josh giddey rookie card


With the kid from the Land Down Under is holding his own in the NBA preseason, a Josh Giddey rookie card investment is certainly worth mulling over. The 6’8″ guard out of Australia has shown early on that he is a double-double threat by putting up points, doling out assists, and bringing in the rebounds. Perhaps a reason why he’s being viewed as a dark horse to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award. But should this play come as a surprise?

To understand whether or not Giddey is playing over his head or merely living up to expectations, we need to take a look at his performance in the NBL. In his lone year in the Australian professional league, Giddey excelled in those exact same 3 statistical categories by averaging over 10 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. With a track record to prove it and a little pre-season success, it wouldn’t be a reach to expect Giddey to not only meet but EXCEED expectations in 2021. As you know, expectations can come crashing down at any moment, but for the time being a small Josh Giddey rookie card investment seems well worth while.



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Josh Giddey Rookie Card First Releases


2021 Panini Chronicles (Check Price)

josh giddey rookie card

Above we see the Certified “Freshman Fabric” autographed parallel valued at more than $200. A great option if you’re looking to spend a decent amount on your investment. Other cards from the collection that hold a higher price tag are Panini Select, Panini Gold Standard, and Panini Contenders. Of course, look for an autograph if you want as much skin in the game as possible. Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-autographed cards that are available for just a few bucks.


2021 Panini Instant (Check Price)

A first look at the best draft picks from last year’s draft, Panini Instant isn’t known for high values. However, there is plenty to like here as the cards feature Giddey in his Thunder uniform and many are available for well under $20. Not a bad idea if you’re looking to scoop up several cards and not pay big dollars to do so.



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Josh Giddey Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

Last year a rookie emerged that had multi-category statistical capabilities. His name? LaMelo Ball. While comparing Giddey to Ball may be a bit premature, there is case to be made that their rookie year numbers could be quite similar if the former gets enough playing time in 2021. When considering Giddey’s rookie cards are nowhere near the price Ball’s were at this time last year there’s a whole lot to like here.



Medium (1 to 3 years)

There is plenty of potential for individual success, but can the Thunder return return to their winning ways sooner than later? If so, look for Giddey to be the center piece that completes the massive rebuild.  If Giddey is a main factor in a playoff run over the next few year you can bet card prices will skyrocket.



Long (3 years plus)