Josh Jacobs Rookie Card Guide (Top Options by Value)

Josh Jacobs rookie card cracked ice


Josh Jacobs is already off to a monster start this season.  With 3 touchdowns and 139 total yards, it’s safe to say he’s picking up where he left last year.  AND THEN SOME.  So if you’ve had some doubts or were worried about a second-year flop, this should go a long way to ease your concerns.  And if you were waiting for signs of life before jumping into the Josh Jacobs rookie card market, what more do you need?

We’ll start with some lower end investment options first and work our way up to some higher values.  Either way, if he continues what he started in week 1, EVERY Josh Jacobs rookie card investor will be happy by season’s end.  Let’s get the ball rollin’!




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Josh Jacobs Rookie Card Hot List


2019 Leaf Flash (Buy this Josh Jacobs rookie card on eBay)

Josh Jacobs rookie card leaf

An incredibly affordable card for all investors.  Even the extremely rare versions with a 10 grade can still be picked up for less than $200.  So if the Panini Select Cosmic is a little too hard on your wallet, this card from Leaf is a great alternative.


2019 Panini Prizm Neon Green (Find it on eBay!)

Neon Green

There’s a variety of styles that are affordable for the everyday casual collector in this set but we like the Neon Green.  If you don’t like the Green you can look for a Pink Prizm around the same price point.  Not big on the bling?  Grab the base card!  You won’t have to break the bank for any of the three.


2019 Panini Contenders Cracked Ice (Find a bargain on eBay)

Josh Jacobs rookie card cracked ice

Now we’re getting into some cards for the more serious investors.  This one is still reasonable but we could see things getting out of hand quick if Jacobs continues to post 3 TD football games.  Think about grabbing one before anymore happen!


2019 Panini Prizm Gold (Buy it on eBay!)

Panini Gold Prizm

Only 10 of these on earth so it may be a while before you see one come up for sale.  A 10 grade will have ZERO problems fetching over $1,000.  A big price tag that could lead to BIG profits.


2019 Panini Flawless Rookie Glove (Search on eBay)

Flawless rookie glove

Not only is this the most expensive card on the list, but it’s also the most eye-popping.  Oh, AND it’s the rarest.  A great combination that makes for one valuable card.  Only 4 were made so if you see one up for grabs think long and hard about making an offer.  It may be the last time it comes around for a while.


Didn’t see any you liked?  Here’s a few more to consider!


Josh Jacobs Rookie Card “Honorable Mentions”


PanininNational Treasures RPA 2019 – 20 of these beauties are available if you’re looking for a medium to high-end investment.

Panini Obsidian Rookie Auto 2019 – An awesome looking card for someone looking to make a medium-sized investment.

Donruss Optic 2019 – Seems like this card should be worth WAY more than they are.  A relatively low-end card even for the less common of the bunch.



Overall Buyer’s Rating:  Under Priced for Short Term Score


The market for Josh Jacobs rookie cards seems relatively easy to enter for a guy who had no problem eclipsing the 1,000-yard rushing mark in his rookie season.  Oh, and that was only in 13 games.  Now that’s he’s the confirmed go-to guy in Las Vegas, look for even more success this year (as we mentioned earlier, it’s already begun).  And if things go the way they should, you should have no trouble masking some short terms gains come to the end of the season.


Have a different card in mind?  Your Josh Jacobs rookie card bargain is waiting for you on eBay!


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