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He hits like a madman and should debut in 2022 so it’s no wonder the Josh Jung rookie card market is starting to take off. While things are certainly trending in the right direction for the Ranger’s third base prospect, the path has not been easy. The 8th overall pick in 2019 made his professional debut in the same season after a few years playing for Texas Tech. The year went well for Jung as he flashed the skill set that made him such a highly touted prospect.

However, 2021 came and soon after the beginning of the season Jung suffered a stress fracture in his foot that cost him 6-8 weeks. And possibly a 2021 big league call up. But rather than sulking, Jung battled back to full health and turned in a crazy good season the rest of the way. Over 304 at bats across AA and AAA, Jung slashed a crisp .326/.398/.592 with 19 home runs and a .990 OPS. A performance worthy of his top 10 pick status. And a performance worthy of promotion.

At age 23 Jung should be ready to take the field in Arlington at some point in 2022. Likely sooner rather than later. It goes without being said that if his major league production matches his 2021 minor league performance the following Josh Jung rookie cards are going to be selling like hot cakes out of a McDonald’s drive through window on a Saturday morning. And fortunately they don’t get taken off the menu at 11 AM!




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Best Josh Jung Rookie Card Options


2019 Bowman Chrome Draft (Check Price)

Josh Jung at the plate Bowman Chrome rookie card

First on the list is Bowman Chrome Draft. Which should be no surprise as the brand dominates when it comes to baseball prospects. As you can see by the logo at the top left of the card, this is Jung’s first appearance on a Bowman. Making it a valuable and highly coveted collector’s item. And it shows in the the sales prices. Many of the autographed and/or parallel versions have already gone for more than $500. Expect that price to go straight up if Jung burst onto the scene in 2022. In addition to the card above, be on the lookout for the even cooler helmetless image variation!


2020 Topps Heritage (Check Price)

topps heritage josh jung roookie card

While Topps isn’t known for it’s prospect cards, it sure does deliver here. In a big way. This throw back collection keeps it simple with solid colors and classic fonts that you’d expect to see on cards from an earlier era. Jung is standing tall in his Crawdads uniform looking like he’s ready to answer any challenge laid before him. The card is available with an autograph and also comes in a rarer white border format.

As far as value goes, this is far more easy on the wallet than the Chrome Draft Josh Jung rookie card options. For instance, the card shown here was recently sold for well under $100. Not bad for a signed card of one of the games top prospects. Not bad at all.


2020 Bowman Sterling (Check Price)

josh jung sterling rookie card first look

Last but not least we have another brand from Bowman. This one from 2020. While the year was a non-starter for minor league ball, the card industry was there to pick up the slack. Featured here is the Atomic Black Refractor, one of the most value Josh Jung rookie cards in the collection. The set may not be as popular or valuable as Chrome but it stands toe to toe in terms of style. In fact, we prefer the flashy look Sterling offers to the more linear style that Chrome brings to the table.

In addition to a card with eye-popping visual features, Bowman Sterling also brings a steep discount in prices when compared to Chrome. A no-brainer if you’re looking to get your hands on a Bowman but aren’t willing to pay the big price tags.




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Josh Jung “True” Rookie Card Release Schedule

As long as Jung makes it to the bigs in 2022 we should begin to see him in his Ranger’s uniform in sets released later in the year. And frankly, we can’t wait! It’s always exciting to collect cards of you’re favorite players that include the classic RC logo. Not to mention pictures in their brand new uniforms while experiencing their first taste of life in the MLB. Be on the lookout for the 2022 Topps Series 2 collection as there’s a good chance this will be one of Jung’s most collected true rookie cards.