5 Best Julio Rodriguez Rookie Cards To Buy Right Now

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Best Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card


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best julio rodriguez rookie card on ebay



It’s not hard to see why lately collectors have been focusing on loading up on the best Julio Rodriguez rookie cards available. Certainly, the most successful first year player in the MLB has been none other than the Mariners’ dynamic outfielder.

Rodriguez, along with Jarred Kelenic, made up what the Mariners hoped to be a lethal tandem in the T-Mobile Park outfield for many years to come. While we’re not hating on Kelenic, it’s safe to say one has adjusted to the big leagues far better than the other. So while a Jarred Kelenic rookie card purchase might be a decent buy low play, a Julio Rodriguez rookie card has seen nothing but green lights.

While some unheralded rookies have a limited array of options, Rodriguez has plenty of early rookie/prospect card options to choose from. It’s just a matter of how much you want to invest. That’s why we’re about to review the best Julio Rodriguez rookie card options. Regardless of what you end up spending, an investment right now may be worthwhile if you play your cards right. Pun intended. Anyways, let’s get into it!



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Top 3 Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card: Draft Options 



2019 Bowman Chrome


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best julio rodriguez rookie card


We’ll start with the most valuable. No surprises here, Bowman Chrome leads the way. If you want a rare refractor with an autograph and a high grade from PSA or Beckett you’re looking at $2,000 or more. Meanwhile, if you’re not looking to spend that much consider an autographed base card or a refractor without an auto.


2020 Bowman Chrome X


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chrome x


While not as valuable or as popular as the 2019 Bowman Chrome, the 2020 Chrome X has some Julio Rodriguez rookie cards that command a decent amount of dough. However, with no autographs available, you should be able to find plenty of cards for less than $500.


2019 Bowman Sterling


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sterling best julio rodriguez rookie card


There are all kinds of options in this set for less than $300. Especially if you don’t mind buying a card that hasn’t been graded. In addition to the style of card shown above, there’s also a die-cut refractor with a horizontal layout holding a similar value.


Best Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Panini


2017 Panini Elite


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panini elite


Leave it to Panini to go WAY, WAY BACK to 2017 to get the drop of the Julio Rodriguez rookie card market. While Panini may not offer the best Julio Rodriguez card optional, by no means are they a non-starter. You’ll find plenty of great cards for less than $100 here. Perfect for anyone looking for one the the first Julio Rodriguez rookie cards on a budget.


Best Julio Rodriguez Rookie Cards 2022


2022 Topps Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Short Print


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best julio rodriguez rookie card 2022


Now we move into the category of TRUE rookie cards. As in the ones with the RC logo on the front. Unlike the prospect cards we’ve covered so far, these celebrate Julio’s actual rookie season. A season that has crowned him AL Rookie of the Year by the way.

At any rate, the 2022 Topps collection makes for a great play for anyone who wants a classic Julio Rodriguez rookie card without paying an arm and a leg.


2022 Bowman Chrome


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top 5 julio rodriguez rookie cards to collect


We go from a true budget play to a set that offers some of the best and most valuable Julio Rodriguez rookie cards in existence. For example, it’ll take not hundred but THOUSANDS to add the Red Refractor shown above to your collection. While 2022 Bowman Chrome is loaded with plenty of high dollar investment options, you can also pick up one of the more common refractors or base cards if you want in on the cheap.



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Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Value

As we mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of cards to choose from. On a budget? There are plenty of great cards to choose from for under $10. Just don’t go hoping for an autograph or a refractor! Big spender? Huge values aren’t hard to find. Just taking a look at the BEST Julio Rodriguez rookie card that broke records recently. That just goes to show there’s something for EVERYBODY.

In addition to monetary value, the cards clearly hold some sentimental value appeal as well. And not just for Seattle fans. Once you’ve seen this kid play you’ll be hard pressed to part with your card. Why? It appears that thing are only going to get better.



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