Justin Fields Rookie Card Primer (Early Release Review)

Justin Fields Rookie Card eBay Listings

justin fields rookie card


Even though he wasn’t one of the first 3 QBs off the board n the 2021 NFL Draft, a Justin Fields rookie card investment could very well pay bigger returns than any of the three who were. For starters, many folks who are paid to know these things are saying he’ll be starting from week 1. On top of that, Fields says the Bears offense is very similar to the one he ran so successfully at Ohio St. Therefore, it’s easy to see why Trevor Lawrence is the only one he’s trailing as far as odds to win NFL Rookie of the Year goes.

Yes, the rookie who grabbed everyone’s attention last year during the college football playoffs seems to have everything going for him at the moment. And although he didn’t win the title outright, Fields put on a performance to remember and boosted his draft stock in the process. Even so, the young QB out of OSU failed to be one of the first 10 picks off the board. Does anyone think this guy might be playing with a chip on his shoulder this year?

So now that the only thing standing in Fields’ way still is a starting QB “battle” with veteran Andy Dalton, we’d say the green light is on when it comes to picking up a Justin Fields rookie card or two. Here are some of the earliest options to choose from!



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2021 Panini Contenders Draft (Check eBay Listings)

justin fields rookie card contenders

One of the most recent and certainly one of the most sought-after on our list is the Fields’ 2021 Panini Contenders Draft cards. The one we’re featuring above is the base card for the Game Day Ticket Signatures line-up. It’s an incredibly hot card at the moment with some of the rarer parallels going for more than $500. Heck, even the base card goes for around $400. Either way, this is the card to target if you’re looking to make a sizable investment in a Justin Fields rookie card from the Contenders Draft collection. If you’re not able to invest that much try targeting one of the many unique inserts in this set such as the Campus ID and School Colors cards.


2021 Panini Prizm Draft (Check eBay Listings)

justin fields rookie card prizm

The latest Prizm Draft collection is finally here and boy does it offer some amazing Justin Fields rookie card options. For example, the All-Americans Neon Green card above doesn’t even have an autograph and can still bring in close to $500. If you looking for something a little more causal pick up the Silver or Red Circle Prizms for in the $150 range.


2021 Mosaic Draft (Check eBay Listings)

Mosaic hasn’t caught up to Prizm in terms of popularity or value but it seems to be closing the gap in both areas. The brand makes high-quality cards with plenty of the “eye-candy” factor included. In fact, it’s kind of hard to tell the two brands apart at first glance as they both have similar styles in terms of both looks and feel. However, Mosaic is much more affordable at this point so if you’re on a budget but still want a true “high end” card go grab yourself a Mosaic.


2021 Pro Set (Check eBay Listings)

This card features Justin Fields in his Ohio State uniform getting ready to throw the ball downfield. He has his eyes set on a wide receiver just looking for the opportunity to throw it long. Or possibly for a 5 yeard out-route for all we know! At any rate, what makes this card special is the fact that it was one of his first cards released in 2021. And while it certainly won’t be the last, this offering from Pro Set is one of the best Justin Fields rookie cards on the market at the moment. It’s also the most valuable as of right now with many options available that are valued at over $500.


2021 Score (Check eBay Listings)

justin fields rookie card score

Next, we have another brand that is looking to revitalize itself. Score has a few different image variations but the one above shows him in a Georgia uniform, the school he played for before transferring to Ohio State. Just like the last card on this list, this one features Fields in his throwing stance with eyes focused down the field. Need a little more action? Check out the card where he’s about to take off running for a massive gain. Additionally, there one with a 2021 NFL Draft logo on the left-hand if you’re looking for something to commemorate his draft status. All of the cards are available with an autograph with the more common parallels going for right around $300.


Justin Fields Rookie Card Honorable Mention


2021 Sage Hit (Check eBay Listings)

Last but not least we have the Sage Hit version which also offers Fields’ autograph. This doesn’t quite make our list of favorite options but felt we needed to make note of it as it’s a darn good card nonetheless. The card above is the base issue but also be on the lookout for the Peak Performance and Next level inserts. We personally favor the base card with that stormy background. Intense! As far as values go, the autographs are going for around $400 while many of the non-autos can be picked up for well under $50.



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Justin Fields Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

Fields should be the starting QB early on in the 2021 season and he was drafted by a team that’s not far off from being a force. What’s not to like? While a rookie QB is always a risk, we think a Justin Fields rookie card is a risk well worth taking. Especially when you see him outperform guys like Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance in his first-ever NFL pre-season game. 9/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

If he’s truly a can’t miss QB, playoffs are sure to be on the horizon within the next few years. Look for values to continue to increase as both the Bears and Fields begin to impose their will on the NFC. Although you’ll need to consider selling for profits if he turns in a big 2021, we wouldn’t blame anyone who wanted to hold out for even more.


Long (3 years plus)