Justin Herbert Rookie Card First Look & Review

Justin Herbert rookie card panini black

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When a team has a talented player they hope will someday become their franchise QB, conventional wisdom says to bring him along SLOWLY.  However, it’s becoming more and more common to see a team throw its rookie QB into the fire right out of the gate.  For example, we didn’t see much time wasted with Kyler Murray last year.  And remember when Marriott and Winston came out and were both placed under center from snap one?  Point is, whether they’re ready or not, quarterbacks are often being asked to take the reigns incredibly early in their careers.  So that begs the questions, when will we see the OTHER 2020 rookie quarterbacks make their first appearance (the one’s not named Joe Burrow)?  While it’s hard to answer this question, one QB that many have been clamoring for is Juston Herbert.

Which brings us to the Justin Herbert rookie card market.  As of right now, it seems to be humming along quite nicely.  Even without its QB having yet to take an NFL snap.  And once he does, expect it to go from humming along nicely to FULL STEAM AHEAD.  The question is, do you want to be on that train when it leaves the station?  We’ll weigh in on that later, but first, let’s see what cards are out there.


Random thought of the day:  Who will go on to have a better NFL career, Justin Herbert or Daniel Jones?


Justin Herbert Rookie Card Options:  First Look


2020 Certified (Buy it on eBay!)

Justin Herbert rookie card certified

Plenty of good options in this set.  There’s a variety of Freshman Fabric parallels along with a few from the Rooie Roll Call variation (we personally like the Rookie Roll Call but both are legit). Even the hardest to find cards are affordable SO FAR.  For instance, the lone 2020 Mirror Black sold for just over $600 just before the season began.

2020 Panini Prizm (Purchase this Justin Herbert rookie card on eBay)

Panini Prizm

Card #102 is the featured item in this set.  There are many variations, each with a different degree of rarity.  Among the least common are the Neon Orange and Gold Vinyl, with only 2 being made for the orange and 10 for the gold.  One of the more common among the high-end cards is the Camo with 25.

2020 Donruss Rated Rookie (Buy on eBay)

Herbert Donruss Rated Rookie

When it comes to rookie cards, you really can’t go wrong with this set.  The name kinda makes that obvious.  Having a hard time deciding?  Consider picking up one of the Optic variations.  Chances are you’ll be glad you did once he’s announced as the starter.

2020 Panini Black (Buy on eBay)

Justin Herbert rookie card panini black

This new set that launched last year as an online exclusive product seems to be gaining popularity.  Can’t really blame people who are hopping on this bandwagon.  They are some amazing looking cards.  Sleek and crisp with a dark finish.  Kinda like what you expect out of a luxury automobile, only in a card.  Digression aside, there’s plenty of great Justin Herbert rookie card options in this set.  Pick one you can afford and place it front and center in the display case!




Christian McCaffrey was a top performer in week 1 (go figure).  Might be a good idea to brush up on the Christian McCaffrey rookie card market!




Justin Herbert Rookie Card Investment Outlook


We all know the card only takes you as far as the player.  And since he hasn’t taken a professional snap yet, it’s hard to know where that’s gonna be in the case of Justin Herbert. If you’re superstitious, you’ll probably want to take a HARD PASS on Herbert.  Here are the last 3 Oregon QBs to go n the first round of the NFL draft:  Akili Smith (1999), Joey Harrington (2002), and Mariota in 2015.  Let’s just say none of these QBs live up to their first-round draft pick expectations.  So if you think all Oregon QBs are cursed when it comes to NFL success, stay away!

But, if you’re a more logical person (and hopefully you are if you’ve decided to take sports card investing seriously), you probably see that Herbert has a promising future in San Diego.  For starters, he’ll have a pair of 1,000-yard receivers to target in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.  Secondly, he’ll be part of a revamped offensive scheme that should boost passing efficiency. And finally, he’ six and a half feet tall, has a cannon for an arm, and only threw 23 INTs over 3.5 seasons while starting at Oregon.

It may take a while for Herbert to make his first start, and even longer for him to settle in.  But once he does, we’re betting he’ll end up being a very good NFL QB.  It’s just logic.

Strategy:  Solid Medium Term Play


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