Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Buyer’s Guide – Time to Strike?

Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Gypsy Queen


If you’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to buy a Kyle Tucker rookie card, just know a PERFECT STORM may be brewing.  Unlike real storms, the catalyst isn’t colliding pressure systems, but a person.  And that person’s name?  Yordan Alvarez.  After an unbelievable rookie season, Alvarez is nowhere to be found, leaving the door open for fellow Astro farm system hero Kyle Tucker.  At this point, it seems that Tucker will be getting the golden opportunity he’s been waiting for.  So let’s find out what he’s done to earn it!


Update 07/31/2020:  It now appears that Yordan Alvarez is back.  However, we still think Kyle will find a way to get his ABs.  Some incredibly productive ones at that.  You didn’t think we’d back off, did you??


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The Case for Kyle Tucker


Anyone who’s followed the young career of Kyle Tucker likely understands that the kid has nothing left to prove in the minor leagues.  And that may be an understatement.  Over the past 4 seasons across various levels, Tucker has absolutely OBLITERATED aspiring MLB pitchers.  During that span, he’s averaged 23 home runs and 87 RBI in just 441 ABs per season.  And it wasn’t only minor league pitching he obliterated.  Kyle Tucker was also a bane to the young backstops, stealing an average of 26 bases over those 4 seasons.

So the case to be an everyday starter on the big league circuit is cut and dry, right??  Not so fast.  When given previous opportunities to perform on the big stage, Kyle Tucker hasn’t been the same player.  In his first test again MLB pitching in 2018, the poor kid straight FLOUNDERED.  The result of that experiment was an abysmal .141/.236/.203 triple-slash line and another year on the farm.  However, Tucker faired much better in his second chance hitting .269 with 4 home runs and 5 swiped bases over just 67 at-bats.

Now that speed/power combo that has scouts, fantasy owners, and card collectors salivating is about to get a real shot (seemingly).  So if you think Kyle’s gonna come through this time, here are some of his rookie cards that may be a good idea.


Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Opportunities


2015 Bowman Chrome (Find Bargain on eBay)

Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Bowman Chrome

Nothing really stands out about this card.  It shows some kind of follow-through swing from an almost lackadaisical looking Kyle Tucker.  And don’t even get us started on that helmet that looks to big for his head.  But you know what does stand out?  The card’s VALUE.  If you’re a big spender (and big believer) this card’s for you.


2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire (Find Bargain on eBay)

2019 Topps Sapphire

Looks-wise, a big improvement from the Bowman Chrome we just talked about.  This one shows a laser-focused Kyle Tucker awaiting the next delivery.  Hopefully, he’ll send it back where it belongs…..THE BLEACHERS!  At any rate, this card has the potential to be worth a pretty penny depending on its condition and autograph/refractor status.


2019 Topps Gypsy Queen (Find Bargain on eBay)

Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Gypsy Queen

Now when it comes to style, no other card on the list even comes CLOSE to the Gyspy Queen.  And when it comes to value, this one’s not too shabby either.  Just make sure it’s signed and has a colored border/refractor.


2019 Bowman Chrome (Find Bargain on eBay)

Bowman Chrome 2019

Far and away a better-looking card than the version Bowman offered 4 years prior.  Similar to the Topps Sapphire of the same year, the card features a waiting Kyle Tucker who appears ready to launch one into orbit (or at least into the first row of the bleachers).



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Kyle Tucker Rookie Card Overall Bargain Rating


Compared to other prospects who are still in full hype mode, post-hype Kyle Tucker’s rookie cards are nothing but a BARGAIN.  Take Jarred Kelenic for example.  Kelenic has only one monster season of minor league production on the resume.  Compare that to FOUR for Kyle Tucker.  The difference?  Jarred Kelenic rookie cards are FAR more valuable.

Look, Tucker has done nothing but produce at every stop along the way in his young career.  At this point, it seems the only knock on the 2020 hopeful are those incredibly brief MLB stints mentioned earlier.  The second of which actually showed Kyle Tucker’s true potential as a power/speed monster.  A full season is what Kyle Tucker needs to prove he was ever worthy of the hype.  We think he’ll answer the call.