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5 Best Lamar Jackson Rookie Cards To Buy Right Now


Best Lamar Jackson Rookie Cards Top Pick


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best Lamar Jackson rookie cards


Trying to find an answer on whether or not now is a good time to invest in one of the best Lamar Jackson rookie cards? Well let’s put it this way:  in 2019 Lamar Jackson had ALL the answers. However, that didn’t get him what he, and his rookie card investors for that matter, wanted most: a Super Bowl Ring. Such a feat would no doubt send your investment SOARING. So the question is, does he have what it takes to shrug off the disappointing seasons of 2020 and 2021 to make that happen? Let’s find out.


2019 Disappointment

Even in the game that saw the Raven’s juggernaut of an offense booted from the playoffs, Jackson put up 379 yards through the air and another 143 on the ground.  Sure he had 2 picks, but those 522 yards of total offense should have added up to more than a measly 12 points. Needless to say, the season ended in disappointment.  So, what do true phenoms do when they’re abruptly robbed of their first taste of a Championship? Just ask Patrick Mahomes. So again, does Lamar have what it takes to vanquish the memories of a year that slipped through the cracks and bring a Super Bowl Championship home to Baltimore?


2020-2021 Mixed Bags

Lamar’s 2019 video game numbers were throttled back a bit over the course of his second and third seasons. As NFL defenses began loading the box, Jackson’s legs became less effective. On top of that, his throwing wasn’t been at the same level either. Perhaps the fear of the big play on the ground allowed Lamar to be so effective through the air in 2019. However, in 2022 Jackson has shown more of a pass-first mentality and the numbers are impressive. If this kind of play continues, Jackson could easily find himself right back in the mix for his second MVP award. Not to mention his first Super Bowl appearance. Both would be amazing events if you happen to own one of the following red hot Lamar Jackson rookie cards!




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Top 5 Lamar Jackson Rookie Cards



2018 Donruss Optic Base Card


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Ahhh, who can resist the famous “Rated Rookie” label in the top left corner? While the card is certainly hard to resist, it’s NOT hard to afford. Making it the perfect card for casual collectors who want a taste of the action. Even a PSA 10 grade like the one shown here is incredibly affordable compared to what they were at the peak of his rookie season. A comeback to form in 2022 could send them right back to those prices.



2018 Donruss Optic “Downtown”


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Lamar Jackson rookie card downtown


Some of you surely know by now that we LOVE the Donruss Optic “Downtown” cards. And the 2018 Lamar Jackson is truly one of the greatest. Where else are you gonna find a card featuring one of the most exciting modern era players contrasted with the gothic styles of Edgar Allan Poe? The answer is NOWHERE.

Overall this is our favorite Lamar Jackson rookie card do to it’s amazing style and attainable price. Sure it’ll set you back a decent chunk of change if you want one in mint condition but they make for the perfect entry point for moderate investors.



2018 Panini Prism Stained Glass


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Lamar Jackson Rookie Card Panini Prism


Now we enter the “pick your jaw up off the floor when you hear the prices of these cards” territory. The super-rare 2018 Panini Prizm Stained Glass Gold Mojo shown above is one of the best Lamar Jackson rookie cards for folks who want to drop some serious cash. Heck, it could even be looked at as a true diversification play to the stock market. There’s only 10 made and the value was approaching 5 figures at the time of Lamar’s insane rookie season.

As with any investment, you’ll want to do plenty of due diligence before taking the plunge on one of these. But just think of the returns if Lamar caps off a 2021/2022 Super Bowl run?  Safe to say they’ll far exceed that of many blue-chip stocks.

Moderate investors should hone in on one of the more common parallels of this card as they’re much more reasonable.



2017 Panini Select XRC Gold Prizm


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Panini Select


Just like the card above, there’s only 10 of this beautifully made card. And guess what? The values are incredibly similar to the stained glass inserts. The card features Jackson doing what he does best as he gashes off chunks of yards in the open field. If you can afford the price consider adding this highly coveted Lamar Jackson rookie card from Panini Select your your portfolio. Meanwhile, there should be plenty of base cards available for well under $1,000 so if you can’t find anyone willing to sell there Gold Prizm think about hedging with a few of these.



2018 National Treasures


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Lamar Jackson rookie card national treasures


Now we’re getting to the point where prices starting becoming truly bizarre. Want a new Ford Bronco or a Lamar Jackson rookie card? That’s the kind of comparison we’re talking about here. Prices for some of the scarcer cards touched $30,000 during Jackson’s rookie season. Although we love the new Bronco, we’d rather have something that can double in money in less than a new ride any day. If you truly believe this is Jackson’s year these are by far and away the best Lamar Jackson rookie cards to take a risk on. The profits could be truly jaw-dropping.



Best Lamar Jackson Rookie Cards Honorable Mentions



2018 Panini Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket


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Panini Contenders


If you have some cash you’d like to put to work for you, consider a 2018 Panini Contenders Optic Lamar Jackson. They come in a variety of parallels and include a “rookie ticket” on the card. Some of the more common of the bunch fit perfectly in the middle tier to casual investment category. Meanwhile, the less common autographed parallels should allow more serious collectors some room to spend some real dough.



2018 Panini Classics


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Panini Classics


Whether you go with the straight-up Panini Classic (shows Lamar showing off the legs) or the Panini Honors Classic (showing off the arm), you’ll only be spending tens or hundreds (not thousands) of dollars. As always, prices vary based on the variation, grade, and whether or not it includes an autograph.



2018 Panini Flawless


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Panini Flawless


These are some SICK Lamar Jackson rookie cards. They include “patches” of the uniform and some even feature Lamar in his old Louisville days. Regardless of whether you have a couple hundred or a couple thousand to spend there should be something here that everyone can sink their teeth into.




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Best Lamar Jackson Rookie Cards: Investment Strategies



Short (Less than 1 year)

Here you’re hoping for a deep playoff run and a Super Bowl appearance. Anything less and your profits in the short term will likely be minimal at best. So it goes with investing in a guy with such high expectations. BUT, if Lamar can deliver on those lofty expectations, you’re going to be reaping the benefits. In a BIG way. At the end of the day, we think he’ll overcome the naysayers and delivery the goods with a Super Bowl WIN. Then again, we’ve been wrong before.


Medium (1 to 5 years)

We like this investment strategy the best. Sure there’s a chance Lamar Jackson and the Ravens fall short once again. Especially with that Mahomes character standing in the way. But, when you start thinking a little longer term, a Super Bowl ring seems inevitable. Especially if Lamar remains in good health. Too much talent and too good of a team. At some point in this 1 to 5-year range you should have a golden opportunity to cash in BIG after picking up one of the best Lamar Jackson rookie cards.


Long (5 years plus)

We hesitate to think long term with Lamar only because of the way he plays the game. His natural talent is a double-edged sword. On one side, that electrifying talent could lead to multiple Super Bowls, MVPs, and a First Ballot Hall of Fame career. On the other side, it could cause an injury that brings the whole machine to a grinding halt. We’re optimists and believe the former is more likely. However, the latter would be truly devastating.