Mac Jones Rookie Card First Look (3 Early Releases)

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mac jones rookie card


Already a fan of many even before playing his first game on the professional stage, it’s easy to see why there is plenty of interest in the Mac Jones rookie card market. With his big win on the national stage over fellow first-rounder Justin Fields in 2020, Jones has already captured the attention of many fans from around the league. In addition to that big win, something else that has been capturing everyone’s attention is the upcoming battle against Cam Newton for the starting quarterback position. While it’s too early to say who will win the job, many are speculating that Mac Jones’ superior accuracy will help him solidly the week 1 starting gig. Another reason for all the interest pouring in over Jones’s first-year cards.

On a lighter note, Jones has also grabbed plenty of attention for his unique walk-up when being drafted as many fans liken it to the walk of his new head coach Bill Belichick’s walk. While we’re sure Jones would have rather had his mind for football compared to Belichick’s, any comparison to one of the G.O.A.T.S of coaching has to be a good thing. Right??

At any rate, Mac Jones has a great arm and tremendous pocket presence, so hopefully one day he’ll be compared to former New England Patriots legend, Tom Brady. A comparison both Mac Jones and Mac Jones rookie card owners would certainly love. Speaking of those, here are the best options that have been released so far!


2021 Pro Set (Buy on eBay)

Donning the Pro Set’s new outline, Mac Jones is pictured here making a quick throw judging by the arm angle. By the way, we love how Jones is actively throwing the ball instead of just standing in the pocket analyzing the field like so many other QB cards. In addition to the cool photo, they were also one of the first rookie cards produced for Jones so it’s easy to imagine why these are a hot commodity. As far as value goes, some of the rarest from the collection that also has an autograph are going for over $1,000. However, there are plenty of options available for less than $50 if you’re looking to take a casual approach.


2021 Score (Buy on eBay)

Compared to the Pro Set Mac Jones rookie card we just looked at, Score offers more affordable prices. For instance, some of the ultra-rare parallels with an autograph can still be scooped up for less than $500. And if you can forgo the signature, you can even get something like the /100 showcase card featured above for less than $50. If you’re not looking to spend the big bucks consider this one.


2017 Upper Deck (Buy on eBay)

These cards are pretty hard to find as they are back from when Jones was on the USA football team. So as you may have guessed, these are the first Mac Jones cards ever. At the time, it was considered a future star watch card when he played in the under nineteen All-American game. And boy did that prediction come true! Well, as you can imagine this card has only skyrocketed in popularity since then. And in value! Just like the Pro-Set collection, some of the cards are approaching $1,000 while others are still available for less than $100. As far as style goes, the red, white, and blue make this card the most attractive of all Mac Jones rookie cards we’ve seen thus far. Definitely rare, but if you find one it’s well worth investing in.


Mac Jones Rookie Card Investment Strategy


Short (1 year or less)

We’ve all seen what this guy is capable of with a legendary coach at his side so you can imagine the tremendous upside here. Look for a starting role early in 2021 and expect a fair amount of immediate success thanks to the system he’ll be playing. If all goes well, this 15th overall pick could have more valuable rookie cards than the number 1 overall pick come this time next year. 9/10


Medium (1 to 3 years)

Follow the first year closely and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to hold out for even bigger gains. Sure an untimely injury or down second year could burn you, but guess what? There’s plenty of time to get it back. As long as Belichick is coaching, we like Jones’s chances of success.


Long (3 years plus)

While we’re certainly bullish, we’re not ready to consider something like this. Take your profits in the short or mid-term as the opportunity arises and if he’s still looking good after a few years consider buying back in with longer intentions.