Mackenzie Gore Rookie Card Options (Review Included)

2017 Chrome "Brown Pants"


One of the burning questions in San Diego is whether or not we’ll see Mackenzie Gore take the mound this season.  While it’s hard to say when or if this will happen, there’s been some speculation that the recent trade for Mike Clevinger may have given the game’s top pitching prospect an opening.  And if that happens we can expect to see a nice pop in the Mackenzie Gore rookie card market.  So, if you’re thinking about getting in, now may be the time to strike while price tags are still reasonable.  Here are a few of his rookie card options that have caught our eyes!


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The Mackenzie Gore Rookie Card Power Pack


2017 Bowman Chrome (Buy on eBay)

mackenzie gore rookie card 2017 Chrome

No surprises here.  The industry’s top card for baseball prospects is THE card to target.  This one features Gore in mid-delivery and ready to bring the heat.  If you’re looking to go conservative, pick up the standard-issue card.  Feel like busting out the big bucks?  There’s plenty of refractor and autograph options available.  Right now the Blue and Redwave refractors are commanding some serious cheddar.


2017 Bowman Chrome “Brown Pants” (Buy this Mackenzie Gore rookie card on eBay)

Mackenzie Gore rookie card "Brown Pants"

Take one look at those khakis and it’s clear where this card got its name from.  Same set as the one we just covered but an entirely different photo.  Apparently it was right after some sort of special event as Gore is rocking a blue button-up along with those brown pants.  Some may think the card is a little cheesy, but the profit potential surely outweighs the aesthetics.


2016 Leaf Perfect Game (Buy on eBay)

2016 Leaf Perfect Game

Our personal favorite out of the bunch.  The card dates back further than even the Bowman Chrome.  On top of that, the card is great too look at.  Just look at that monster leg pump!  There are a few options to choose from so just figure out what you want to spend and go from there.


2017 Leaf Draft (Buy on eBay)

2017 Leaf Draft

Another SICK card from Leaf.  It’s an amazing set that also features two of the games top players in Ronald Acuna and Fernando Tatis Jr.  Safe to say if Gore makes a splash like those two guys did you’ll want to own this card.


2018 Bowman Chrome (Buy on eBay)

Mackenzie Gore 2018 Bowman Chrome

Another one from Bowman Chrome, this time from the 2018 set.  A great option if you’re not ready to shell out the dollars for the 2017 version.  This one features Gore as he’s about to release what was sure to be one FILTHY pitch.  Grab an autograph and refactor tag if you want one of the more valuable options.




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Buyer’s Rating:  Moderate Risk with High Ceiling


It’s not easy being a top prospect.  Sometimes the pressure is too much or an untimely injury occurs.  When such events happen, all too often a “can’t miss” prospect fades into obscurity.  Just ask Kyle Drabek about that.  However, for every Drabek, there’s a player that DOES meet expectations.  In many cases all it takes is time.  Remember when Max Sherzer couldn’t find the strike zone for a few years after getting the call-up?  Same with Lucas Giolito.  One is now a sure-fire Hall of Famer and the other seems to be an emerging ace.

So while a ho-hum rookie season would not be a surprise, given his minor league dominance and arsenal of pitches, we can’t help but think Mackenzie Gore will someday be one of the game’s pitching elites.  As far as strategy goes, you may want to consider selling after the highly probable initial pop once he receives the call-up.   OR you could hold out in hopes of some major long term gains.  Either way, it’s hard to imagine a Mackensize Gore rookie card being a losing investment.